Chapter 3759 Su Jinlong outside

Old Zhang almost couldn't get up in a breath, and the third child was not right today.

It must be this woman who said something to the third child.

It's ridiculous, can a madman protect you?

As long as you stay at the old Zhang's house, sooner or later you have to sleep with him!

Boss Zhang's eyes turned, and his plan came to mind.

"Since the third brother doesn't want to leave, you can stay in the house. I will play a game with your wife."

The lunatic stared, "What game, big night, won't you go home and go to bed with your wife?"

Boss Zhang:...

A mouthful of blood almost came out.

"Third brother, today is a good day for you. Your second brother and I will accompany you and your daughter-in-law. If you don't get us some water or something, your voice is dry."

The madman still didn't move, "I went to your house and didn't see you pour me water. Besides, you will go home and drink it later!"

Zhang Lao Er was also speechless, and touched Lao Zhang with his elbow, his voice lowered, "Brother, hurry up, you can also set aside time for me, I'm going back late, I have to be scolded again."

"Look at you, marrying a daughter-in-law is the same as marrying an ancestor. If you can't give birth to a son, she is still polite!

Zhang Lao Er didn't speak, and pushed Zhang Lao Da to the Kang.

Boss Zhang is about to pounce on Wu Qiaoqiao.

Wu Qiaoqiao had nowhere to hide, she was already leaning against the Kangli wall, unable to retreat.

At this time, the lunatic stopped Zhang Boss, "Big brother, she is my daughter-in-law, what games are you going to play with her, wouldn't it be you who wanted to go with my daughter-in-law?"

Boss Zhang was choked by him so that he couldn't speak.

The old third tried to obstruct him again and again, and there was a fire in Zhang's heart.

Had it not been for a compatriot, he would have killed this lunatic and let him live to this day.

For this lunatic, the old Zhang family endured how many eyes in the village.

I have to watch him take care of him every day, for fear that he will cause trouble.

The eyes of Boss Zhang suddenly flashed cold, which frightened Boss Zhang next to him.

This is the look every time the eldest brother gets irritated by the third child.

Zhang Lao Er was afraid of a conflict between the two, so he hurriedly coaxed the third child, "Third brother, go out with the second brother, and the eldest brother will just say a few words to your wife!"

The madman flattened his mouth, "I'm not leaving, my wife told me that you all want to sleep with her!"

Boss Zhang:...

Zhang Lao Er:...

Now that the girl had known it, Zhang Boss didn't want to pretend, she directly showed a fierce look, "Second, you hug the third!"

He still doesn't believe it, he wants to sleep a woman who can't sleep.

The second child didn't dare not listen, so he had to fight it out. He closed his eyes and hugged the waist of the lunatic, "The third brother, the eldest brother will be done in a while, so you don't know anything!"

The madman struggled, "No, she is my wife!"

Zhang Lao Er hugged tighter, "The third brother listens to the second brother, and the hero does not suffer the immediate loss."

The madman continued to struggle, his strength was amazing, not to mention a second Zhang, even the two brothers couldn't get him together.

Seeing to break free, Boss Zhang turned around and picked up the wooden stick beside the kang to hit the back of the lunatic's head!

The madman rolled his eyes and fell directly to the ground.

Zhang Lao Er was frightened, "Big Brother, the youngest is all right!"

Boss Zhang chuckled and stared at Wu Qiaoqiao, "put people to sleep first, and talk about the rest later."

He was going to go to the kang while speaking.

Everything happened so fast that Wu Qiaoqiao hadn't reacted before she saw Boss Zhang kneeling before her.

"Sister, you and my brother have to stay together for a lifetime, so that your eldest brother will love you well!"

After speaking, he rushed towards Wu Qiaoqiao!

(End of this chapter)

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