Chapter 3758 Su Jinlong

Suddenly the door banged.


Boss Zhang impatiently patted the door, "The third one, what are you doing with the door, open the door and let the second brother take you out for a stroll."

Mr. Zhang and Mr. Zhang couldn't help listening.

Such a beautiful girl sleeps one more day.

Since the younger brother has no blessings, let the older brother do it for him.

The lunatic heard that it was the two brothers who went to open the door without even thinking.

Wu Qiaoqiao's body was suddenly stiff, she did not dare to stop it, for fear of stimulating the lunatic.

Silently exerted force and found that it still didn't work, although it was a little better than before, but it was limited to raising his arms.

The trafficker who killed a thousand knives, how much medicine did she take?

The door here opened, Zhang Lao Da and Zhang Lao Er squeezed in along the crack of the door.

"What's the matter? The third child, I forgot my brother after marrying a wife? Let the elder brother and the second brother see your wife."

The two talked and walked straight in.

Wu Qiaoqiao exhausted all her strength and sat up, Zhang Lao Da winked at Zhang Lao Er.

Zhang Lao Er understood and took the hand of the lunatic, "The third brother, the second brother will take you out for a walk, the eldest brother will say a few words to your wife, we will be back in a while."

Wu Qiaoqiao's heart sank. This is to take the lunatic away, and Boss Zhang is ready to do it.

Mr. Zhang greedily looked at the girl in front of him.

The third brother is right, let alone their Xiahe Village, even the girls from ten miles and eight townships, and none of them has this girl.

Not to mention his mother-in-law, she is five-and-three vulgar, her voice is like a broken gong, and she is noisy at home all day, and he has a headache when she hears it.

This one is different!

The voice was soft and soft, and his whole body was crisp when I heard it. If it was called under him, it would be worth his death.

I wanted to wait for them to come in after the third child was asleep.

As a result, the third idiot actually plugged in the door, and if they could come in, they would have to open the door.

Besides, he didn't want to wait, he wanted to sleep this girl right away!

Boss Zhang stared straight at Wu Qiaoqiao, Wu Qiaoqiao couldn't wait to pooh his face.

Everyone has it.

What the two brothers of the Zhang family thought, they wanted to sleep with their own brother's woman.

"No, I won't leave, I want to accompany my wife!" The madman pushed away Zhang's second child, and walked to Wu Qiaoqiao in a few steps.

Zhang Lao Da and Zhang Lao Er were taken aback.

What happened to the second child when the third child was not crazy? What happened today?

"Third brother, follow me. Tomorrow your second brother will go to the market to buy you delicious food!"

The lunatic looked around at Boss Zhang, biting his lip, "No, I can't leave my wife alone."

Boss Zhang:...

Zhang Lao Er:...

Boss Zhang was full of fire waiting to vent, and seeing a madman like this, he couldn't wait to beat him.

But they didn't dare to irritate him, the third child went crazy and they couldn't help the three of them!

I can only persuade me with kind words, "Third brother, the eldest brother doesn't treat your daughter-in-law, so just talk to her."

"If you have anything to say now, we are going to sleep when we finish talking!"

Boss Zhang:...

He smiled, his eyes narrowed into a gap, and continued to coax, "Quiet words, only two people can hear."

"Why do you want to tell my daughter-in-law, I never told your daughter-in-law?"

Boss Zhang:...

"If you are willing to speak, you will speak tomorrow!"

"I have a daughter-in-law myself, why should I tell your daughter-in-law? You are willing to say go home and talk to your daughter-in-law!"

Wu Qiaoqiao forced her laugh, but she didn't expect that what she said to him just now really worked!

This lunatic really listens to his wife!

(End of this chapter)

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