Chapter 3757 Su Jinlong outside

This is how to do?

Su Jinlong, who suffered a thousand swords, did he know that she was taken away by traffickers!

Sure enough, she chased him for two years, she was just an ordinary classmate in his heart.

Wu Qiaoqiao doubted that she could not even match the donkey of the Su family.

He Qin said that the donkey of the Su family had always been fed by Su Jinlong, and the relationship with him was good. I have to comb and hug him every day, and I am jealous of Wu Qiaoqiao.

She doesn't live as good as a donkey.

There is no time to think about it, because the lunatic has already reached the Kang.

He didn't move, just standing beside the kang and staring at Wu Qiaoqiao.

Wu Qiaoqiao closed her eyes and pretended to be unconscious.

After staring for three full minutes, the madman happily said, "My wife is so beautiful."

After speaking, he leaned over and pulled the sleeves of the pretty clothes.

Wu Qiao Qiao:...

He's really done it!

Wu Qiaoqiao opened her eyes, pretending to have just woke up, "You...who are you?"

Her big watery eyes were like a pool of lake water, coupled with her weak and euphemistic voice, the lunatic was startled, and quickly retracted the back of his hand to his back.

Why is it different from what his dad said.

His dad said that his wife was very tired and had to sleep for a long time before she would wake up tomorrow.

The lunatic was a little at a loss, seeing the handsome appearance, his blushing and heartbeat.

"Daughter-in-law...Daughter-in-law, you are so good-looking." The madman did not dare to look at her, lowered his head and said.


Zhang Lao Da put his arms around Zhang Lao Er's neck.

"Fuck, why did you wake up?"

"I don't have any strength when I wake up, brother don't worry."

Boss Zhang wanted to rest assured, "The third brother is not stupid or crazy when he sees the girl!"

Zhang Lao Er didn't speak, and continued to put his ear to the window.

Only then did Wu Qiaoqiao realize that there was someone outside the window, who was the eldest and second brother of the madman.

These two brothers are so eager to listen to their brother's corner.

The madman looked at Wu Qiaoqiao and laughed for a while, "Daughter-in-law, you are so good-looking, better-looking than sister-in-law and sister-in-law, and better-looking than the girls in the village!"

Wu Qiao Qiao:...

Who asked him about this?

"I...not your wife!"

"No, you are!" The madman suddenly stared, "I will take off your clothes now! My dad said, as long as you take off your clothes, you are my wife!"

The madman rushed towards Wu Qiaoqiao after speaking!

Wu Qiao Qiao:...

She really shouldn't provoke, he just chants, she can still have less meat.

"Wait a minute, I am your wife!"

If you can't let a lunatic really take off her clothes, then she will be alive.

Now I can only hold this madman.

As long as you don't irritate him, be his wife.

The madman never expected Wu Qiaoqiao to speak so smoothly.

This is different from what his dad said.

His father said that after taking off his clothes, she was his wife.

Now she said so, this is no need to undress!

The lunatic smiled, sat down by the bed, his big eyes staring sharply.

Wu Qiaoqiao looked at him stupidly and finally relieved.

Everything else is easy to say without undressing.

This lunatic really doesn't understand personnel, it seems that she has to talk to him well.

"Come here, let me say a few words to you." Wu Qiaoqiao said.

The madman smiled and didn't move.

"You come here, do you treat me as your wife? You don't want to come and I will leave tomorrow." Wu Qiaoqiao pretended to be angry.

Sure enough, hearing her say this, the lunatic immediately leaned in front of her, and Wu Qiaoqiao whispered a few words in his ear.

"Remember? Do you understand?"

The lunatic looked at her blankly and nodded.

Wu Qiaoqiao finally felt relieved, "Then let's sleep." After finishing speaking, she moved aside for him.

A madman will go to the kang with a smile.

(End of this chapter)

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