Chapter 1 Death

(Note: This article is about the Air Force travel text, and the time is similar to the early 1980s. Don’t be scared by the space settings in the previous chapters. Babies should not be scared by the space settings in the previous chapters. The following plot is colorful, strong men and women will take you to pretend to be B to fly. And medical knowledge are the plot needs and the bird’s brain, please don’t care too much.

[Now insert an obituary. This station news. On June 30, 2017, Wei Zhenhui, head of the Northern Military Region of the Chinese Army, died of illness at the General Hospital of the Beijing Military Region at the age of 58. Wei Zhenhui had no children throughout his life, and his ashes were spilled into his hometown's mother Hesu River at the request of his life.

Wei Zhenhui enlisted in the army at the age of 18, participated in six border defense campaigns, commanded many important secret operations, and made great achievements...]

The man on the screen is dressed in a bright green uniform, with a cold face and serious, imposing aura.

It really is Wei Zhenhui... he is dead!

In the dining room, Su Mian stared at the TV screen blankly, two old hands under the table stubbing his thighs, his teeth biting his lower lip desperately, tears of forbearance swirling in his eyes.

"Su Mian, what's the matter with you? Do you know that chief?"

"Don't talk nonsense, how can the chief know a murderer like us?"

"Su Mian, I heard that you were a soldier when you were young, why did you kill someone?"

Yes, life is such a drama. She used to be the best military doctor in the army, and now she is a murderer hated by thousands of people, and she has also been sentenced to life imprisonment.

The past is shown in my mind like a black and white movie.

That year, Su Mian was 18 years old, had just joined the army, and was assigned to the health team for internship. Military doctor Gao was her intern.

Wei Zhenhui is in the same village as her, and she has long heard of his name.

I just don't know whether he is a combat hero or a king of individual soldiers, let alone that he has a nickname called the Great Demon King.

When Wei Zhenhui was sent to the sanitation team that night, the camouflage uniforms all over his body were soaked in the squally wind and rain, and his body was bloodied by the rain, shocking.

The chief instructed to rescue Wei Zhenhui at all costs.

Wei Zhenhui was hit with 4 bullets, and one bullet hit the two ribs on the left side of the chest. He needed immediate surgery and was in a critical condition.

Su Mian is still a recruit. Whenever he has seen such a scene, his eyes immediately turn red, and the thermometer in his hand is almost unsteady.

"What are you doing in a daze? Untie his jacket and take his temperature immediately!"

Doctor Gao had changed his surgical gown and walked in again.

Wei Zhenhui is in very bad condition, with a high fever of 40 degrees.

"Doctor Gao, don't give me anesthetics, I can stand it!"

After Wei Zhenhui finished speaking, he took the small bundle of gauze that Su Mian handed over, stuffed it into his mouth and bit it.

The anesthetics of that era were not very effective, with great side effects and even life-threatening. But without using anesthetic, how much toughness is needed to take out four bullets?

Su Mian was shocked. What did the man lying on the operating table do?

Isn't he afraid of pain?

The operation lasted for more than 5 hours. Wei Zhenhui bit the bundle of gauze during the whole process, and his eyebrows were only occasionally frowned, and he didn't even hum.

"Doctor Gao, you all inflicted 34 dollars on me, I took it down!" After the operation, Wei Zhenhui fainted after speaking.

As expected of Wei Zhenhui!

This was the first time Su Mian saw Wei Zhenhui herself. The man with sword eyebrows and star eyes, and her strong and tenacious temperament immediately attracted her who looked forward to the soldiers.

After the operation, Wei Zhenhui was taken to a mainland hospital by helicopter overnight for follow-up treatment.

Later, Wei Zhenhui returned to the team after his injury. Doctor Gao and the division commander joined forces. Su Mian and Wei Zhenhui met several times individually.

Immediately afterwards, Wei Zhenhui began to pursue her. She herself had a good impression of this clank man, so she accepted his pursuit.

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