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Reporting, I Have Been Reborn

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Rebirth Back to the 80s of the interstellar calendar, Su Mian held space in his hand, vowing to benefit all mankind.

Big Devil: It’s better for your wife to benefit me first.

Before rebirth, Su Mian deliberately missed the Great Demon for 30 years. After rebirth, Su Mian wanted to marry the Great Devil, and only wanted to give him a monkey. The big devil has one word for his wife, pet!

I spoil my daughter-in-law, I am proud!

- Description from MTL


Short Title:RIHBR
Alternate Title:报告首长,我重生啦!
Author:A hundred birds facing the wind
Weekly Rank:#5072
Monthly Rank:#3574
All Time Rank:#343
Tags:Doctors, Early Romance, Female Protagonist, Magical Space, Medical Knowledge, Poor to Rich, Rebirth, Second Chance, System,
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8 Comments on “Reporting, I Have Been Reborn
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  1. again, another novel were the logic just goes out of the window and never seen again. At chapter 3-4 the villain tells FL she tricked ML into marriage by fraud. And he cant divorce becouse its military marriage and its not easily divorced. BUT! she got the marriage by using fraud, and ML knows it. You telling me that you can trick soldiers into marriage and then they can never divorce even whit evidence of fraud? entire chapter 3-4 was just painfull to read, how stupid and little logic it had was just ridiculous.

  2. Yh but even with evidence of fraud they will still lose their job because divorcees can’t keep their job or something like that. Divorce was seen as a bad thing at least at that time

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