The Thunder plan has been determined, and the time is coming.

So, Chen Fei and Xia Minglei ended their cultivation and came out of the deserted ruins with a well-prepared Thunder Army.

After a short stay in Sun Moon City, after explaining the situation.

Chen Fei and Xia Minglei went straight to Zhenxicheng.

"how is the situation?

Has there been any change in Xia Jin? "

Chen Fei asked Wu Yan, who stayed in the town of Xicheng.

Wu Yan said: "Everything is going on in secret according to your arrangement, Young Master Chen, and the situation in Zhenxi City is business as usual.

However, Xia Jin received a notice from Fucheng to take him to participate in the team of the ancestors' memorial ceremony. There are still three days to go to Fucheng. "

"Three days!"

Fade Chen nodded, and then ordered, "Bring Xia Jin here."


Soon, Xia Jin was brought up.

The king of Daxiafu, who was on the side of Megatron, walked into the house with his head lowered, and bowed respectfully to Chen Feifei.

Although all his actions were very decent, Fade Chen still saw anger and killing intent in his eyes.

However, Fade Chen didn't care about these, but said directly: "Xia Jin, I will go to Fucheng with you to attend the ancestor memorial ceremony in Fucheng this time."

"Ah, this—" Xia Jin looked surprised.

Fade Chen didn't explain much, and continued to say: "I'm not asking for your opinion, I'm just letting you know."

"Right, just remind you.

If my identity is exposed, then your life—hehe—” Xia Jin trembled, and hurriedly said, “Don’t worry, Young Master Chen, I will never betray you. "

"So much the better!"

Chen Fei said, "Go down and prepare."

...Three days later, the team from Fucheng arrived at Zhenxicheng.

Xia Jin greeted them warmly, and then settled down. A week later, he officially set off for Fucheng to participate in the ancestor worship ceremony.

As a result, the entire Zhenxi Palace, and even the entire Zhenxi City, were busy preparing for the departure in a week.

Chen Fei and Xia Minglei were sitting in the room.

Chen Fei took a breath and said, "Master, what do you think about this ancestor worship ceremony?"

Xia Minglei squinted his eyes and shook his head gently: "There is no more information at the moment, so I can't judge Xia Wuji's true intentions."

"But what is certain is that Xia Wuji should have some big plans.

Otherwise, he would not have made such a big fanfare and spent a lot of money to summon various kings, generals, and nobles from various places. "

"After all, when my father was still alive, I never saw him being so filial.

snort! "

A week later, a team of 500 people set off, carrying Xia Jin, the king of Zhenxi, to the mighty Chaofu City.

On the surface, this is the team that Xiajin, the king of Zhenxi, entered the palace to pay homage to his ancestors.

However, Chen Fei and Xia Minglei had already replaced most of them with the elites of the Thunder Army, and Wu Yan and Jiuzhi Lao Mo, two masters of the ninth level of the Yuan Fei Realm beside Chen Fei, also made up to join them.

As for the rest of the Thunder Army members, they had already set off in batches a few days ago, disguised as caravans, hunters, and homeless people, and rushed to Fucheng.

The team departs.

Half a day later, Chen Fei suddenly saw two familiar thin figures behind the team, it was the Chinese brothers and sisters Liu Chao and Liu Jin he rescued.

"Why are you following?"

Chen Fei couldn't help but ask.

Liu Chao said, "Brother Chen, you are our savior, and we want to repay you."

"Also, I heard that this team is going to Fucheng.

My mother once told me that my aunt was in Fucheng and I wanted to find her. "

"Do you have an aunt?"

Chen Fei asked.

Liu Chaodao: "My mother told me that, she also said that my aunt is very beautiful.

When I was very young, she was taken away by big men in the city and sent to Fucheng.

So I—" The little girl Liu Jin also nodded and said, "Mom often cried secretly when she was thinking about my aunt. "

Hearing this, Chen Fei's heart softened, he touched the heads of Liu Chao and Liu Jin, and said, "Okay, then you can follow."

"However, when you arrive at Fucheng, you are not allowed to act rashly, and you must obey orders in everything you do, understand?"


The two nodded solemnly.

Immediately, Fade Chen brought them into the convoy, changed them into servants' clothes, and stayed by his side.

... A week later, the mighty motorcade crossed more than ten big cities all the way, and finally arrived at the most prosperous city in Daxia Mansion - Fucheng.

The motorcade crossed the bustling streets and came to the guest house to settle down amid the voices of the passers-by pointing and pointing.

This guest house was built by the official government of Fucheng, and it specially received officials from other places who came to Fucheng.

When Xia Jin arrived, there were already many guests in the guest house, including rich businessmen, masters, and generals from all over the country, all of whom Xia Wuji asked to come to Fucheng to attend the funeral.

However, as soon as Xia Jin settled down at the State Guest House, there was news from the palace that the palace lord Xia Wuji held a banquet in person and invited relatives of the royal family to the palace to reminisce.

After thinking for a while, Fade Chen dressed up as Xia Jin's bodyguard and entered the palace with him.

Xia Minglei and the rest of the team stayed in the guest house.

It's not that Xia Minglei, who is stronger, doesn't want to enter the palace, but that he has a special status. There are traces of his life and battles in the palace of Fucheng, and even his soul and spiritual energy remain.

Xia Wuji used these to set up a warning circle.

Xia Minglei entered rashly, and his identity would be exposed immediately.

Therefore, Fade Chen could only enter the palace with Xia Jin.

Xia Minglei stayed outside, trying to find a way to find out the various situations in the city as soon as possible, arrange the Thunder Army, and prepare for the follow-up actions.

After all, this time, apart from success, there is no way out.

Even if Xia Minglei is confident in his strength, he has to be cautious at this moment and try his best to arrange it properly.

... Chen Fei's side, accompanied Xia Jin to the palace.

I have to say that this Xia Wuji is quite enjoyable. The palace is not only large, but also lush with spiritual energy. All kinds of precious spiritual plants and minerals are carefully arranged in the palace, turning into exquisite and different courtyard pavilions.

At this time, the place where Xia Wuji entertained Xia Jin and other royal relatives was a water pavilion called "Bishui Xuan".

As a guard, Chen Fei naturally could not enter the pavilion, and could only guard outside.

However, he was so happy, he found a space, slipped out quietly, and wandered around the palace.

It's not that he was wandering around and watching the scenery, but observing the layout and personnel strength of the palace, and inquiring about the Thunder Operation.

There are many masters in the palace, Fade Chen quietly probed all the way, and unknowingly, walked into a gorgeous flower.

"Oops, be careful, don't step on my flowers!"

A charming and slightly anxious voice suddenly sounded behind Fade Chen.

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