Du Nanxing looked at her excited husband, surprised and curious, "Minglei, how can you improve so fast?

Your injury back then—" Xia Minglei's talent, Du Nanxing is very clear, it is definitely the top existence in the entire Great Xia Mansion.

It's just that Xia Minglei entered the Daxia Mansion, and later fled with Du Nanxing. He experienced too many battles along the way, and his body suffered a lot of hidden injuries, so his cultivation base improved very slowly.

Xia Minglei held Du Nanxing's hand and explained with a smile: "In the first period of time, because of my injury, my practice speed could not be improved."

"However, I came to this desolate desert by chance and found a special plant here, which healed most of the wounds."

"Afterwards, I took this desert as the core and controlled the spiritual core, thus entering the control realm.

After entering the control realm, because of my primordial seal, my cultivation speed is faster than that of ordinary cultivators. In less than two hundred years, I have reached this realm. "

"And, if it weren't for some old injuries that were hard to heal.

I should have reached the nine-party control realm long ago. "

"Your Yuan Yin!"

Hearing this, Du Nanxing moved in his heart, glanced at Chen Fei, and said to Xia Minglei, "Minglei, I forgot to tell you.

Xiao Chen's Yuan Yin is the same as yours. "


Xia Minglei looked surprised and looked at Chen Fei, "Your Yuanyin is also a divine wood?"

Fade Chen was stunned for a moment, then came back to his senses.

Master Du Nanxing once explained to him that the original name of World Tree was Tongtian Shenmu, but later the effect was weakened and it was used to connect the world, so the name World Tree was born.


Chen Fei nodded lightly, and then took the initiative to show his Yuan Yin.

Xia Minglei took a closer look, and suddenly showed a look of surprise, "It's really a divine tree.

Moreover, your Yuanyin is much stronger than me back then. This is a rare genius! "

Hearing this, Chen Fei couldn't help but feel joy in his heart, and then asked: "Master, you said just now.

When you reach the control realm, because of Yuanyin, your cultivation speed is faster than that of ordinary monks. Is this true? "

Xia Minglei nodded and said, "Of course it's true.

I can even say that in the entire Earth Origin Realm, I have never seen a Origin Seal in the control state that is faster than the Mu Origin Seal of the God of Heaven. "

"so smart!"

Chen Fei couldn't help but wonder, "Why is this?"

Xia Minglei smiled and said, "Did Nan Xing tell you about Mu Yuanyin, the **** of the sky?"

Fade Chen nodded, recalling what Du Nanxing once explained to himself.

At the beginning, Master Du Nanxing once said that Tongtian Shenmu is equivalent to a channel connecting two worlds, and the breaths of the two parties blend with each other through this channel, and finally reach a state of balance.

It is equivalent to connecting two balloons of different sizes with a tube, and eventually the two balloons will become the same size.

The Mu Yuanyin of the Tongtian God also has a similar effect, which is equivalent to connecting the monk with the entire world.

The cultivation process of a monk is actually a process of blending with the world.

Ideally, as long as the time is long enough, the monk can withstand enough.

The monk and this world will eventually reach a state of balance and equality through this divine tree.

In the end, it became a powerful existence comparable to one world.

Of course, this is the most ideal state, so far, no one has succeeded.

After all, a monk is still too small compared to the entire world.

However, this principle has never changed.

The cultivation process of Mu Yuanyin, the **** of the sky, is the process of connecting and merging the monk with the world in which he lives.

Xia Minglei nodded lightly and continued: "That's true.

Then think about it again, what are the characteristics of the control environment? "

Asked about this, Fade Chen thought about it again and recalled what Lord Tianming told him.

Controlling the realm, as the name implies, selects a world, takes its spiritual core, refines it and fuses it, and finally achieves a state where the two are one, allowing monks to fully control the world they choose.

Thinking of this, Chen Fei was suddenly startled and seemed to realize something.

"Controlling the realm is the fusion with the chosen world.

The ideal state of Tongtian Shenmu Yuanyin is to allow monks and the world to be integrated and unified. "

"The two seem to be very similar."

Xia Minglei smiled and nodded and said, "Comprehension is good!"

"It's not just similar, it can be said that the essence of the two is the same."

"To a certain extent, from the moment when the Mu Yuanyin, the **** of the sky, awakens, in our body, we have already started the practice of controlling the realm."

"So, once we really enter the realm of control, our cultivation speed is very fast."

After listening to these words, Chen Fei was suddenly surprised and excited, and he could hardly wait to hit the control realm quickly.

Xia Minglei saw Fade Chen's excitement and smiled: "Don't worry too much, the foundation still needs to be laid firmly."

On the side, Du Nanxing pulled Xia Minglei and whispered something.

Xia Minglei was slightly startled, looked at Chen Fei and said, "Xiao Chen, did Nan Xing teach you the 'Wanliu Guizong' exercise?"

Chen Fei nodded.

This Wanliu Guizong practice method was taught to him after he had just apprenticed to Du Nanxing when the other party found out that he was Mu Yuanyin, the **** of the sky.

At that time, Du Nanxing told him that this Wanliu Guizong practice was helpful for the practice of Mu Yuanyin, the **** of the sky.

Seeing this, Xia Minglei took out a booklet and handed it to Chen Fei: "Practice this later!"

Fade Chen took a look and found the words "Wanliu Guizong" written on the pamphlet, and suddenly he was puzzled, "This is-" Xia Minglei explained: "Wanliu Guizong, this is my awakening Yuan. Post-printing exercises.

It's just that it's an old version, and what I'm giving you now is the version I've revised over the years, and it's more useful to you. "

"Thank you, Master!"

Chen Fei stood up and bowed to thank him.

"Okay, don't be rude.

You have come all the way here, and you are tired. Go down and rest. "

Xia Minglei said.

Fade Chen turned to leave, but suddenly thought of something, and said, "Master, can I see your injury?"


Xia Minglei was a little surprised.

On the side, Du Nanxing suddenly remembered, "Yes, let Xiao Chen show you.

Xiao Chen's medical skills are very powerful, much better than mine.

Maybe it can heal your wounds. "


Xia Minglei didn't quite believe it.

Chen Fei didn't argue, he stepped forward and gave Xia Minglei a pulse diagnosis.

Moments later, he had results.

Xia Minglei had a lot of injuries in his body, all of which were dark injuries accumulated over the years, the most serious of which was the injury at his dantian, which even affected Xia Minglei's primordial fetus.

These injuries are generally incurable, but for Chen Fei, they are not a problem.

He stimulated the wooden intent in Yuanyin and entered Xia Minglei's body without hesitation to repair the injury.