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"Although I am just a standard soul, but now I have more than an independent body, so I don't need you to return to the body of the deity. But the integration of the two is inevitable, because only when the two are integrated can I change The face of the deity is back to the Celestial Sect, "Li Moyu said.


It is imperative that Li Moxue return to the Tiancheng School to confront Lingfeng.


But regarding the position of head, he did not intend to sit.


Why don't you plan to be the head, and why go back and confront Lingfeng!


The cultivation practitioner attaches the most importance to cause and effect. Because of some changes that have occurred because of him, he has the responsibility to deal with it.


If he does not get justice for his subordinates and disciples who died because of him, this matter will become his demon, and when he is robbed, it will be an obstacle to his ascension.


Upon hearing Li Mo's explanation, Leng Xiaoyao was a little excited: "In other words, as long as the two are integrated, you can become Li Moyu or Chu?"


Li Moyan's face was dark, and some gritted his teeth and said, "When I become Chu Yan, I won't have any intimate actions with you, so the thoughts in your mind should be wiped out as soon as possible."


"Eh! Alright!" Leng Xiaoyao was a little sorry, but didn't tangle.


Next, Li Moyu is going to integrate with Chu Yi's body.


After the two merged into one, a large amount of surrounding aura suddenly burst into Li Moyu.


Li Mozhen and Chu Yan, this is epiphany.


The knots that originally belonged to Chu Yun became clear after the body and Li Moyu merged together.


Epiphany, you can encounter an epiphany! Is the fastest way to improve repair.


However, epiphany is also the most afraid of being disturbed. Although no one here will disturb her except the ghosts of Leng Yan and Leng Yan, but in case, Leng Xiaoyao immediately took out the spirit stone from the storage ring. Arrayed in the yard.


She learned a lot of formations at Li Moyu!


The few ghosts of Leng Yan were just outside the yard, but when they felt the aura surrounding them continued to flow, they knew that Li Moxuan was awakened and excited.


Li Moxie is already the peak of Yuan Ying. After the epiphany, it is time to get out.


Even if Lingfeng Zhenjun has made great progress in the past ten years, it can be considered as soon as possible when he comes out.


Maybe it's just the peak of Yuan Ying!


In order not to be disturbed by other things, the head of Epiphany, a few of Leng Yan, and Qin Miao and Song Qingling immediately guarded around.


Because of the richness of the aura, it attracted many foreign objects around.


But it's just a few little ghosts and demon, which are far from the ranks of Leng Yan, so they dare not approach at all, and only absorb a little leaked aura in a short distance.


Li Mo's repairs have been on the rise, at the beginning of the release, in the middle of release, and at the peak of release.


Li Moxie awoke and felt overjoyed when she woke up.


But then, he was thundered by him.


So Li Mozhen had no time to speak with Leng Xiaoyao, and flew away from the house.


Then there was a deafening thunder.


After the thunderstorm, Li Moyu still needs time to solidify his actions, so they cannot immediately open the teleportation array and return to the cloud continent.


Li Moyu merged his body and took back the storage space, which is a space where people can enter.


But the mother had to let Li Moyu go in, Leng Xiaoyao couldn't go in.


If Leng Xiaoyao wants to enter this space, first, he must recognize Li Moyu as the main person, and second, he must be married to Li Moyu.


Leng Xiaoyao and Li Moyu are in a couple relationship. It is impossible for the owner to become a lover.


In Guiyun Continent, monks can get married without a marriage certificate, as long as they become accomplices, that is, a pair recognized by Heaven, anyone can think of destruction.


To be a mate, life and death will be tied together. One side will die and the other side will not be able to live.


But the benefits are also great. One side will be promoted, and the other will follow.


After Li Mozhen talked about this with Leng Xiaoyao, of course Leng Xiaoyao had no opinion and concluded a privy contract with Li Mozhen.


After concluding the priesthood contract, Leng Xiaoyao felt that his cultivation was rising rapidly, from the beginning of Yuan Ying to the peak of the cause.


This feeling is really cool.


Only then did Li Moxue tell the true meaning of the Leng Xiaoyao Adolescent Contract: "Affiliate contract is also called a double vacation contract, so the adolescent contract is not only a soul contract, but also a physical training ..."


When he said this, Li Moyan's gaze changed to Leng Xiaoyao's eyes. It was as hot as Leng Xiaoyao sitting in front of him without clothes.


Although their relationship has been determined for more than a year, they have not yet had a relationship.


It's not that Li Moji didn't want it, it's not that he didn't respond, but that he respected Leng Xiaoyao.


Leng Xiaoyao heard a stun, and then the whole face burst into red, staring at Li Moxi angrily: "Why don't you tell me first?"


Li Moxian looked dark: "Did I say that, then you won't contract with me?"




Leng Xiaoyao couldn't answer for a while, I thought, it will definitely not end! It's just that I'm embarrassed to say it.


"Huh! I ignore you." Leng Xiaoyao felt very uncomfortable, and immediately walked towards the outside.


Li Moyu did not stop, but smiled like a cat who stole a fishy fish.


Anyway, she has become a lover. It will be sooner or later for Saturday and Sunday, so give her some time to accept it now!


Leng Xiaoyao visited the backyard of the house, and Li Mozhen came over: "Actually, this backyard was originally in space, so when I was teleported by the teleportation array, the yard would follow the teleportation. Leng Yan can already stay in the yard, but if Qin Miao and Song Qingling want to stay in the yard and enter the space, they must conclude a master-servant contract with me. "


"Then go talk to them." Leng Xiaoyao said, although they can follow the teleportation array without entering the space, but once they arrive at Guiyun Continent, the situation is very dangerous. After all, they can't always be around. Protect.


As long as you enter the space, there will be no danger.


After Leng Xiaoyao and Li Moyu went to talk to Qin Miao and Song Qingling about this, they naturally agreed without hesitation.


Prior to this, although they did not recognize Li Moyu as the master, in their hearts, Li Moyu and the master were no different.


And if they officially recognize the Lord, their safety will be guaranteed!


"After returning to the Guiyun continent, I will find a way for you to take away the house. It is against the heaven to take away the living, but to take away the dead will not be blamed by the heaven." Li Mozhen said.


Upon hearing that, the ghosts were excited.


Although they are no longer their current bodies after they have lost their house, they are living in other people's bodies, but it is better to be a person than to be a ghost!


(End of this chapter)