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Tang Kangquan continued: "I donated 10% of the shares in Tang Lei's name. Now I have the right to take it back and transfer it to my granddaughter, Leng Xiaoyao."


We heard that everyone was surprised, including Leng Xiaoyao.


"Grandpa, thank you, but I can't ask for it." Leng Xiaoyao refused, which was even more surprising.


Ten percent of the shares and hundreds of millions of assets, she even said no?


Really not? Or is it just pretending to refuse?


Because if you change them, they will be faster than anyone else.


Leng Xiaoyao don't. One is she can't do nothing, the other is that she hasn't been here long, and it will be troublesome.


"Why?" Tang Kangquan was also unexpectedly rejected by Leng Xiaoyao.


"My grandfather, I do n’t like to be reactive. I prefer to create my own wealth. Besides, I do n’t lack anything now. If my grandfather wants to express his own feelings, I ’d better wait until I marry someone later. Rich dowry! "Leng Xiaoyao said, of course, it was just to stop the action of Mr. Tang to send shares, he was afraid she could not see it when she got married.


When thinking of things, Leng Xiaoyao felt uncomfortable in his heart.


In this life, she found many relatives, but the fate of the relatives was so shallow.


Leng Xiaoyao said this, and Mr. Tang didn't insist anymore: "Okay! In this case, I will give you a generous dowry when you get married later."


"Grandpa, would you allow me to say a few words to shareholders?" Leng Xiaoyao asked. Although these people are at peace for the time being, who knows if the day will come back!


So she wanted to warn.


"Just say what you want!" Tang Kangquan said, in fact, they discussed it in private, so Tang Kangquan naturally knew what Leng Xiaoyao was going to say.


"Dear shareholders, I will say a few words today. I know that I am young and have little weight to speak, but today, I will give my own self-confidence. I am a regular from the city and this year's college entrance examination liberal arts The No. 1 student is now a freshman in Didu University. I am a hacker and started a technology company with few assets, which is only hundreds of millions, but I am confident that my company will carry forward. Tang Lei's evidence, I found it out, and I believe you all know that the horrible aspects of a hacker can easily investigate many things. Of course, I did n’t investigate you, nor would I easily investigate who, but now I have to say something that offends people. I hope that everything is good and that everyone can be harmonious. Once Tang has a crisis due to shareholders' affairs, or someone like Tang Lei, I will be polite. "Leng Xiaoyao said.


Everyone was surprised when Leng Xiaoyao said that Tang Lei's evidence was all she found out.


After hearing that she was a hacker, she was daunted.


When she heard that she had a billion-dollar company, she was shocked.


Hearing her threats, she became angry.


However, under the stigma, they did not dare to directly call Leng Xiaoyao, because there would be some unseen things in their hands.


If Leng Xiaoyao is angered and investigated by her, then it will be bad.


Those with dissatisfaction are also a little bit at ease at this moment, that is, Tang Kangwei, also began to measure what he did.


After Mr. Tang's accident, his original secretary has been arranged by Tang Lei to go to other branches. Now that Mr. Tang has returned, he will be called back naturally.


In the end, those who use habits are also trustworthy.


But before his secretary returned, to understand the company's situation in the past few years, he had to rely on cold Xiaoyao.


Her tenacious ability to speed up Tang Kangquan's understanding of the company.


Mr. Tang fulfilled the company dinner, and tomorrow afternoon, the place will be in a hotel near the company. After all, for the convenience of everyone, he didn't go too far.


What happened to Mr. Tang's waking up soon spread out, let many acquaintances know, and then contacted him one after another.


Although Father Tang didn't have much energy to cope, he still coped.


At the same time, Tang Lei was taken away by police, and suspected bribery and murder were also spread.


Father Tang did not rush to live back to the Tang family, but first let people clean up inside and out, and sent everything belonging to the Tang Lei family to the Zhang family.


Because of the Tang Lei incident, the Zhang family has always been afraid to come forward, and even Zhang Hongyu and Tang Lei have been divorced to avoid the Tang Lei incident from affecting the Zhang family.


The Tang family arranged for someone to bring something from the Tang Lei family. The Zhang family didn't dare to say anything, and accepted it directly.


Zhang Hongyu was unwilling, but there was no way.


Who makes Tang Lei not Tang Kangquan's biological son? They simply don't have the right to divide what kind of property.


Tang Lei's account has been frozen, only her account has not been frozen, but her account does not have much money! Not even a million!


One million is a lot for ordinary people, but for a lady like her, it's just a year or two of pocket money.


However, Tang Lei had already been arrested and the conviction was condemned, so Zhang Hongyu also obeyed his parents and divorced Tang Lei.


But the case is currently under trial, she can't see Tang Lei, so this divorce cannot be handled for the time being.


The husband and wife are birds of the same forest.


If Tang Lei knew Zhang Hongyu was going to divorce when he saw something wrong, he would definitely be frustrated.


Tang Lei was interrogated for his death with Tang Fei, and Tang Yue's disappearance. At first Tang Lei did not acknowledge it, but later admitted it. Because he refused to acknowledge it, he was doomed to death.


Although Tang Lei had already determined that it was done by Tang Lei, Tang Kangquan couldn't accept it after he acknowledged it himself, and was so angry that he fainted.


He really has a white-eyed wolf!


He really couldn't figure out how Tang Lei could do such a kind of revenge. His family was so good to him. From childhood to age, Tang Lei had whatever his children had.


And what his children did not have, he also had, that is, ten percent of the company's shares.


Even when he married his wife, it was also his gift and wedding room.


No less than his own son.


What a bucket of rice to support a benefactor, a stone rice to support an enemy!


Because of Tang Kangquan's affairs, Leng Xiaoyao did not return to Changshi during the National Day, but he told Tang Kangquan's affairs to Leng Changyuan. Therefore, on October 2nd, Leng Changyuan brought Leng Chengyu to the capital. .


Leng Xiaoyao found his grandfather. As Leng Xiaoyao's family, they naturally came to see him.


Tang Kangquan is not in a good mood these days, so Leng Changyuan is here, and a person of similar age talks well.


(End of this chapter)