"Well! I will pay attention, you can rest assured!" Leng Xiaoyao said, not that they were embarrassed, but felt warm because of their concern.

Although there is a short break at noon, there is still some time to eat a meal, but not only they eat outside, there are many people, waiting time is long, so in order not to wait too long, they eat hot pot directly.

After eating hot pot and walking slowly back to the classroom, it is almost class time.

Because the college entrance examination has only been completed in one month, the teacher basically does not lecture anymore, but just reviews the questions.

Knowing that Leng Xiaoyao's grades were so good, the teacher directly asked Leng Xiaoyao to take care of her. She could talk about the topic and arrange for everyone to do it. Anyway, Leng Xiaoyao was there, and the teacher was very relieved.

Linked to the questions from several lessons, Leng Xiaoyao was dry and dry, but the classmates thoughtfully gave Leng Xiaoyao both water and fruit.

Leng Xiaoyao was also polite and ate directly.

These days there are Leng Xiaoyao's coaching and lectures, and everyone's performance has improved somewhat, so everyone is grateful to Leng Xiaoyao.

Leng Xiaoyao is now beautiful and studying well, she is the representative of the goddess.

For girls who look beautiful and learn well, outsiders are basically two extreme ideas, either they like it very much, or they are jealous and hate it.

Although a few girls in the eighth class were envious of Leng Xiaoyao, they were not hostile. After all, Leng Xiaoyao taught them questions!

Leng Xiaoyao told everyone according to the content of the previous college entrance examination, even if the same question may not appear in the college entrance examination here, it is not necessary to be similar.

And Leng Xiaoyao not only talked about the college entrance examination questions she had taken, but also talked about many college entrance examination questions and ending questions in previous years.

Although it was a tiring job, I was still very happy and there were no complaints or complaints.

Mainly, she said that she would review it for Xiong Manxin and others. It would also be a review for them. It would also be a review for everyone. And if it was only for Xiong Manxin, it must be a break. For everyone, it was used directly. The teacher's class time, so that she can rest during her break time.

After a few days, Leng Yuqi's condition was much better, but she did not come to school again. It should be said that she did not come to the experimental high school again, but transferred to the first high school.

Because to avoid meeting with Jiang Yihan and Chu Jiayu.

The experimental high school is naturally reluctant to leave Leng Yuqi to leave. After all, Leng Yuqi's study is so good. I can't take the test of God. I don't know, but I won't be sent there.

In order to make things easier to solve, Leng Yanhua personally said to the principal.

Leng Yanhua was embarrassed to tell the truth, so there was no explanation, that is, he resolutely transferred to the school, and the principal did not ask much.

Although approaching the college entrance examination, because of Leng Yuqi's good study, the first high school also took over quickly. After all, the Leng family is not an ordinary family. Even if the study is not good, this will still be given.

When Jiang Yihan and Chu Jiayu learned that Leng Yuqi transferred to school, they were both relieved.

Although Chu Jiayu ignored Jiang Yihan these days, she also knew that she and Leng Yuqi could not be friends, so she did not conflict with Jiang Yihan. After all, she is now Chu Jianan's girlfriend, and her parents have not She didn't dare to say anything more.

But I still do n’t know how to face Leng Yuqi, so I do n’t have to face Leng Yuqi now, she is happy to see it happen.

Regarding the injuries that Leng Yuqi suffered, Leng Yancheng and his wife would naturally not let it go. Leng's family could not do anything, but he could do something to the Jiang family.

As a result, the Jiang family's company suddenly had some problems, not too big, but also suffered a considerable loss.

The story of Jiang Yihan was suddenly spread, especially in experimental high school, and the video was needed to prove it.

Although it is not a big problem for couples to go to the hotel, the problem is that Jiang Yihan is only a 18th-year-old high school senior. At this age, dating is not acceptable to parents. Not only that, they also went to the hotel and even made a lot of noise. As everyone knows, this is different.

So as soon as the incident broke out, the students in the class all asked her what was going on. Of course, it wasn't concern, but fun and glee.

"Jiang Yihan, who is that man! Why are you going to the hotel with that man!"

"Oh my god, Jiang Yihan, you are too bold! You even went to the hotel with a man."

"If I do this, my family knows that I must break my leg."

"Jiang Yihan ..."

Jiang Yihan was about to be driven crazy and shouted at them, "That's my boyfriend."

Because the video was so clear, it was impossible to deny that it was her.

"Even a boyfriend, you can't be so casual!"


Although there are many people who have boyfriends at the age of eighteen or nine, there are also many people who have gone to the hotel. If no one knows, there will be no problem. Someone knows, especially in places like school. Already.

Jiang Yihan couldn't bear it and ran out of the classroom.

You don't need to know that this matter is related to Leng's family, otherwise who would be upset with her?

Although she knew that this incident was due to her own losses, she felt that the Leng family had done too much, so after knowing this, she called Leng Yuqi immediately, but Leng Yuqi had already pulled her black. It won't work at all.

Then she called Chu Jianan, but Chu Jianan did not answer because Chu Jianan was tortured by the pain in her body, and she didn't want to talk to anyone at all.

He just held on to Jiang Yihan's mentality of play, naturally he ignored her.

After Chu Jianan didn't answer her phone, she was so angry that she almost smashed her phone.

Things are getting more and more outrageous. Even if Jiang Yihan said that it was her boyfriend, someone still spread it maliciously, directly passing Jiang Yihan into a casual girl, who said she knew a few hotels with a few men!

Hearing this, Jiang Yihan was almost fainted.

Soon, Jiang Yihan was called by the class teacher to question.

Jiang Yihan explained: "Teacher, that's my boyfriend. We ate and drank with friends that day, and I was drunk, so he took me to the hotel upstairs to rest."

"Boyfriend? You are a high school student, and you are about to enter the college entrance exam. Are you talking about your boyfriend? Are you afraid of affecting your studies?" The class teacher asked, but after learning that the man was Jiang Yihan's boyfriend, the class teacher told Jiang Yihan that Good views have eased a lot, but they disagree with Jiang Yihan's relationship with her boyfriend.

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