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Reincarnation of Terror: a Hundred Times Reward

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Introduction: “There is a ghost knocking on the door and is about to break in. What should I do? Wait online, hurry!”

Lin Chuan was entangled by ghosts. When he was desperate, he activated the ghost and god dungeon system and won the only SSSSS talent-a hundredfold reward! Get everything and be blessed a hundred times! The first world is the world of Uncle Jiu! Ever since…

“Get a year of cultivation base, Ding! Bless a hundred times, get a hundred years of cultivation base!”

“Get a ten-year peach wood sword, Ding! Bless a hundred times, get a thousand-year peach wood sword!”

“Get the corpse talisman, Ding! Blessing…

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Short Title:RTHTR
Alternate Title:恐怖轮回:百倍奖励
Author:Shenhao Mecha
Weekly Rank:#1099
Monthly Rank:#834
All Time Rank:#730
Tags:Cheats, Cultivation, Daoism, Fan-fiction, Ghosts, Handsome Male Lead, Male Protagonist, Martial arts, Naive Protagonist, Overpowered Protagonist, Strong to Stronger, Survival Game, System, Zombies,
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  1. 20/100 empezó bien la novela en el desarrollo y transfondo del mundo, tambien los cruces a varios mundos e historias de fondo, al final fue malo, ir a un mundo mejorar regresar, estar en china ser esclavo del gobierno para solucionar todos su problemas, luego ir a otro mundo hacer misiones que da el sistema estrictamente reguladas " solo hacer bien nada de hacer el mal" el sistema de obliga a ser una persona moralmente buena o un buda salvar a todos no te da mucha autonomia es mas ser esclavo del mundo. es molesto regresar al mundo a descansar y venir personas a que les soluciones todos sus problemas.

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