Qin Feng raised his eyebrows and glanced at the person who was speaking, thinking about how to deal with these cultivators!

"Several brothers, in my opinion, that throne must be a treasure!"

One of the middle-aged men with black hair and black beard took Qin Feng's eyes carefully, and quickly said, "Look at him constantly pumping true yuan into the throne with both hands, he must be sacrificing this throne!"

"Not bad."

The others nodded their heads after seeing it, "Look at this throne, which is shining and shining, and its aura is compelling. It is indeed not a mortal thing, at least it should be a treasure of the fairy weapon level."

"Then it goes without saying, what realm is the power of the ancient Kunpeng clan, how can he sacrifice a common magic weapon as a seat?"

"Haha, I didn't expect that I would have this chance, as soon as I entered this fairy palace, I could meet such a baby!"

"Boy Wu, he didn't say he took the initiative to retreat when he saw the arrival of his predecessors. He actually dared to sit there arrogantly. I really don't know how high the world is!

Hearing the words of these cultivators, Qin Feng couldn't help but snorted: "Noisy!"


Several monks were stunned, and looked at Qin Feng in disbelief.

They are all great cultivators of the Primordial God Realm, each of them has a profound knowledge and accumulated great accumulation. This time they used various means to seize the Attraction Token and enter the Northern Underworld Immortal Mansion, in order to find opportunities to break through the shackles and achieve longevity.

A monk like them who is only one step away from the true immortal will be respected and awed by ordinary monks wherever they are, and they don't dare to offend easily.

As a result, what is going on with the young man I met today, who was so bold and said they were making noise in person?

So arrogant, I'm not afraid of their harsh hands.

Normally, any one of them can easily suppress monks in the realm of Dhamma, and there are still a few of them. If they join hands, even true immortals will be a little jealous. Why is this kid so arrogant?

Could it be that he has any hole cards to deal with himself and others?

However, the North Underworld Immortal Palace has many restrictions. The cultivators who have achieved immortality will not be able to enter. There is no immortal here. Even if there are elders behind this kid, he will not be able to enter. Why does he have the confidence to speak so hard?

Some of these great monks had calm temperaments and careful thoughts, still thinking about what Qin Feng would do to be so arrogant, but there were also hot-tempered generations among these few.

One of the elders with red eyebrows had a very bad temper. Hearing Qin Feng's arrogant words, he suddenly became furious: "The junior is arrogant and knows the heights of the world. Today, the old man will teach you the rules of the spiritual world!"

Before he finished his words, he hugged his hands, and a dazzling fire suddenly appeared in front of him. Following this person's violent shout, the flame directly rushed tens of feet high and rushed towards Qin Feng.


Qin Feng let out a cold snort in his nose.

These guys, really think they are letting them kill them!

As his thoughts moved, the spiritual light in his hand fluctuated, and layers of defensive spells immediately appeared in the temple to protect him. Even though the red-haired old man walked deeply in the way and the fire method was strong, he did not break even a layer of defense, of course not. May attack Qin Feng the slightest!

He has been sitting here for a day, and after the constant depletion of the true essence, even the Kunpeng essence and blood are about to be exhausted, and this has done most of the core prohibition sacrifice.

Although the sacrifice has not been completed yet, it is enough to control many forbidden formations.

For example, the formation in this hall is completely under his control, and only then can he easily release so many defensive shields to protect himself.

This was not over yet, when the shield emerged to protect him from safety, Qin Feng tried to mobilize the attacking formation in the palace again.

Then I saw a huge thunderbolt descending out of thin air in the temple, and blasted directly at the cultivators.


"what happened?"

"No, this kid is treacherous. He has already laid out a formation here. Now he is launching it to kill us all and rob us of the treasures!"

After several primordial cultivators felt the powerful power of the thunder outside, they were shocked in their hearts, and they quickly sacrificed their body protection magic weapon to resist the thunder.

It's just that the powerful top-grade Lingbao in the past, at the moment when it was fighting against the thunder, looked so weak, and within a few strokes, the thunder was blasted out of the crack, blasting the inner restraint!

"What kind of thunder is this, and why is it so powerful?"

One of the elders hurriedly shouted: "Joining forces to defend and retreating quickly, the Thunder is getting more and more tyrannical. I can't hold on for long in the opponent's formation!"

Under the greeting of the old man, several cultivators gathered together with some difficulty, and then joined forces to resist the continuous bombardment of the thunder, and quickly retreated to the outside of the hall.

When they withdrew from the hall, they found that although the thunder in the hall was still tyrannical, but only turned into a thunder shield to protect the hall, and did not intend to continue bombarding it out, they were relieved.

The old man with red eyebrows looked at the hall with lingering fears, and said angrily: "That junior is really cunning, and he has set up such a tyrannical formation in the hall in advance. If I hadn't waited for a bit of strength, maybe it would really be possible. Trapped to death in the temple!"

"It seems that the throne is really a treasure, otherwise the other party would not be willing to spend a lot of money to set up such a tyrannical formation here. However, the origin of this son depends on his way and deeds. The formation is so powerful."

"Not from Tianji Valley, but also a top formation genius from other powerful martial arts forces. Otherwise, it is absolutely impossible to deploy such a powerful formation that can conceal our perception!"

"Brother Dao is right, so should we leave here and make another plan, or what?"

"Huh, he can line up, so we won't be able to make it?"

The old man who had greeted everyone to join forces to defend and exit the hall stepped forward: "I will leave a formation outside this hall to see if he can't get out.

If I dare to come out, I will trap him to death. If he doesn't come out, he will be consumed in it, and I will never be able to find opportunities elsewhere.

After the immortal palace closed, I went outside, and I waited to find him unlucky. When the time comes, there is no formation to help. I will see if he still has some skills! "

"Well, Brother Mu Dao's Yimu Fengtian formation is infinitely powerful. Even if the true immortal is caught in it, he will have a headache. Even if the kid is proficient in the formation, it is impossible to crack this formation in a short time. When the time comes, he only needs to sense the formation. If I am touched, I can return here later, and then..."

Several monks discussed for a while, and the wooden Taoist waved his hand to set up the formation, preparing to leave the formation to block Qin Feng's path away.

In the hall, although Qin Feng is still refining the Dongtian core ban, as he has already controlled most of the ban, he can easily hear the words of those outsiders clearly.

However, he only frowned slightly, and ignored it, allowing those people to play tricks outside.

As long as he practiced the core restriction, and then the entire Beiming Cave Sky was under his control, how could the Yimu Heavenly Sealing Formation laid down by the cultivator of the Primordial Spirit Peak stop him?

So he ignored the few monks outside and focused on refining restrictions. Anyway, he had activated the defense of this hall and was not afraid of being disturbed anymore.

In fact, he was only initially in control of these forbidden magic formations, and he didn't understand many formations at all. Otherwise, he would really want to use the power of the palace formations, and he would be able to bombard and kill those primordial spirit cultivators with just one blow.

After all, this cave world is refined by the power of the immortal realm. Of course, it is impossible to even kill the monks of the Yuanshen realm in the magic circle set up. It is just that Qin Feng has not yet grasped the knack for using these formations. That's it.


As the last drop of Kunpeng essence and blood was swallowed by him, the few true essences left in his body once again rushed into the throne wrapped in Kunpeng vitality and blood. After successfully refining the last bit of core ban, the entire throne suddenly trembled slightly. Buzzing!

Immediately after that, the entire hall, and then the entire Beimingdongtian trembled.

Suddenly, the earth's aura emerged, and the sky clustered with white clouds, and a huge Kunpeng phantom appeared faintly, and a peeping feeling touched the hearts of all the monks who entered the North Underworld Immortal Mansion.

"what happened?"

All the monks looked around for a while, panicking in their hearts.

In the past, when the North Underworld Immortal Palace was opened, I had never heard of this happening. Even among the hundreds of monks and monsters, a few who lived longer came in for the second time. He was also astonished, looking up at the huge Kunpeng phantom in the sky above his head, not knowing what had happened.

Before they had waited for a long time to guess, they suddenly felt an irresistible force of squeezing, and then the space was distorted, driving all the monster races of all races out.

After the outer space returned to normal, I looked around and discovered that the force had been sent out of the Northern Underworld Immortal Mansion and returned to the sea outside!

A monk roared: "What is going on, why did the North Underworld Immortal Palace close in advance?"

Not only him, but the other monks and monsters also roared again and again.

They have spent a lot of thought in order to enter the North Underworld Palace, and some of them have spent a great price in exchange for the opportunity to enter the North Underworld Palace from the sect or others, in order to enter it and capture the achievements. Fairy chance.

As long as you achieve immortality, no matter how great the price is, it is worth it.

As a result, now, just a few days after entering, the North Underworld Immortal Palace was actually closed, driving them out.

With such a little time, how can there be a chance to get so many opportunities?

Except for a few monks who had gained a lot of money, the rest of the people were still spinning around the restrictions, trying to break through the palace or other guardian **** medicine fairy grass formations, and they had not received much benefit.

This time ~www.mtlnovel.com~ broke their shortcut to becoming immortals!

Although it is impossible for them to have so many cultivators relying on the North Underworld Immortal Mansion to prove Dao to become immortal, but according to the level of the North Underworld Immortal Mansion and its treasures, it is normal for this group of monks to have more than a dozen true immortals. .

As a result, now, except for one or two monks with profound opportunities, the others have only harvested some fairly precious immortal herbs and other treasures.

Although these things are also valuable, they are only expensive, and they are far from being an opportunity for them to advance.

So they were frightened and angry, looking around, asking other monks, trying to get answers.

Not only them, but even those nearby monks who did not enter the Northern Underworld Immortal Mansion and tried to wait for the monks inside to come out before seizing the chance.

Never expected these guys to come out early.

And depending on the situation, these people don't seem to get much benefit, so do they start the **** according to the original plan, or just stop?