Recreation Starts From the Heartbeat

Crossing, golden finger, single heroine, dog food… “Heart House” is a variety show of amateur social love reasoning. Six amateur men and women gather together to stage a good show. Popular stars act as’heart detectives’ to analyze the heartbeat signa.... Read more

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~ Concluding remarks Chapter 390 Your son-in-law is here! (season finale) Chapter 389 Would you be angry if I lied to you?

Chapter 388 8 designers of Sky Games Chapter 387 The interview video about Tang Su is very interesting Chapter 386 1 In the blink of an eye, part-time work is not enough Chapter 385 Come to your house for Chinese New Year this year Chapter 384 Open up new markets and swallow dividends in the second half of the year Chapter 383 Tang Su, who has a long-term vision; everything is going well Chapter 382 Plans for a new game; revenue exceeds 100 million Chapter 381 Tang Su's future vision Chapter 380 3 games are launched together; Party A and Party B are reversed

Chapter 379 The world of the sky is about to officially debut Chapter 378 Tang Su: No thanks, this is what we should do. Chapter 377 In June, 0 flowers bloom

Chapter 376 The key circle situation, there are sorrows and joys Chapter 375 Led wolves into the house? General Manager Tianzhi's thoughts Chapter 374 0 The era of flowers contending has come Chapter 373 There may be no customization in the future Chapter 372 Garbage should be in the trash can Chapter 371 The first new product of the 3 giants Chapter 370 About to become the king of the new era Chapter 369 Set a few 10 small goals this year Chapter 368 Su Tang said he was numb

Chapter 367 In 4 months, be ready for a showdown Chapter 366 Sutang's Great Realm Chapter 365 poor little candy Chapter 364 Don't you have hands to make games? Chapter 363 Are you going to take out this big killer? Chapter 362 I'll probably be free after getting engaged. Chapter 361 Tang Su's ambition; Zhang Yuning's blood Chapter 360 Do 6 games at the same time? What is this stimulating? Chapter 359 There are always people who use love and persistence to make everyone see hope Chapter 358 Only innovation, it is possible to overtake a corner Chapter 357 Key circle situation; Wang Qingfeng's emotion Chapter 356 Boss Wang/Boss Tang is really a generous person.

Chapter 355 Tang Su's on-the-spot creative moment Chapter 354 Xu Mengying's condition; forty-eight hours is too long Chapter 353 5 million is already cheap Chapter 352 5 million star endorsement fee Chapter 351 A new game for Xu Huahua; Spring Dawn Chapter 350 It's hard to live the life you want Chapter 349 Are you going to talk casually, or are you considering getting married? Chapter 347 It's a warm New Year's Eve: People need to live in the moment Chapter 346 He can't go anywhere but the little rental house Chapter 345 It's really tiring to play tricks. Chapter 344 About the small matter of taking a stake in Wangdao Studio Chapter 343 As a player's father, you can't be led by the manufacturer's nose

Chapter 342 1 Dynasty famous all over the world Chapter 341 Tang Xiaolin's layout; what does a real couple look like? Chapter 340 1 dominance or 0 flowers bloom? Chapter 339 New Year's Eve: For the rest of my life, thank you! Chapter 338 First meeting with Dabai Chapter 337 fun new year's eve Chapter 336 New arrivals; backstab? nonexistent! Chapter 335 "Plant Zombies" contribution activity; the idea is good, first copy... Chapter 334 The assistant of the big boss of the small boss - Xu Jinyang Chapter 333 "Plant Zombies" New Chapter Chapter 332 Daily interaction with sand sculpture fans Chapter 331 Pre-orders exceeded estimates? Su Tang expressed regret

Chapter 330 Open the pre-sale + compensation, and forcefully attack the 2-handed master! Chapter 329 Tang Su: Is the keyboard really that fun? Chapter 328 Cangqiong company recruitment starts; go directly to the factory to pick up the goods Chapter 327 Tang Su, who wants to make money to buy a villa Chapter 326 About the trivial matter of Tang Su's Weibo overturning (two k small Chapter 325 Show love on Weibo; take revenge on competitors Chapter 324 Su Tang is a small vinegar bag; Tang Su composes new songs on the spot Chapter 323 The 2 major project teams were officially established; the joint version is about to be born Chapter 322 About the little thing about company team building Chapter 321 The management is left to you, the money is left to me Chapter 320 The new song is finalized; the rules of the game in the capital market Chapter 319 A new song for Zhang Ningwei; a joint name?

Chapter 318 There is only one couple of couple CP left; when someone is there, there is warmth at home... Chapter 317 2 new songs; renamed Sky Chapter 316 Xu Mengying's invitation; new company and studio Chapter 315 Flicker succeeded! The clown is myself! Chapter 314 This gift is too expensive to receive Chapter 313 Su Tang: I'll keep the salary for you first Chapter 311 0 yuan-level top new products; Sutang wants to form a major alliance Chapter 310 Black-hearted channel business; Tang Su wants to stand on his own Chapter 309 Shock! Tang Su even secretly took a new product... Chapter 308 The big baby that can subvert the key ring? Chapter 307 "Plants vs. Zombies" officially launched Chapter 306 Promotion of new games and countdown to launch

Chapter 305 Shock! How easy is it to become a 0 million up master? Chapter 304 The first video of the couple account is online Chapter 303 Tang Su, Tao Hong, Director Zhou... Chapter 302 Tang Su and Su Tang, two different ways of thinking Chapter 301 There are deep routines in the city, Tang Wenjing wants to go back to the countryside Chapter 300 An interview with Tang Su and Su Tang; an acquaintance who will meet soon Chapter 299 The internal grievances of Dream Entertainment Chapter 298 New trumpet: Xiaosu and Xiaotang’s daily life Chapter 297 Su Tang experience new game; dog food account Chapter 296 Tang Su: I have a big baby I want to show you Chapter 295 "Sing as long as you want" officially ends Chapter 294 "Sing as you want" finals are about to begin

Chapter 293 Xu Mengying vs. Cai Yuting; new game production completed Chapter 292 The Hongmen Banquet from ‘Glorious Entertainment’; see who can laugh... Chapter 291 Boss Tang Su who drew pie for employees Chapter 290 "Sing as long as you want" Issue 7; a newcomer from ‘Glorious’... Chapter 289 The collaboration between ‘rice soup’ and ‘sago’; the new game’s small... Chapter 288 Changes brought to Xu Mengying's songwriting Chapter 287 Weibo Announcement of Tang Su, Su Tang, Xu Mengying Chapter 286 Su Tang's parents would not agree to this marriage? Chapter 285 Su Tang's mysterious new song; Zhang Ningwei also wants to enter the music circle? Chapter 284 The future is bound to be the world of power; the last song... Chapter 283 Su Tang is the devil? Tang Su is very narcissistic? Chapter 282 1 unpleasant conversation

Chapter 281 New Cantonese song for Xu Mengying Chapter 280 About finding a big star to promote the game this little thing Chapter 279 Another identity of Xu Mengying Chapter 278 Turning passive to active; young couples are looking for a better future... Chapter 277 1 line singer battle! oppression? Exploitation? Don't be too... Chapter 276 "Sing as long as you want" the first Cantonese song Chapter 275 Fairness and unfairness of airborne players Chapter 274 New song; Xiao Su Tang’s future ideal is a full-time wife Chapter 273 Regarding Su Tang's encounter with the next-door entertainment company poaching people Chapter 272 "Xing Yao" released a trailer; Mitang: There is no dog here... Chapter 271 The little thing about a female singer surnamed Su interacting with fans Chapter 270 "Sing as long as you want" Phase 4 starts; so miserable 1 man

Chapter 269 Can falling in love improve EQ? Chapter 268 Tang Su's discovery, a small idea with one lift and three wins Chapter 267 Forest elk, out-of-the-box evaluation, public opinion reversed Chapter 266 Tang Su's New Cantonese Songs Chapter 265 Some people, there are interests, there are disputes Chapter 264 "Sing as long as you want" round 3, 1 voice open, the audience is silent Chapter 263 There are no eternal friends, only eternal interests Chapter 262 The new game is online; Forest Elk is officially on sale! Chapter 261 I like to follow you like this, wherever you take me Chapter 260 In short supply? unsalable? Whose problem is it? Chapter 259 What should I do if I have a boyfriend who over-understands? Waiting online... Chapter 258 Su Tang: Are you still nervous when you see my parents?

Chapter 257 Shy Xu Huahua; a sudden temptation Chapter 256 Tang Su's future plans; "Sing as long as you want" Issue 2 Chapter 255 The breakup spell in the entertainment industry? How to promote the new game ~ 1 more today Chapter 254 Game anchors run collectively; Tang Su personally assists Chapter 253 Single 1 strength faction or all-around strength faction? Tang Su's third song... Chapter 252 Congratulations to Su Tang, winning the 1st place Chapter 251 Xiao Su Tang is so good to him, he still remembers it Chapter 250 Rehearsal before debut, difficult date Chapter 249 "Digging for Upgrading" has been updated! Three new maps... Chapter 248 "Digging for Uplift" Life Extension Plan Chapter 247 Beauty anchor, online...

Chapter 246 Tang Su's new game: "Cat Rio" Chapter 245 New song, and the musician’s questioning Chapter 244 It's getting dark, I'm going home Chapter 243 Big opportunity under pressure Chapter 242 Su·Master of Success Learning·Sugar Chapter 241 Su Tang's opportunity; Tang Su wants to write a new song Chapter 240 People are popular Chapter 239 Su Tang's third song Chapter 238 Su Tang's 5 million views Chapter 237 Little secrets in the bedside table Chapter 236 New song is online; the joy of housewarming Chapter 235 End of "Heartbeat"

Chapter 234 The last reunion Chapter 233 Ordinary couples and fairy couples Chapter 232 You have to be courageous about feelings Chapter 231 Eating soft rice will lose face Chapter 230 Rent, pillows for two, candlelight dinner Chapter 229 The last date of "Heartbeat"; about the ‘metang foundry... Chapter 228 When two people get along, the most important thing is to be happy and comfortable with each other Chapter 227 Beautiful anchor, live online "Digging for the Land" Chapter 226 "Digging for Land" launch plan; Sutang's promotion plan Chapter 225 When I see your smile, there is no more in my eyes... Chapter 224 Miss Su, is it inappropriate for you to slander me like this? Chapter 223 Let’s look forward to the weekend!

Chapter 222 Tang Su has this talent, how can he give it up? Chapter 221 End of the second date (big Chapter 219 Appointment in progress (below) Chapter 218 Appointment in progress (top) Chapter 217 It's okay, trust me! Chapter 216 An inescapable date Chapter 215 6 guests: How did you offend Xiao Su Tang? Chapter 214 Inter-industry cooking, cutting the staff’s leeks? Chapter 213 Xiao Su Tang's revenge can be said to be quite brutal Chapter 212 Tang Su may have to serve a bowl of soft rice Chapter 211 About the small matter of the future structure of the two studios (continued... Chapter 210 Mass-produced new brands: Seek victory in stability, create brilliance, and glory together...

Chapter 209 Show effect and seeing is believing Chapter 208 Su Tang’s sense of ritual has changed into another form Chapter 207 A big misunderstanding that can't be cleared even after jumping into the Yellow River! Chapter 206 "Don't mess around" and "Don't go too far" Chapter 205 She was going to pack her luggage, and then rushed to jump into the car Chapter 204 Su Tang who is afraid of thunder; Tang Su who can't play Chapter 203 Build a new brand, take the whole market Chapter 202 Why is it necessary to choose 1 between the buyout system and the in-app purchase system? Chapter 201 Su Tang: The medicine is bitter~ I don’t want to take medicine~ Chapter 200 Tang Su: It’s a bit inappropriate to help you put a thermometer? Chapter 199 Feeding behavior in full view Chapter 198 Tang Su gave a small flower

Chapter 197 Su Tang's hug; a little girl like a cat Chapter 196 Xiao Su Tang's True Revenge Chapter 195 The 11th heartbeat text message; see if you are not pleasing to the eye, have you not... Chapter 194 Star chaser girl; Zhang Xiaoying and Su Tang's daily life Chapter 193 If you do this again, I will kiss you! Chapter 192 Bai Fumei in the true sense Chapter 191 Have you found your own shell? Chapter 190 Heartbeat SMS: I will not dislike you! Chapter 189 Li Shuyao: Let me use the small crisp candy ~ Extraordinary: Detective Office Day 3 (Part 2) Chapter 188 "Ode to Recipes in 0 Years"; customized for the first time Chapter 187 Su Tang: I can believe you!

Chapter 186 About the little thing about Xiao Su Tang’s appointment with musicians Chapter 185 Easy icing on the cake, difficult to deliver charcoal in the snow (big cup) Chapter 184 You have to understand it this way, it's not impossible Chapter 183 Through the screen, you can feel the ferocity of the little sugar Chapter 182 The little wild cat and the cat owner kill each other in love Chapter 181 Dog food must be delivered to your door Chapter 180 Many things, only zero and countless times Chapter 179 Versatile short candy Chapter 178 Extra Meal Extra Meal Extra Meal! ! ! Chapter 177 Damn, this bowl of soft rice is so sweet Chapter 176 Xiao Su Tang visits the sago studio this little thing Chapter 175 Xiao Su Tang wants to learn cooking, Tang Su sells songs

Chapter 174 About the little thing about eating with Xiao Su Tang Chapter 173 Are maintaining this relationship in their own way Chapter 172 At the breakfast table, look at the situation with a smile Chapter 171 Can I get back the handling fee? Chapter 170 System task: regain the trust of Sutang Chapter 169 Tangsu style practical vs threose perfection Chapter 168 Just a small boss Chapter 167 A new song for Su Tang; a gift in return Chapter 166 The 4th male guest; the sugar combination confessed to each other Chapter 165 Give each other gifts; undercurrents in calm weather Chapter 164 Tang Su & Su Tang's first v... Chapter 163 Tang Su who can't afford a new keyboard

Chapter 162 Xiao Su Tang is also an ambitious girl Chapter 161 Detective Office (Day 3) Chapter 160 7th heartbeat message Chapter 159 The forthcoming 4th male guest Chapter 158 It turns out that adults can be so happy Chapter 157 My socks don’t smell bad, they smell good! Chapter 156 Toffee, chocolate, millet (end of date) Chapter 155 The first date (below) Chapter 154 The first date (oversized cup) Chapter 153 The system you haven't seen for a long time Chapter 152 1 twists and turns of Tang Su invitation card (super large cup) ~ Update later today

Chapter 151 To seize his father's hatred is nothing to do with it! Chapter 150 Personal style of the inviter and invitee Chapter 149 Little Crisp Candies in a Bad Mood (2 in 1) Chapter 148 Are you looking forward to the 4th female guest? Chapter 147 The feeling of getting something for nothing is unforgettable Chapter 146 Be prepared for the date in advance Chapter 145 Take out the feather duster and wash it, use it at night Chapter 144 He is just an ordinary person with an annual income of 100,000 Chapter 143 A small gift that is not a precious thing Chapter 142 Li Lan: Do you think Su Tang has other advantages? Chapter 141 Tang Su: I shouldn't believe that little idiot Chapter 140 What do rich people like?

Chapter 139 Su Tang was moved, the kind of tears that can't stop Chapter 138 I hope Su Xiaotang can speak at 1 point in the future Chapter 137 With such a low laugh, you must live a happy life, right? Chapter 136 Heartbeat SMS-Girls Chapter 135 Heartbeat SMS-Boys Chapter 134 Stupid angler and witty fish Chapter 133 Congratulations to Su Xiaotang for receiving a good person card (medium cup) Chapter 132 Su·zhenxiang·sugar and suddenly unhappy (medium cup) Chapter 131 I'm not greedy, just to supplement nutrition Chapter 130 About Su Xiaotang's insistence on learning cooking Chapter 129 I'm so smart that I won't be fooled. Chapter 128 Su Tang who hates the silly white sweet hostess

Chapter 127 You carry me, I will help you carry things Chapter 126 Su Tang and Su Tang held hands again Chapter 125 Do your best under limited conditions Chapter 124 Risk belongs to risk, confidence belongs to confidence Chapter 123 Don't let youth leave regrets ~ Testimonials on the shelves? Chapter 122 About the small matter of participating in "Heartbeat" (Part 2) Chapter 121 About the small matter of participating in "Heartbeat" (Part 1) Chapter 120 Tang Wenjing makes friends Chapter 119 Interview (below) Chapter 118 Interview (Part 1) Chapter 117 To be handsome is to be twice as handsome!

Chapter 116 The same pit, it is impossible to fall into the second time Chapter 115 Go away, don't come in 10 minutes Chapter 114 The best side, the non-existent side Chapter 113 Su Tang feels very distressed Chapter 112 Su Xiaotang suddenly became smart! Chapter 111 Love that dare not chase, chase it! Chapter 110 How to let someone get their own invitation card? Chapter 109 The end of a relationship, the beginning of a relationship Chapter 108 Ask yourself, do you two match well? Chapter 107 Call from Mrs Su Tang Chapter 106 They are all grown-ups, should you understand all of them, right? Chapter 105 Some 2 guests don’t break the rules of the game anymore

Chapter 104 Su Tang feels so wronged! Chapter 103 She ran, he chased them, they were all too hard to fly! Chapter 102 Looking forward to the future self can be so chic Chapter 101 The strongest pot man-Su Xiaotang! Chapter 100 I want to... know you better Chapter 99 Su Tang: That's an experience only a fool! Chapter 98 The embarrassing Liu Xinjie Chapter 97 Don't care about fools Chapter 96 About the little thing about going to the supermarket with Su Tang 1 Chapter 95 She took the initiative, it has nothing to do with me Chapter 94 I heard that those with rich theoretical experience are single dogs Chapter 93 Daily life alone with Zhao Xiaowen

Chapter 92 New game design draft released Chapter 91 How big is the difference between keyboard and keyboard? Chapter 90 you are right! Six thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine yuan is indeed a low-end model! Chapter 89 Mass production and high-end customization full of compromises Chapter 88 How can writing novels be so easy? Chapter 87 You should have your own ideas Chapter 86 Su Tang, I am looking forward to your gift Chapter 85 Give a handmade gift to the boy you like Chapter 84 Su Tang: It's very fragrant, do you want to smell it? Chapter 83 1 cute...Sue·Sleep at work·Sugar Chapter 82 Daily life in the detective office (12·final) Chapter 81 Daily life in the detective office (11)

Chapter 80 Daily life in the detective office (10) Chapter 79 Daily life in the detective office (9) Chapter 78 Daily life in the detective office (8) Chapter 77 Daily life in the detective office (7) Chapter 76 Daily life in the detective office (6) Chapter 75 Daily life in the detective office (5) Chapter 74 Daily life in the detective office (4) Chapter 73 Daily life in the detective office (3) Chapter 72 Daily life in the detective office (2) Chapter 71 Daily life in the detective office (1) Chapter 70 Heartbeat messages from female guests Chapter 69 Heartbeat messages from male guests

Chapter 68 Questions about age and occupation Chapter 67 Su Tang and Sister Shuya in a face-to-face fight Chapter 66 It's normal for Sister Shuya not to understand young people Chapter 65 Unfathomable Li Shuyao Chapter 64 Su Tang: Our contract has a difference of ‘100 million’ Chapter 63 Li Shuyao's wonderful work experience Chapter 62 Tang Su in Su Tang's Eyes Chapter 61 The identities of the 6 guests are revealed Chapter 60 you have 30? Chapter 59 What is the age of "should not"? Chapter 58 The male guests in Su Tang's heart Chapter 57 Do these two have a dime relationship?

Chapter 56 Heartbeat reasoning from Li Shuyao Chapter 55 Li Shuyao has a magical group of classmates Chapter 54 Sue Holmes Sugar Chapter 53 Do you need a teacher like me? Chapter 52 The awkward atmosphere pervading the dining table Chapter 51 6 dishes, gourmet eye Chapter 50 A big winner in life? The clown is myself? Chapter 49 Excessively passionate baking sugar Chapter 48 Tang Su's Aesthetic View of Future Girlfriend Chapter 47 Hot search is really scary Chapter 46 Congratulations on your hot search Chapter 45 Because you happen to grow in my aesthetics

Chapter 44 Baked sugar in a jar of vinegar Chapter 43 Suddenly black belly system gentleman Chapter 42 Would you like to be my soul mate? Chapter 41 I want to chat with you, brother Tang Su Chapter 40 Your cooking must be delicious, right? Chapter 39 This superwoman is Su Tang's best friend Chapter 38 Manager Wang’s high emotional intelligence approach Chapter 37 The manager has to cut it too! Chapter 36 Tang Su vs. Aunt Promoter Chapter 35 Fruit eye! Debunking the conspiracy of supermarket promoters Chapter 34 About the small matter of choosing a watermelon Chapter 33 Go to the mobile game market as cannon fodder?

Chapter 32 About the future development of the studio Chapter 31 Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a terrible terminal illness Chapter 30 Simi Studio, 3 founders Chapter 29 Interesting elder sister and younger brother Chapter 28 Su Tang and Li Shuyao's first competition Chapter 27 Drunkard doesn’t mean wine Chapter 26 Su Tang suddenly held up Chapter 25 End of "Heart House" Issue 1 Chapter 24 The eye-catching heartbeat signal points Chapter 23 Zhao Xiaowen who is difficult to reason Chapter 22 What is Liu Xinjie's choice? Chapter 21 Su Tang is too cute, right?

Chapter 20 Are there lovers in the world becoming brothers and sisters? Chapter 19 Daily life in the detective office (part 2) Chapter 18 Daily life in the detective office (middle) Chapter 17 Daily life in the detective's office (part 1) Chapter 16 Exciting text message moment (part 2) Chapter 15 Exciting SMS Moments (Part 1) Chapter 14 Annoying SMS Chapter 13 Do you really know how to make noodles? Chapter 12 Tang Su is a chef? Chapter 11 "One more move" explanation Chapter 10 You really don't know me? Chapter 9 Chef: Tang Su

Chapter 8 Tang Su's Thoughtful Arrangement Chapter 7 Topic terminator, dinner Chapter 6 Changes brought about by Tang Su's new title Chapter 5 Charming girl-Su Tang Chapter 4 Tang Su's basic survival skills Chapter 3 Cute girls, game rules for day 1 Chapter 2 Good name? What's the good thing? Chapter 1 Geniuses and idiots

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