About going to my girlfriend's house for New Year's greetings.

Tang Su was calm on the surface, but he was panicked in his heart.

In the past and present, this was the first time he experienced such a thing, and he was completely unprepared.

the next day.

Su Tang ran over early and knocked on the door: "It's time to go."

"How did you come here?"

Tang Su was puzzled.

"I drove here by myself."

Su Tang blinked.

"No, I want to ask, did you come from home?"

Tang Su asked patiently.


Su Tang nodded: "My mother asked you when to come, and I said you might not be able to find it, so I came to pick you up..."

"...I can thank you."

Tang Su didn't know what to say for a while: "You will make me look like a waste."


Su Tang scratched her head, and then said in an indifferent tone: "It doesn't matter, the trash is not trash, it's not important, I'll take care of you in the future."

Tang Su: "..."

Thank you, but no need.

"Is everything ready?"

Tang Su asked casually.

"Something? What?"

Su Tang didn't understand.


Looking at her confused expression, an ominous premonition flashed in Tang Su's heart: "It's my first time to visit, can't I prepare some greetings? You said before that you would help me prepare."

Empty hands are not good.

It was because Su Tang had said to help before, so Tang Su didn't think about it anymore, but looking at her expression...

"Don't worry, you must be prepared."

Su Tang rolled her eyes at him: "My family doesn't lack anything, so I don't need to prepare too many things. A pair of chess and a jade bracelet are almost enough."

"It's that simple?"

Tang Su frowned.

"3.5 million for chess and 2.9 million for jade bracelets."

Su Tang said lightly.

Tang Su: "..."

I'm sorry, but my knowledge is shallow.

Thinking about it carefully, what Su Tang said also makes sense. Her family is so rich and lacks everything, and she doesn't know what they like. There is really nothing to buy. It is estimated that even the two gifts prepared by Su Tang are not enough. won't take it to heart.

Um... It's mainly about the mind.

"So, can we go now?"

Su Tang urged: "Hurry up, or they will call me again later."

"Are you so eager to see me?"

Tang Su's mood was a little subtle.


Get in the car, open the navigation, and enter the address that Su Tang said.


A little familiar.

"Isn't this the address of your villa?"

Tang Su frowned and asked.

"No, it's just in the same place."

Su Tang shook her head: "My family has several villas in Shangjing City."

"Your dad likes buying villas so much?"

Tang Su raised his eyebrows.

He thought to himself, it's a pity that he doesn't have much money right now, otherwise, he could just give him a villa.

Do what you want.


Su Tang shook her head again: "That villa area is my home."

Tang Su: ? ? ?

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't know your family was so rich.

The idea of ​​sending a villa was instantly dismissed.

I thought that people like to collect villas, but after a long time, it turned out to be a villa developer.

Of course, it's not just villas. According to the information that Su Tang has inadvertently disclosed in the past, they don't know how much real estate in all parts of the country.

Follow the navigation prompts to start——

After half an hour.

The two came to a certain villa.

"Just stop the car at the door."

Just as Tang Su turned his head to look for the parking area, Su Tang said casually.

"Just stop at the door?"

Tang Su was startled: "Won't it hinder others?"

Su Tang didn't speak, just looked at him blankly.

Tang Su looked around and suddenly found that the doorway was really spacious, and it was estimated that it would be fine to park a dozen cars.

No wonder no one needs a parking area.

It's nice to have money.

"Let's go."

After taking the two gifts that Su Tang selected, the two walked towards the villa hand in hand.

At the location of the doorway.

Su Tang suddenly stopped and turned to look at him: "Are you nervous?"

"How can it be?"

Tang Su shook his head. Although he was flustered in his heart, he was very calm on the surface.

"Just don't be nervous."

Su Tang nodded with satisfaction: "Let's change your shoes."


She squatted down and brought Tang Su a pair of slippers, just like when she first went to her villa.

Tang Su looked down at her figure and felt that this girl might be a very virtuous wife in the future.

"Why don't you take off your shoes? Do you need me to help you?"

Su Tang looked up at him helplessly.

"Oh, it's not necessary, I'll do it myself."

Tang Su reacted, put on slippers, and was dragged by Su Tang and pushed open the door.

"Mom and Dad, your son-in-law is here!"

She is very loud.

Damn it! do not!

Tang Su was taken aback, isn't this girl too fierce?

This is the first time he has come to the door, or the first time he has met with the other party. Nothing has been determined yet, so it's not appropriate to shout like that... isn't it?

Tang Su deliberately wanted to correct it.

However, before he could speak, he heard some familiar voices.

"Xiaosu is here."

Tang Su's body froze, he subconsciously raised his head and looked towards the source of the sound, he saw a familiar figure, looking at himself with a smile.

What's the matter?

You didn't sleep well last night, so you had hallucinations?


When Tang Su recovered, he found that he was already sitting on the sofa, and the other party poured him a cup of hot tea. The elegant tea fragrance made him sober.


Tang Su thanked him.

"You kid, say thank you to me."

Su Xinwei said with a smile.


Tang Su was silent for a long time, and asked a question that he had never understood: "Uncle Su, why is it you? Didn't you tell me before that your daughter is studying abroad? Could it be that you have two daughters? The smart one is there. Studying abroad, another…”

Before he could finish speaking, he was stepped on.

I'm sorry...but I don't think I'm wrong.

Tang Su thought silently in his heart.

"Nothing, there is only one daughter from the beginning to the end."

Su Xinwei shook his head: "We chose to conceal this matter at first, hoping that you can fall in love freely without any interference, without any psychological burden, if you do not get together in the end, then we will be for a long time. You won't know about it."


Tang Su gradually understood, looked up at the smile on the other side's face, and said seriously, "Thank you."

He can understand each other's intentions and pains.

Based on the relationship between him and the other party, if he had known early on that Su Tang was the other party's daughter, it would be difficult to fall in love so simply.

After all, Su Xinwei and Li Lan were very kind to 'Tang Su', but the latter was a person who valued affection and justice.

"Your aunt has gone shopping for food. I'll have a meal at home at noon."

Su Xinwei thought for a while, then asked, "The two of you...what are your plans?"


Tang Su was startled, not understanding what the other party meant.

"I'm talking about the major events in your life."

Su Xinwei said patiently: "You are now at the legal age for marriage..."

"Cough cough..."

Tang Su was snatched by the tea, and waved his hands again and again: "Uncle Su, your tea is a bit clogged."


Su Xinwei frowned slightly and said nothing.

"It's too early to get married, right?"

Tang Su was a little embarrassed: "We haven't graduated yet. Besides, you have to be mentally prepared for this kind of thing."

It's not that he doesn't want to get married, but it's a bit too unexpected.


Su Xinwei glanced at Su Tang not far away, wondering what his daughter was thinking.

However, Su Tang just looked up at the ceiling, as if she didn't know anything.

This is...

"Marriage is indeed a bit early for you. Young people nowadays are generally more resistant to marriage and feel that marriage is not free or something. I can understand."

Su Xinwei couldn't bring in the 'reinforcement', so he had to speak again: "It's too early to get married, but you can consider getting engaged, hurry up to get engaged, and I won't have to worry about Tangtang's marriage in the future, otherwise, some of my partners will always want to marry them. My son introduced it to me, wanting to have a business marriage or something... I can't lose face every time, can I? You have to give me a reason to refuse, right?"

Who knows if there is.

Tang Su was also quite familiar with the other party. Knowing Su Xinwei's temperament, he sighed helplessly, then turned to look at Su Tang next to him.

Sutang:  ̄)

what do you mean?

Shouldn't you say a few words when it comes to major events in your life?

Seeing that the 'reinforcements' were not cooperating, Tang Su didn't know what to say for a while.

When it comes to engagement, you can't make up your own mind, you have to ask the person's opinion, right?

But the client's attitude... what should we do?

"Aren't you going to say a few words?"

Tang Su leaned against her ear and asked in a low voice.


Girls are too proactive about this kind of thing, right?

Tang Su: "..."

"If you're engaged... I don't mind."

He thought about it and said.

On the one hand, he felt that the current progress of their relationship was almost at the time of their engagement.

On the other hand, the situation doesn't allow him to refuse, and he doesn't want to refuse...


Su Tang's parents turned out to be Su Xinwei and Li Lan, which made Tang Su a little caught off guard, but at the same time he was relieved.

If it is the other party, then there is absolutely no possibility of objection.

Tang Su knew very well in his heart that Su Xinwei and his wife were quite satisfied with him. They even gave him a car worth two or three million last year, and they wanted to invest in him during the Chinese New Year...

Therefore, the major events of his life are so stable.

Until now, Tang Su felt like he was dreaming.

He thought about all kinds of possibilities, both good and bad, but he didn't expect this outcome.


During lunch, the four of them chatted very happily.

Tang Su chatted with Su Xinwei and Li Lan with a smile, while Su Tang helped him peel the shrimp, looking very virtuous.

"Don't be so deliberate, it's too fake."

Tang Su twitched the corners of his mouth and said in a low voice.

Usually when two people are together, it's you who peels the shrimp, right?

'Did you speak? ’

Su Tang glanced at him.

Although she didn't speak, the tacit understanding between the lovers let Tang Su know that she thought so.


Tang Su ignored him and continued chatting.

"I heard Tangtang say before, you want to buy a house, right?"

After three rounds of drinking, Su Xinwei suddenly said, "There are only a few villas in Shangjing City. You can pick one that you like first, and then I'll give you a set."

Tang Su: "..."

If you don't agree, send the villa?

And it's still a place where every inch of land is expensive in Shangjing City?

"Is this bad?"

Tang Su smiled bitterly and didn't really want to agree.

"There's nothing wrong with them. The combined assets of the two of them are richer than the richest man in Shanghai. A villa is nothing to them."

While peeling the shrimp, Su Tang said without looking up: "Moreover, it's not just a villa. When they retire, most of Xinlan Real Estate will be yours."

Tang Su: "..."

Su Xinwei: "..."

Li Lan: "..."

"Don't say that."

Tang Su's hand under the table tugged at the other person, telling her to speak more euphemistically, not so straightforward.


It was after four o'clock in the afternoon.

Seeing that the time was almost up, Tang Su bid farewell.

Su Xinwei and his wife couldn't hold back, so they had to let Su Tang drive back. After all, Tang Su drank at noon and was not suitable for driving.

In the community, cars drove slowly.

"Xiaosu, you don't blame me, do you?"

Su Tang turned to look at him.

"What's your fault? Are you hiding something like this from me?"

Tang Su shook his head: "It's nothing strange, to be honest, I feel like I'm dreaming now..."

"They care about you very much, more than they care about me."

Su Tang said slowly: "Many people have had a 'child from other people' in their experiences from childhood to adulthood, and you are such an existence in my world, they always use you to supervise me... So , although we have never been masked, but I have always been quite curious about you. When I was in "Heartbeat Cabin", I learned about your identity, and then I really wanted to know what kind of person you are. Let my parents be so optimistic about it..."


Tang Su was silent for a long time.

He didn't speak, just quietly listened to the other party's story of his childhood.

Until I left the community.

Su Tang just stopped, she didn't speak anymore, because she had to concentrate on driving.

Sitting in the co-pilot, Tang Su closed his eyes and slowly digested what happened today.

When the two return to the rental house.

"I'll pour you a glass of water."

Su Tang poured him a cup of hot water, frowning slightly: "Why do you drink so much? People like him are used to drinking, and they drink a lot. Why don't you ask him to drink more? Eat vegetables, you don't listen."

During dinner, Su Tang asked him to eat more vegetables and less alcohol, but Tang Su ignored her at the time.

This made the little girl a little unhappy.

"The way men communicate...that's it."

Tang Su shook his head with a wry smile, looked up at her, raised his arm, took her little hand, was silent for a few seconds, and asked, "Uncle Su wants us to get married sooner, but I didn't agree at the time, will you be upset? "


Su Tang shook her head: "I know you are for my own good."

"We are all still in school, and marriage is a little far away from us."

Tang Su said softly: "Also, if we really got married so early, then their next step would be to urge children to have children. I still want to have fun for two years, but I don't want to have children so early."

Two years of fun...

Su Tang frowned slightly, looked at him suspiciously, it was difficult to tell whether this was serious or not...

"What if you are pregnant?"

she asked suddenly.


Tang Su was a little stunned, looked up at her, was stunned for a few seconds, and suddenly realized: "I will definitely take precautionary measures. If she is still pregnant, she will give birth."


Tang Su looked at her with burning eyes.

He felt that the other party seemed to be implying something. Are they finally going to take that sacred step?

"Cough, I'll talk about this later."

Su Tang blushed a little, and shook her wrist lightly, trying to break free.

But the next second, she was pulled directly into her arms by the other party. She felt the heat coming from the other party's body and smelled the smell of alcohol. She frowned slightly: "It's time for you to take a bath."

"Then do you want to wash?"

Tang Su sat on the sofa and hugged her, but his hands were a little dishonest.


Su Tang resisted, she didn't want to hand it over to the other party in this situation, at least...it should have a sense of ritual.

As a girl with a strong sense of ritual obsessive-compulsive disorder, she felt that her demands were not excessive.

Tang Su didn't go too far, just hugged her like this.

"I will graduate next year."

Tang Su said softly.

"Hmm~www.mtlnovel.com~ You should also graduate in the next year, right?"


"When you graduate, we will officially register for marriage, okay?"

"Well... it depends on your performance."

"In March next year, let's pick an auspicious day and get engaged, okay?"


"If I'm engaged, I hope it's in my new home, so I'll go after a few years... Forget it, considering Uncle Su's personality, it's probably ready for us, so... let's live together, okay?"

Su Tang turned around, stared at him with a pair of smart eyes, and pursed her lips.

She didn't speak, just looked at each other like this.

Time flies so fast, in a blink of an eye, she has grown into a big girl.

I still remember when I was very young, whenever her parents mentioned someone to her, she always felt that the other person was hateful and took away the love that belonged to her. She also thought that when she made a good future, she would definitely Be the pride of your parents, so that your parents will never mention a hateful guy in front of you again.

And now—

Facing the expectant gaze of the other party, she blushed slightly, hesitated for a few seconds, and said something completely irrelevant:

"On February 14th of the lunar calendar, my 22nd birthday."


A special festival, a sense of ritual.

If someone is not an elm, you should know what she wants to imply, right?


Can't you just remind me again?

No, no, that's not very good. A reserved girl can't be too proactive.

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