"Your interview is too weird, isn't it?"

Su Tang was a little speechless: "This is a proper way to fight hatred."

God knows what those colleagues will think when they see this kind of interview that is cheap and good, but they must be unfavorable anyway.

"If you pull hatred, you will pull hatred."

Tang Su felt that it didn't matter: "It's nothing more than a few words. In comparison, "Happy Xiaole" and "Miracle Lover" earn nine figures a month. Isn't it more hateful?"

Co-workers are the easiest to get jealous, just get used to it.


Su Tang nodded in agreement: "When I was successful in the key circle and in the music circle, I was also very hateful."

Speaking of music...

Tang Su suddenly thought of something and asked, "How many of your digital albums have you sold now?"

He has been busy with "Minecraft" recently, and hasn't paid much attention to Su Tang's digital album.

"Did you just remember this?"

Su Tang's eyes were cold.

"Because I've been a little busy recently."

Tang Su touched his nose and said in a sincere voice, "Bao~ Actually, I have always been concerned about you, you have to trust me, Bao~"

"Don't talk to me in this tone."

Su Tang hurriedly waved her hand, indicating that she was numb.

"The album "Sugar" has only sold for 15 million at present, and it is still a few million away from Teacher Xu's "September". Now the potential of the entire album has been drained. The difference of ten thousand is estimated to be eternal."

Su Tang sighed and said, "The first-line singers are amazing, they can't compare, they can't compare."

Originally, she felt that the quality of her new album was so high that she still had hope that she could catch up with Xu Mengying, but now it seems that it is still a little off.

"It's already amazing."

Tang Su did not feel disappointed: "After all, you are only a newcomer in the music industry. Although you have boosted your popularity through several variety shows, you lack too much in terms of background. It is normal that you are not as good as Xu Mengying, and don't forget... ... Even for a popular first-line singer like Xu Mengying, 20 million is already a very impressive achievement. You can reach three-quarters of her, in a sense, it is already a call to barely have the first-line level. strength."

Xu Mengying is not an ordinary first-line. She is very strong in all aspects. Many new first-line singers don't even have half of her appeal. They are both first-line and the gap is very large.

In this case, Su Tang's first album can sell three-quarters of the other party's. In terms of sales alone, it has surpassed many weak first-line singers, such as the one who competed with Xu Mengying in the same period. that...

"You have to believe in yourself, even if you can't catch up this time, there will be another next time. Keep working hard in the future."

Tang Su continued.

"I don't know when I will wait next time."

Su Tang shrugged: "At least it has to be the year after. I will settle down well next year."


Tang Su glanced at her and felt that the girl didn't look like she was planning to 'deposit for a while', but more like she was looking for a reason to be lazy.

"What kind of look do you have?"

Su Tang was a little unhappy.

The guilty little girl is a little sensitive.

"No, I think it's right that you want to settle down."

Tang Su said seriously: "Although your popularity is very high now, even higher than many first-line stars, but from the quality and sales of this album, it can be seen that there is still a lot of water in this popularity, so settle down well. , accumulate experience and heritage, and then can become a real first-line."


Su Tang no longer cares about him.


end of December.

Sky Games has successfully recruited several excellent designers and quickly formed a team.

"I have only one requirement for you, make games that are fun, fun, high-rated, and not at a loss."

Tang Su said lightly: "Cangqiong is different from other game companies. It doesn't ask you how much money you make for the company. I just hope that you can make as many interesting games as possible.

You won't have any pressure from the top of the company here, and you won't be asked how much profit you bring to the company. You have a very free team, which completely allows you to make games that you think are great.

You are all elite designers in the industry. I believe that your aesthetics are at the forefront of the times. In the field of game design, you don’t need laymen to point your fingers...

Of course, the premise of giving you freedom of creation is that the game you want to make must come up with a project plan that can impress the company's senior management, and the senior management will discuss whether to approve it or not and how much budget should be approved. After all, the company is a profit-making organization. , not for charity..."

The designers frowned, thoughtfully.

The reason why they are willing to change jobs is that, on the one hand, they feel that Cangqiong Games has better prospects, and on the other hand, Tang Su promised not to interfere with their game creation, so that they can play the games they think are right without having to Accept layman's finger-pointing.

In the game industry, I don’t know how many good games are ruined by laymen who think they are very smart. This is definitely a blow to designers.

When they are in other big companies, they usually can't make games according to their own wishes. The high-level will assign them tasks and develop indicators, which is the so-called KPI. This also leads to designers when designing games, they must Putting 'high profit' in the first place, and under such a premise, it is obviously impossible to make a game that meets the designer's intention.

Compared with other game companies, the conditions offered by Sky Games are more humane.

Excellent designers form their own teams and studios, and submit the design of the new game to the top management, who decides how much project budget should be given, and then the designer team decides the rest.

They can design the game very well, and they can do it very conscientiously. They can put profit first, or they can put gameplay, interesting experience, and game reputation first.

The only requirements are:

You can't let the company lose money.

"What is the criterion for not losing money?"

Someone asked.

Don't they think that if you take 10 million yuan in development funds and make 10 million yuan for the company, you won't lose money, and even if you keep the money in the bank, you must have interest?

"It's very simple."

Tang Su said: "For example, the company has approved a project fund of 10 million yuan for you, and you have completed the game in half a year, then you need to bring more than 20 million profit to the company in the next half year... ... This is the minimum requirement, you are all elite talents in the game industry, you shouldn't feel embarrassed, right?"

It's really not difficult.

Everyone nodded secretly. If they were ordinary designers, they might also worry about their lack of strength and in case of falling into the street, but they don’t need to worry about this. As elite designers, they are experienced, talented, and market sense. All aspects are excellent.

"Since that's the case, then the next year of Sky Games is up to you all."

Tang Su said with a smile.

Wait a minute……

Everyone was suddenly shocked, what does it mean to ask them for the next year?

"Mr. Tang, don't you plan to play games next year?"

A designer couldn't help asking.

"I won't be making mobile games any time soon."

Tang Su shook his head: "Next year, I will try to make large-scale games, and then... at least I will not consider mobile games until the next year. That's why I invite you to join us."

Next year, he plans to take a good rest, and he will rarely participate in the development of the large-scale game "Minecraft".


The designers looked at each other, not knowing what to say for a while.

Tang Su's words were all about this. If they didn't know what they were here for, they would be too stupid.

at the moment--

The profitability of Sky Games is not bad, but Tang Su is the only game designer in the company. If he wants to leave the mobile game industry temporarily, the company has finally opened up markets in the field of mobile games, including 'Sky World'. The daily life that is in full swing, it is estimated that it will be divided by other capital...

In the next year, Tang Su will spend most of his energy on PC games. It is impossible to take into account mobile games, but he does not want to let go of the company's most profitable business. Therefore, he has to recruit many designers to make the sky a reality. The company's mobile game market is maintained, waiting for his return...

In other words, these people are helping to hold the scene.

That's why Tang Su would say that it doesn't matter how much money they make if they make more fun and interesting games... The reason why the other party asked them to make games is to fill the game library, and they don't expect them to make money at all...

This made a group of designers a little uncomfortable and felt that they were underestimated.

Speaking of which, the mentality of these people is quite strange.

They don't like to play money-making games that always put profit first, and want to do what they really love, but when the boss doesn't expect them to make money, they feel a little uncomfortable and feel that as an elite in the industry, they shouldn't be so despised .

"Fun, interesting, high ratings, this has nothing to do with high profitability."

One of the designers pushed his glasses and said lightly, "I will try my best to make games with high ratings and high profitability, just like...= like "Plants vs. Zombies"."

He originally wanted to talk about "Happy Xiao Xiaole" and "Miracle Lovers".

But thinking of the various records and terrifying profits that these two games have broken... let's forget it, don't be swollen and fat.

This kind of game is not something they can make if they want to do it. If it were so easy, it would not be Tang Su's turn to come to the game circle to make a fortune.


These two games may not be possible, but the "Plants vs. Zombies" is not impossible, with high ratings and high profits, if he is really given the opportunity to play freely, he thinks that he still has a great chance to make it.

"I hope so."

Tang Su smiled and didn't seem to care much, and said casually, "I've finished telling you about the process and requirements. Next, let's talk about treatment and salary. You shouldn't care too much about it, so I'll just talk about it. Talk to you about the dividend distribution of the new project..."

Tang Su didn't plan to offer them wages.

It's not that he is stingy, but to the people in front of him, the salary doesn't really matter.

What if they were given a million-dollar annual salary?

As an elite-level figure in the gaming industry, how could they possibly value this amount of money?

In contrast, it seems more motivated to take a very generous profit from the games you make.


"We have recruited a total of eight designers this time. According to what you and President Zhang promised, we will open a studio for each of them. This is eight studios. Then, they will apply for eight studios in the next three months. The project, according to their previous style, requires at least 200 million start-up capital..."

Xu Jinyang reported the results he had sorted out beside him.

"At least two hundred million?"

Tang Su shook his head: "No, it's too much, I promised not to limit their creative process, but I didn't agree to give them such a high project budget, at least not for the first game, with a total budget of 100 million, this is me There is no upper limit set.”

One billion...

Xu Jinyang frowned slightly, this is a little bit.

"It's just a mobile game. If you want to make a fun and interesting mobile game, you don't need a lot of investment. I can give them a budget of 100 million, which is already generous."

Tang Su said lightly: "When I was leading the production of "Plants vs. Zombies", we didn't even have 2 million. Later, when we made games like "Defend Carrot" and "Angry Birds", we also didn't spend too much cost. ...Why do they ask for a budget of tens of millions when they come up? I have to try their catty, right?"

"But what if the budget is not enough?"

Xu Jinyang asked with a frown.

"The budget is not enough..."

Tang Su smiled, looked up at Xu Jinyang, and said nonchalantly, "I allow the insiders of the studio to invest in new projects, is that okay?"

Xu Jinyang: ? ? ?

I am obedient.

Are you sure you are looking for someone to work?

Aren't you thinking about the money in their pockets?

On the surface, what they say is to create brilliance together, but in fact, not only must the wage earners work hard, but they must also take out their hard-earned money...

Xu Jinyang looked at Tang Su with a bit of shock in his eyes.

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

Tang Su was not happy anymore: "I don't mean to cheat them~www.mtlnovel.com~ On the contrary, I am giving them a chance to make money. You go to those large game companies to see if they will not give employees a stake or become a project. An opportunity for shareholders?"


Xu Jinyang was silent.

"Today, Sky World has developed into a very good game platform. After the new games they make are launched, they can get good support on our own platform. As long as the investment is not huge, as long as there is no problem with the quality of the game, it can be easily To make money... an opportunity like this doesn't come all the time."

Tang Su said lightly: "I can give them so much for the first game after they set up the studio. For new games after that, I will decide the investment amount of the company according to the investment amount of the design team. I think, this It should be a good cooperation model.”

From start to finish.

Tang Su didn't think these elite designers would become his employees.

He also never thought that he could be the boss of these people. They are all very ambitious people. Otherwise, he would not have jumped from those big companies and took risks to come to him.

After all, Cang Qiong Company is not a place to mess around...

Therefore, Tang Su made a clear cooperation attitude from the very beginning. Cang Qiong Company came forward to help the other party set up a studio, and it was affiliated with the company.

Fully give each other respect, interests and rights, satisfy each other from spiritual, material and other aspects, and create an equal precondition for both parties. Only in this way can we cooperate more happily and last longer.