After Cang Qiong Games announced its own revenue in December, the mobile game circle was stimulated.

Especially after Cang Qiong Games announced the recruitment again, there was an endless stream of practitioners who came to apply for jobs, including some elite talents in the industry, and they all began to contact the personnel department of Cang Qiong Games to weigh the pros and cons.

"Our company has really become a sweet pastry this time."

Zhang Yuning said with some emotion: "The capital institutions that were rejected by me in the past are now trying to contact me again, and they said that I can open the price at any time... There was even capital that was willing to give us a valuation of 50 billion, which is crazy. already."

50 billion valuation.

When Zhang Yuning heard it, he was a little frightened.

What kind of concept is this? If the company really has so much valuation, then with the shares in his hands, wouldn't he be richer than his father?

"Let's not talk about a valuation of 50 billion, even if it is a valuation of 100 billion, it's not interesting."

Tang Su shook his head, showing no interest in this: "Many people in the game industry now feel that I have ambitions and that I want to become a giant in the game industry, and we do have the potential to become a giant in Qiong Games, so these capital institutions only would be so crazy...

But in fact, I don't have this idea at all, and I don't want to make the company very complicated, so I can simply be a self-operated channel, make a few fun, high-quality games and have a good time together. .

What does it mean to be a giant? If there is only career in one's life, it is really sad. We have achieved financial freedom now, and if we go further and make more money, it will not bring much improvement to the quality of life, rather than becoming a legend in the eyes of others. , it's better to live your own life. "

"you're right."

Zhang Yuning nodded lightly.

Becoming an industry giant is indeed a very fulfilling thing.

But as Tang Su said, if one's life is only about career, it would be too boring.

Compared with the sense of achievement of becoming a giant, it is the right way to enjoy the moment.

"Financing and acquisitions, I will unilaterally refuse in the future, and I won't tell you any more. You are not interested anyway."

Zhang Yuning thought for a while, then said, "But there is another thing, you might think about it."


Tang Su frowned slightly. He didn't like to increase his workload.


Zhang Yuning said: "As our Cangqiong Games become more and more famous in the circle, there are many well-known media who want to interview your big boss, and I also think that you really need to participate in several interviews, at least Let the players know some of our attitudes, it helps to increase the cohesion."


Tang Su frowned and pondered, then nodded: "Then you can arrange it, say it in advance, I will only be interviewed by one family."


Zhang Yuning thinks it doesn't matter. There is no difference between one and more. All he wants is to do some 'qualification' for Cangqiong Game Company in this way, so that the public can know what kind of company this is and what kind of development it has. It is enough to let players and elites who want to change jobs know their own corporate culture.


So, half a month later.

In Tang Su's office, an acquaintance appeared.

"This is Ms. Tang Wenjing from Shangjing Publishing House."

Zhang Yuning said.

"Hello, Boss Tang."

Tang Wenjing waved her hand with a smile.


Tang Su didn't know what to say for a while, this is an old acquaintance.

At first, I met Tang Wenjing through the introduction of Li Shuyao, and then it seems that I have interviewed twice.

at the same time.

Tang Wenjing was also very emotional. She remembered that when she first met Tang Su, the other party was just an ordinary college student. As a result, only one and a half years later, the other party has become an upstart in the mobile game industry. Can earn hundreds of millions...

Who could have imagined that this is developing too fast.

She still feels like she is in a dream.


The interview begins.

"Boss Tang, there are so many things that netizens are curious about you. I have collected a lot of questions in advance, including emotional, music, games and career. Which do you want to start with?"

Tang Wenjing asked.


It's still the same interview style as before.

Tang Su thought for a while, then said, "Let's just chat casually, don't ask too outrageous questions, just about games and careers, but in terms of relationships and music, there shouldn't be any good interviews."

He and Su Tang have been together a lot recently, and most of the time this year is spent at work, and there is no particularly sweet interaction... Well, in other words, except for some interactions that are not suitable for children Besides, there is nothing else to say.

Just skip it.

In terms of music, he is only responsible for writing songs now, most of which are for Su Tang, and occasionally fulfilling his responsibilities and obligations as a minority shareholder to write theme songs for some partners of Dream Entertainment Company... ... nothing else.

Especially next year, he and Su Tang are likely to release pigeons.


Tang Wenjing nodded.

Today is different from the past. In front of Tang Su, she is somewhat restrained, not as open as she was in previous interviews.

After removing the two aspects of 'emotion' and 'music', the interview became much simpler——

For example:

["Happy Xiaoxiao Le" and "Miracle Love" have achieved great success. These two new gameplays have also brought more possibilities to the mobile game industry. What do you think of these two successes? 】

Tang Su: "Success? I'm not like that. Games like "Happy Xiaoxiao Le" and "Nursing Miracle" are just petty troubles. Our Qiong Game is just a small company, and it is very important to electronics. The understanding and experience of the game are very shallow, and I can't make any good games for the time being, so I can only do it casually and barely eat."

Tang Wenjing: ? ? ?

Reluctantly to eat?

Thinking of Cang Qiong Game's revenue of more than 500 million last month, Tang Wenjing was silent.

second question:

["Nursing Love" is one of the few girl-oriented games on the market, and it is also the most popular of all games in this field. How did you come up with designing a game with dress-up as the main gameplay? 】

Tang Su: "I wondered, isn't this kind of game easy to design? The inspiration actually came from my girlfriend. She has a lot of clothes. When we go out to play, she wears different clothes every time. Also, when there are few repetitions, I think it is quite interesting...

At that time, I was thinking about how to make a game suitable for girls, and then I designed it casually, and I made it... The main motivation for making "Warm Miracle" should be that I have a beautiful girlfriend, but I don't think this is anything unusual, everyone should have girlfriends, right? "

Tang Wenjing: ? ? ?

This interview is about to end.

She took a deep breath and asked the third question:

[Qingqiong Company's record this year is very brilliant. What more interesting new game plans for next year, can you share it with you? 】

Tang Su: "Next year? I don't have any plans for next year. This year, I play games every day for the sake of eating. It's very tiring. Next year, I plan to rest for a while before talking about it, and accompany my girlfriend by the way... If there is a new game, I plan to play next year. To make an online game, there is no other plan.”

【Do you mean to make only one game next year? It must be a large online game, right? Many netizens feel that you are likely to enter the large game market next. 】

Tang Su: "No, no, I misunderstood. The reason why I only want to make one game this year is because I need a good rest, I can't work overtime every day like this year, and it's not a large online game, just a very ordinary small game. It's just, because I haven't done online games, so I'll just make a small game to practice my skills first, and then I'll consider making a so-called large-scale online game when I gain experience in the future."

[You are too humble. As a first-class game designer in the industry, you can maintain such humility when trying to make new games. You are a model for us to learn from. In addition, I would take the liberty to ask, this one you use to practice your skills. Small game, how much money are you going to invest? 】

Tang Su: "What is the first-class game designer in the industry? This is too exaggerated. I'm just a rookie who has just entered the industry for a year and a half. So far, I've barely entered the game, so I can call it a designer. ... As for how much money is planned to be invested in this small game of practicing hands? It's not much, let's invest 500 million first."

Tang Wenjing: ? ? ?


After the interview.

Rejecting Zhang Yuning's invitation to dinner, Tang Wenjing's eyes were filled with confusion when she left the building where Cangqiong Game Company was located.

What are you interviewing for?

Is this also called an interview?

Are you sure this thing can be released?

"Wen Jing, what should we do?"

The photographer who followed Tang Wenjing for the interview asked in a low voice.

During the whole interview process, he, the photographer, looked stupid. Originally, seeing Tang Su's warm and easy-going personality, he thought this interview would be simple, but now... he is silent.

Looking at Tang Su's answers, my fists are hardened.

"What else can I do? That's it."

Tang Wenjing sighed: "This interview with Cangqiong Game Company is very important to the leaders, so... go back and let the leaders think about what to do, I have no choice at all, and you can't blame me for this. ."

She is innocent.

Before she came, the leader specially instructed her to do the interview more seriously and not to smile.

She did it.

Then, during the entire interview process, for a full twenty minutes, she was played by Tang Su in various ways...

"It's boring."

Tang Wenjing shook her head a little irritably, and said angrily, "Go back, go back, and never come again."


in the company.

"Why are you teasing her like that?"

Zhang Yuning was a little helpless: "If this interview is released, you will become famous."

"It's like I'm not famous now."

Tang Su said casually.


Zhang Yuning was stunned for a while, but he was speechless for a while.

This is quite reasonable.

Tang Su was already famous for a long time. After this bizarre interview was released, it was just to let everyone know more about him, but it wouldn't make him more famous.

"Interesting designers can often attract a lot of passers-by."

Tang Su said nonchalantly: "The designers are so interesting, wouldn't the games they design be more interesting? Right?"


Zhang Yuning thought for a while, and it seemed that this was the case.

"Are you sure you didn't mean to tease her?"

He was still a little suspicious.

"There must be a little bit of that."

Tang Su smiled: "I don't like serious interviews, it's like making a commercial, it's not interesting, and I don't think our players will like to watch that kind of serious interviews, everyone is studying and working. I’m already very tired. In my spare time, I can watch a few fun videos to relax. This is the way of life of contemporary young people…”


Zhang Yuning had no choice but to nod: "You can do it if you think it's appropriate."


A few days later, the interview video was uploaded to the Internet, and it was hardly edited, but the noise during the interview was dealt with.

Because Tang Su is usually quite mysterious, he rarely discloses some things about himself and the company publicly, so everyone is very curious about him. After learning about the interview video, he naturally came to watch it immediately. Then……

"I came here because of the fame, what did I watch?"

""Happy Xiaoxiaole" and "Miracle Lovers" are just petty tricks, and Qiong Games with a monthly income of more than 500 million is just a negligible small company... Hahahahaha, this is a special annual joke reservation."

"Tang Su: Earning 500 million a month is nothing, it's just barely enough to eat."

"Is the food he eats made of gold?"

"To be honest, I can understand that his career has reached the level of Boss Tang, and he is appropriately low-key and modest, but the question is, he can't be considered modest and low-key anymore, right?"

"I've never seen such a brazen person."

"Tang Su: Isn't it easy to make a game like "Warm Love"? I have a beautiful girlfriend, but I don't think it's anything unusual. Everyone should have girlfriends, right?"

"Tang Su: What a top-notch designer in the industry? I'm just a rookie. Although I easily made hundreds of millions, I can barely be considered a designer at best.

"Tang Su: Just make a small game next year to practice your skills and you'll be done. After all, you're just starting to make online games, so let's gain experience first... What? You ask me how much I'm going to invest? Then just invest 500 million. Bar."

"I can't stand it anymore."

"There's less than a month until the Chinese New Boss Tang managed to counterattack in the last time to become the overall champion of this year's Contest."

"Is this a successful person? Love, love."

"Successful people said: This is the worst time we have been smeared."

"Can't Tangtang take care of your boyfriend? It's almost arrogant. @Sutang."

"Hurry up and protect your boyfriend, or he will be beaten. @Su Tang."

"I never thought that a person could be beaten to such a degree. Boss Tang, you have refreshed my understanding of the world."

"Wait a minute, there's something wrong with your focus. Boss Tang is going to enter the large-scale online game market next year, haven't you noticed?"

"Damn it, I just reacted."

"It's purely a joke to talk about small games to practice hands, but the news that we plan to develop a large-scale online game next year should be true."

"Suddenly there is a bit of anticipation."

Netizens were talking a lot, but they were all unable to complain.

at the same time--

Those designers in the industry who thought they could learn some experience from the big guys were also dumbfounded.

After watching this interview video, they are all in bad shape.

"Today I finally understand what it means to be a villain."

"I hold a notebook in my left hand and a pen in my right hand. After watching the whole video, I only learned a few words: the top players in the industry are just petty tricks, and making 500 million a month is just barely making a living and being a girl. The premise of the game is to have a beautiful girlfriend..."

"This kind of person can achieve success, God has no eyes."

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