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With the beginning of efforts, the proportion of girls in the game community of 'Sky World' has become higher and higher, and it has even become the platform with the largest proportion of girls in all game communities in the entire industry.

"I think it's pretty good, it's more balanced."

Tang Su said: "Also, as we all know, girls' spending power is very high, far more than boys. The higher the proportion of female players on our platform, it means that this kind of girls will be more successful in the game. In the future, we may also We will make more girl-oriented games, and these players can bring us continuous high revenue.”

"If you just make money through games, it's pretty impressive, but I still feel like something's missing..."

Xu Jinyang made a suggestion next to him: "We may try to develop peripheral businesses, or even cooperate with some well-known clothing brands at home and abroad to obtain more income from outside the game."

Is it around the game?

"What you said makes sense."

Tang Su thought for a while, then said, "If that's the case, I'll leave this to you."


Xu Jinyang was taken aback.

"Recently, the company has nothing to be busy with. If you are idle, you are also idle. Just take care of things around the game by the way."

Tang Su said casually.

Xu Jinyang: "..."

Well-intentioned suggestions, but ended up increasing the workload for yourself?

This made him a little speechless.

"After this is done, I'll give you a promotion."

Tang Su continued.

"It's really hard to refuse."

Xu Jinyang thought about it for a while, but still took the job.

After thinking about it, it is indeed time for him to be promoted. After all, he is an elite from a big company. He can't stay here as an assistant all the time. It's almost time to rest, and it's time to get ready and embark on a new journey.

"By the way, is there any standard?"

Xu Jinyang asked.

"Satisfying me is the standard."

Tang Su said casually.

Xu Jinyang: "..."


This is so mysterious.

Bosses all over the world are the same.

time flies.

In the blink of an eye, it was January.

According to the solar calendar, the new year has arrived.

According to the lunar calendar, the Chinese New Year is less than two months away.

"Time flies so fast, it always feels as if nothing has been done, and this year has passed."

Tang Su sighed softly: "Only when you are free can you feel the passage of time, but when you are busy, you can't actually feel the time. As soon as you close your eyes and open your eyes, a year has passed... My memory seems to still be there. Stick to last year."

"It really didn't do anything."

Zhang Yuning nodded numbly.

It's true that nothing has been done, it's just developed from a small company to a small company in another sense with a monthly revenue of hundreds of millions. It's not worth mentioning.

"Have you calculated last month's revenue?"

Tang Su changed the subject.

"Not yet, because it involves too many cooperation channels, it will increase the workload too much, so it will take a little time to check, and it will take about two or three days to get the results."

Zhang Yuning said.


Tang Su nodded helplessly: "Then wait another two days."

Two days later.

The revenue results of the self-owned platform and third-party channels have come out. After deducting the third-party channel's commission, the results are:

: 8.67 million.

: 6.79 million.

: 9.51 million.

: 2.17 million.

: 3.05 million.

: 2.19 million.

: 137 million.

: 343 million.

Total: 512 million.


Even though Tang Su was mentally prepared, when he saw this data, he still couldn't help taking a deep breath.

The monthly revenue exceeded 500 million.

What kind of concept is this?

Looking at the entire domestic game market, there are not many companies with monthly revenue exceeding 500 million yuan.

"If this sales result is taken out, it will definitely make the colleagues in the entire mobile game circle shocked and unable to sleep."

Zhang Yuning said cheerfully.

"That's right."

Tang Su nodded and waved his big hand: "Then what are you waiting for, let's publish it quickly, this kind of good thing is only good if we are happy, it's definitely not good, there is a saying that it's better to be alone than everyone's Lele... Huh? Why does it sound familiar?"

Tang Su fell into deep thought.

"Because you said the same last time."

Xu Jinyang reminded him.

"Is that right?"

Tang Su nodded thoughtfully, glanced at Xu Jinyang beside him, and asked suddenly, "Why are you here? Are you busy with the game surrounding?"

Did you just find out I'm here?

Xu Jinyang's whole person is not well.

"Things around the game can't be rushed. For the time being, contact and make plans in advance. Specifically, we have to wait until the game's sales results are released, which proves that the game's performance in the game market is exciting enough, so that it is convenient to make some comparisons. High end surroundings.”

Xu Jinyang explained patiently.

To put it bluntly, Xu Jinyang is waiting for the sales results. Only after the sales results here, combined with the relevant popularity, can the IP be priced, so that it is easier to talk about cooperation, and it will appear more professional.


Tang Su nodded, and then said, "Our company's revenue report for December, I think those colleagues are very curious, so let's send it directly, everyone will be happy together."

Xu Jinyang thought to himself, I'm afraid you don't want everyone to be happy together, but simply want to show off?

Of course.

She thought so in her heart, but she nodded calmly on the surface: "I'll do it now."


The 'Qingqiong Game Official Account' released the December revenue statement.

As a non-listed company, there is no need to do this at all. Making money is your own business, and it has nothing to do with others, and you don't need to tell everyone, but—

As Xu Jinyang thought, Tang Su just wanted to slap some people in the face.

Aren't there a lot of people who were bad at it before? Some people even talked about shampooing upside down, cheating, eating and drinking, etc. Tang Su wanted to see, after seeing that their earning power was getting better and better. , will you feel embarrassed.

Of course.

The reason for sending out the revenue statement is not only because of mood, but also because of some development plans of the company.

Tang Su wants to recruit a group of outstanding game industry practitioners, including those who are more powerful game designers. He needs to let the other party see the bright future of Cangqiong Game Company. In this way, he can more smoothly poach from big companies.

When it went online before, it won more than 100 million revenue in that month. Although it is quite impressive, compared with those companies that are at the forefront of the industry, it is actually not a great achievement. It can only be regarded as a bit amazing. But it has not reached the height of 'passers-by shock'.

But this time is different.

With the blessing of Omni-Channel+, Cang Qiong Game Company's monthly revenue exceeded 500 million last month.

What is the concept of monthly revenue exceeding 500 million?

Looking at the entire mobile game industry, it can definitely be among the best.

With this kind of earning power, I believe it will be enough to attract some outstanding designers, and then... Tang Su can rest easy on the second tier.

The news of the company's revenue of more than 500 million yuan in December quickly spread throughout the game circle.

Those colleagues were a little stunned after learning about this.

"I'm a good boy. With more than 500 million in revenue, is the sky game company already so fierce?"

"The first month's revenue is more than 300 million. This can be said to be the ceiling level of mobile games, right? The sky game is really developed this time."

"It's also very fierce. There was no activity last month, but it still generated more than 100 million revenue..."

"The games designed by Tang Su are all very good. Except for a few niche games, they are all very profitable. Even if they don't do anything in the future, they can earn hundreds of millions or even hundreds of millions of dollars per month just by making DLCs for these games. , I heard that Tang Su is no longer personally involved in the design of the dlc, and it is true that he can make money while lying down."

"Tang Su has a very strict attitude in making games. Despite the low profitability of the previous games, each of his games has a score of nine points or more... What is the concept of nine points? In the entire mobile game industry, there are How many veteran designers don't have a nine-point game?"

"If I remember correctly, Tang Su is only twenty-four years old this year, right?"

"It's January, and it's already twenty-five years old."

"Twenty-five years old, earning hundreds of millions of dollars a month... When I was twenty-five, I was still worried about the rent. People are more popular than people."

"It's really incomparable."

"I can't talk about Tang Su anymore. I'm a little anxious now. He always gives me the illusion that it's easy to make money in the gaming industry..."

"I've also been a little anxious recently. This guy makes a lot of money in every game, but he's also very hardworking. He's going to kill people."

"After the revenue of the company is released, it is estimated that those capital institutions will not be able to sit still. They made an offer of 20 billion before, and this time it will at least double, and even 50 billion is possible... Tang Su has only been in the game industry for a year and a half, and the company has been established for less than a year, and it has directly reached a market value of 50 billion..."

"Fuck, I said it all, let's not talk about it, okay?"


For Tang Su, it was a very happy day, a very hopeful day, and a very meaningful day.

But for many colleagues in the gaming industry, they are not so happy.

Looking at Tang Su who is dazzling at the moment, and thinking of himself who has a difficult career, this comparison is very sad.

I still remember when Tang Su first made these games, they felt that the other party was not doing their job properly and that it was impossible for the other party to become a real game designer.

Later, Tang Su made it. They were surprised at the same time, but they also believed that the key to success lies in talent and luck. Talent does not necessarily lead to success every time, and luck does not come every day, so there is no need to take it to heart, at most it is Just envy each other's good luck.

Later, Tang Su made a deal, and they finally began to face Tang Su squarely, thinking that the other party might have the opportunity to become a top-notch designer in a few years.


Half a year later, He Hengkong was born. At this time, they could only see Tang Su's back when they raised their necks.

Seeing that this "newcomer in the game industry" is getting more and more fierce, from a small studio in the past to the current monthly revenue of 500 million...

This mood is somewhat mixed.

"From 'Sky World' and these two games, it can be seen that Tang Su has great ambitions. He should not be willing to only make mobile games. He may start trying to make computer games next year..."

Some colleagues feel the same.

"Client games are different from mobile games. Not everyone can do that stuff. The investment costs are huge and the risks are extremely high. Once they fail, they will lose everything. Tang Su may not be able to succeed in the client game market."

Another colleague said.

Seeing that such a 'latecomer' quickly surpassed him by an unknown number of times, he felt unbalanced in his heart. It didn't seem to be a strange thing. Under the influence of such a mentality, he naturally didn't want to see Tang Su becoming more and more powerful. , I want to see the other side do a somersault.

"Come on, your face hasn't been swollen yet? When Tang Su decided to break away from third-party channels, you said that Cang Qiong Game Company was not far from going out of business, but what happened? The original 60-70% commission has been reduced to 20%, which recognizes the first-line status of the sky game company."


A designer with an unbalanced mind was speechless for a while.

After thinking about it for a while, he finally sighed: "This guy Tang Su is simply the embodiment of a miracle. When these things happen to others, you must fail a few times, fall down a few times, and fall a few times before you can get back up again. came this way...

In the end, this guy is quite good. He has never failed once since he entered the game circle. When he released , , and , many people said that he was not good. What happened? Are these three games hitting the street?

I feel that these three games have already met his psychological expectations. How could a designer who can make games like this make such a low-level mistake? "

Speaking of this, he suddenly moved in his heart.

"Isn't Cang Qiong Game Company recruiting game designers? Shall we give it a try? Now I suddenly feel that UU Reading www.uukanshu.com in Cang Qiong Game Company may have a better future than it is now."

He said with some excitement.

This guy is so strange. He was still jealous of Tang Su's success in front of him. He was hoping that the other party would make a somersault, but now he wants to hang out with others... This thought is also contradictory enough.

"Sky Games is indeed recruiting game designers, but..."

The colleague next to him pointedly said: "They are not recruiting ordinary game designers, but excellent and elite level, and the threshold standards set by Tang Su himself. Do you think that at our level, we can reach Tang Su's own level? Is there a set threshold?"

It's not about giving up on oneself, but about recognizing the reality.

Who is Tang Su?

A top designer in the mobile game industry who can design , , , can be admired by ordinary people?

To satisfy him, at least he must be a first-class designer in the industry.

What Cang Qiong Game Company wants is less and more elite, and what they want is the elite of the elite, not just those old people who want to go.


The former was silent.

I still remember that not long ago, he shook his head and scolded Tang Su badly, saying that he took a bad move to break away from the channel dealer, saying, "It's a lot of fun, and he ran out of luck and started to go downhill..."

As a result, in the blink of an eye, he was not even qualified to work for the other party.

It's really crazy to be in the game circle.

At this moment, he actually had a feeling of 'tired, quit the circle'.

Maybe, this is life.