[Congratulations to the host ‘Tang Su sù’ for obtaining the entertainment system]

   [Host traversal is detected successfully, you have the following options]

   [One: a high-profile start, challenge all the queen-level singers, provoking this generation of singers is rubbish, you will get a full album gift package of Jay Chou]

   [2: low-key development, accept the invitation of the network comprehensive "Heart House", appear in front of the camera as an amateur guest for the first time, you will get basic attribute bonuses]

   [3: Don’t choose anything, this journey will end automatically, and the system will send you back to Earth to reincarnate and reincarnate. It is detected that you have no merits during your lifetime, and reincarnation has a high probability of entering the animal life.]

   Tang Su:? ? ?

  I just crossed, and I didn't realize what was going on. As a result, I was forced by the system to make a choice.

   The most important thing is that these three choices are a bit ridiculous.

   At the beginning, he provoked all the singers in the music scene as an amateur. Do you want to mix?

   Jay Chou album spree...It is a good thing, but the scene of "enemy all over the world", let alone a spree, even if it is played by Jay Chou on his behalf, I am afraid I can't hold it?

   An invitation from the Internet Comprehensive "Heart House"?

   Tang Su wanted to refuse. He had lens phobia and didn't want to show up on the Internet.

  Look at the last option-reincarnation, reincarnation, reincarnation!


   Tang Su pondered for two seconds: "I choose two."

   Lens phobia or something... not insurmountable.

  【Ding Dong! 】

   [Congratulations to the host for making the right choice and getting rewards: physical +10%, intelligence +10%, memory +10%, charm +10%, emotional intelligence +10%...]

  【Boy, let's go! Wave out your wanton youth! 】

  The efficiency of the system is very high.

   Before Tang Su started to complain, the reward was already paid.

   He can clearly feel the changes in his body. Various indexes have increased by 10%, which is equivalent to an overall increase of 10%. The effect is very obvious.

   He has become handsome and stronger.


After   , Tang Su began to receive the memory of the original owner of the body, sorting out the key points.

   The original owner's surname is Tang Mingsu. He is 23 years old this year. He was born in the Blue Star Xia Guo Shangjing Singularity Orphanage. He has excellent academic performance. He is currently a senior at [Shangjing University-Software Engineering].

   I have to mention that the life history of this product is truly wonderful.

Although    was born in an orphanage, his popularity in the hospital is very good. The old dean is very caring for him, he has not been bullied, and has no childhood trauma.

  Because I have been good-looking, healthy, and smart since I was a child, every time someone came to adopt a child, he would receive special care.

The most famous example of    is:

   When he was 3 years old, a wealthy couple who had no children caught him at first sight. For this reason, they donated millions to the orphanage to grab the right of adoption.

   At that time, that incident made a sensation on the front page news of Shanghai City!

   Later, because during the adoption period, the wealthy wife suddenly became pregnant, which caused the wealthy couple to lose their eligibility for adoption.

   But the rich couple have always felt that they had not been pregnant for so many years, and they were pregnant suddenly, perhaps because of Tang Su's blessings, so they would visit the orphanage during the holidays.

   When Tang Su was in school, his grades were very good. The rich couple contracted all his tuition and miscellaneous fees, so that he was not troubled by money problems since he was a child.

After   , Tang Su successfully entered [Shangjing University-School of Computer Science] with the result of "Shangjing City College Entrance Examination No. 1". The school waived all fees and gave a large bonus.

  During college, this guy never stopped.

   From the first day in college, he has become a man in the school.

   has won many awards in computer competitions before he was in his sophomore year. Even the seniors of the third and fourth years have to ask him and learn from him.

   The elder sisters looked at him like wolves, often using their rich love experience/gong fighting experience to make the school girls who like him cry with anger.

   This year, the millennium.

   He just finished his junior year and is about to start his senior year. He already has his own studio and is responsible for the outsourcing work of many well-known Internet companies.


   The senior sister of the next door [Shangjing Communication University] interviewed him, and he said at that time:

   "When I first walked into the university, I only had less than 1,000 yuan. After three years of college, my bank card balance exceeded seven digits."

   This matter went viral on the Internet for a while.

   Most netizens don’t believe it, and treat it as an online joke touting [Shangjing University].

   Only those students from the same school and the next school who knew the ‘truth’ did not say a word about it, and silently shed tears of envy.

   Regarding all of this, Tang Su himself did not feel happy or proud. On the contrary, he often remained silent and sighed.

   Someone once asked him why he was unhappy, and he said this at the time:

"Sometimes I wish I could be stupid like an ordinary person. Don't be so smart. Because of this extremely smart IQ, I have never met any opponent since I was a teacher, whether it's a teacher, a master student, or the so-called God-study. , I surpassed all of them easily. At first, maybe I was a little happy, but after being invincible for a long time, I feel that everything is dull and cold from the heights!"

   These words caused one hundred thousand critical strikes to the people who asked him, and he has not been able to get out of the psychological shadow so far.



   Tang Su took a breath: "Is this something human can do? A proper script for the main character."

   He didn't expect that the guy wearing his own soul could be so powerful that it was incredible.

   This kind of human evildoer, I am afraid that if it is written into a novel, readers can't substitute it, right?


   Tang Su suddenly reacted: "He is so powerful, how did he die?"

   In his memory, there is no clue related to the death of the original owner.

   [The original owner is not dead, the system just complies with his wishes and allows him to exchange life with an idiot from another world]


   Tang Su suddenly realized, and then reacted, his face blackened: "Who do you think is an idiot? I am also very smart and good?"

   Only then did he realize that the ‘idiot in another world’ mentioned by the system turned out to be himself.

  【Please recognize the reality as soon as possible and regain self-knowledge! 】

   The system responded. U U Reading www.uukanshu.com

   Tang Su clenched his fists with both hands and was angry inside.

  【Life swaps, based on the principle of ‘complementary needs’ for both sides】

   [The original owner is very satisfied with life, but he regrets that he has not been able to feel the affection, but the host has a happy childhood, but grows up to be ineffective and regrets that he has not been able to become a man of the world.]

  【System intelligent identification, under the premise of fully respecting the wishes of both parties, provide both parties with the opportunity of ‘demand exchange’】

  【End of explanation, more right of explanation belongs to the system producer】

   [Please start a new life as soon as possible, start a new task, there are still 3 seconds before the phone rings]

   Tang Su's face looks better now.

   "For the original owner, not only did he make up for family affection, but he also made up for his want to be an idiot...Ah, yeah, I am happy for him because of his desire to be an ordinary person."

   is not only happy for the original owner, but also happy for myself.

   In his previous life, his scores on the college entrance examination were mediocre.

   After leaving school and entering the society, he realized his ordinaryness and insignificance more and more.

He often envied those influential figures who seemed to stand at the highest point when they were born, the good children in the eyes of teachers, the children of other people in the eyes of parents, the schoolmasters whom classmates look up to, the invincible academic qualifications in the workplace, the invincible learning speed, and the invincible socializing. The newcomer, as soon as he stepped on the door of the company, he was destined to stand on top of his head as the'protagonist'...

   may be obsession, or regret.

   When two people’s obsessions collided with sparks, passing through this incident happened naturally, like a dream.


   Immediately after the ringing of the cell phone, the caller ID from the program group of "Heart House" let him know that this is not a dream!

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