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Recreation Starts From the Heartbeat

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Crossing, golden finger, single heroine, dog food…

“Heart House” is a variety show of amateur social love reasoning. Six amateur men and women gather together to stage a good show. Popular stars act as’heart detectives’ to analyze the heartbeat signals of the guests.

This was also the first task assigned to Tang Su by the system.

Tang Su, who was only thinking about ‘behave well and get off work early’, did not expect that he would actually meet his lover in this variety show…

PS: Appeared in front of the camera for the first time as an amateur guest, interpreting a pair of unique celebrity couples, and let the audience of the “collapsed room” believe in the love of the entertainment circle again.

——100% sugar index!

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:RSFH
Alternate Title:文娱从心动开始
Author:Magic pigeon
Weekly Rank:#9130
Monthly Rank:#9759
All Time Rank:#8300
Tags:Early Romance, Entertainment, Famous Protagonist, Male Protagonist,
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10 Comments on “Recreation Starts From the Heartbeat
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  1. On chapter 95, it's only been 3 days since the beginning of story. Our MC felt like a scumbag who played with 2 woman (though there was a hint that he only interested to FMC, but still so open with the other). If he did that just for the entertainment of variety show, that did barely okay. But he didn't even care about it. Also the comments of the judges for each episode is way too long.

  2. Mmm can someone please recommend this novel in discord name :廢土種田就是要攢.....The mc travel throught a wasteland world/Nuclear apocalypse with system....

  3. System switches Idiot mc body with a genius mc because he wishes to be a genius and the other an idiot, now idiot mc rises through the entertainment cic and it starts with a variety show

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