The foundation claims to be bright? This has never happened before in Hei's memory.

Because the Foundation’s methods are really not upright, ignoring individual lives, everything can be sacrificed, and it is unscrupulous to achieve its goals.

These are what the enemies of the Foundation used to describe the Foundation.

From some perspectives, the Foundation has no way to refute it, so the Foundation has never looked upon itself brightly.

But a certain O5 in this world may be a little different.

However, He only felt that way, and he didn't think it was so strange.

The foundation can indeed be said to protect the continuity of humanity. He persuaded himself in this way.

Then, I stopped thinking about this matter, and there are many important things that need to be personally supervised by the dark.

While thinking about it, the black hand tapped quickly on the screen below.

Then, Dr. Anton appeared on the big screen in front of the black.

"Consul." Anton looked tired, mentally.

"About the performance of the cyborg in the containment operation of scp-123..."

Halfway through Hei’s words, Anton couldn’t wait to say: “I’m sorry, Consul, the role played by the cyborg in the operation was not as expected, and it can even be described as bad.

Moreover, the cost of each artificial person has never been reduced. Sorry, Consul. "

"Dr. Anton, I think you know that your apology can't solve the problem." Hearing Hei's slightly cold words, Anton wanted to explain again, but he was stopped by the black raising his hand.

"The reformer of the 13th department can actually bypass the line of defense of the bionic sheep. Is this what should happen? You have the support of Dr. Hanyu. You should have a good understanding of the reformer of the 13th department. Why does this happen? What happened, Dr. Anton, can you tell me."

The black tone became more serious.

Looking at the black, unwavering eyes, Anton's cold sweat soaked his back.

"Yes, Consul, Area-05 will summarize all the experience of this failure and apply it to "Project Apocalypse". At the same time, I am willing to accept any punishment from the Foundation."

Anton lowered his head deeply.

Hei did not express his position, and was silent for a few minutes, until Anton was about to be unable to support it.

"Well, from now on, you will remove the position of the director of the Area-05 facility and be demoted to the project leader of the Apocalypse Project. The director of the facility of Area-05 will temporarily be represented by the minister of the administrative department." Heicai said calmly. .

"Yes, Consul, I completely obey the orders of the Foundation." Although the black tone at this time was calm and not as cold as before, Anton was afraid to relax at all.

""Project Apocalypse", I hope that there will be no more mistakes. No one can bear this mistake, do you understand." Hei finally warned.

"Yes, Consul! I will concentrate on the progress of the project and report to you at any time for the rest of the time." Anton quickly promised.

"Report at any time. It's not necessary. I only need the final result and their final performance. I will wait." After that, Hei turned off the communication, and the screen went dark suddenly.

The tight body of Anton who left the screen finally relaxed, and he sat down on the chair behind him with a sigh of relief.

Although Anton doesn't have too much contact with the consul, the overall impression is that the consul is an extremely gentle person.

This is also the impression that most people have of consuls.

But now, Anton sees the other side of the consul. Perhaps this is the real side of the consul. After all, he can become a special consul of the foundation. This is normal.

"Okay." Anton patted his cheek and stood up again.

At this time, Anton's door was knocked.

"Go in."

After the automatic door opened, it was the minister of administration who came in in a hurry.

The Minister of Administration is about to say something.

Anton stepped forward and put his hand on his shoulder, looked at the bracelet screen on his wrist, and said, "That's it, just accept the Foundation's order."

The Minister of Administration was shocked, "Yes, supervisor."

"Now, you are the supervisor."


The black here on the other side,

The black expression did not relax with the dimming of the screen. Although his punishment to Anton was not serious, it did not mean that he was in a good mood at the moment.

As an O5 congressman who was also engaged in research projects in the previous world, Black certainly cannot be as simple as it seems on the surface. Otherwise, the O5 Council would not choose Black as the foundation's final inheritance insurance.

Before, Hei treated the people around him gently because of his habit.

But at this stage, the black is no longer allowed to do so.

The most important turning point for the Foundation is coming. Even if it is dark, you must go all out. There is no room for difference.

"Mr. Black, the third negotiation meeting of the Cross Alliance is about to begin, and the guests you invited have already arrived in the meeting room in advance."

This voice is Dylan Rockefeller.

"I know."

Hei opened the door and said to Dylan. He was still the face of a half-century old man. In this way, Hei hadn't revealed his true face for a long time.

Dylan was accompanied by Hei and walked in the corridor of the castle. "Mr. Hei, this negotiation has been going on for more than half a month. This one will be the last one. If there is no way to reach an agreement, The Morgan Group and his allies are about to withdraw from the Cross League."

"Just longevity, there is no way to satisfy them, right, greedy people, never know satisfaction."

Hei and Dylan's footsteps creaked on the wooden floor of the castle.

"Don't worry, Mr. Black, Rockefeller, Cleveland and the rest of the consortium will all stand beside Artison."

"Really, it's best." Hei glanced at Dylan, and said pointedly.

"Mr. Black, what do you mean..." Dylan heard something in the black language and asked directly.

This is Dylan's character, decisive and never procrastinating.

"First Citi." A name came out of the black mouth.

"First Citi? They are the second batch of the ten most active consortiums to join the Cross League. Do they have another purpose?" Dylan didn't doubt Hei's words, and fell into thinking, trying to find the suspicious behavior of First Citi.

"Don't think about it anymore, the next negotiation will be clear."

While speaking, the two of them had already walked to the door of the conference room.

Dylan opened the door for Black. Inside the door, around the huge conference table, sat the entire Eagle Nation.

In addition to the top ten consortiums, there are leading leaders in various fields, and there is Artison’s closeness. The closest one is the seed planted in San Francisco when the Foundation first entered the Eagle Nation, Black Hand. meeting.

At this moment, it has grown into the largest gang organization on the west coast of Eagle Country.

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