On the other side, the members of Achilles' Heel were divided into two groups under the order of Jie.

At the moment, the trio searching for the remaining thirteen subjects, Holland, Keisha and Frano were advancing in the woods.

But among them, there are no reality benders who are good at perceiving Hume, otherwise the search job would be much simpler.

But speaking of it, in the entire Achilles' heel, they seem to have none of these second-level reality benders who are good at perception.

Helpless, can they just implement a carpet search like this.

Fortunately, just as they thought this way, the foundation's support arrived in time.

The earphones of the three people also sounded the information released by the Foundation on the special channel.

The Foundation’s small reconnaissance drones have been deployed and will provide real-time intelligence support to Foundation employees in need.

And the foundation employees who need this are not them!

Keisha's happy mood was directly shown on her face, it was so timely.

"The Achilles' Heel team requested the assistance of the reconnaissance drone, and the location has been sent."

Holland immediately pressed his helmet to the side.

Next, things become much simpler.

With the assistance of drones, this area is completely transparent to the Foundation.

Holland and Kesha, who was in charge of assisting him, Flano really found some remnants of thirteen branches.

They hid behind a dense tree, not knowing what they were discussing.

Holland was the first to spot this group of people.

He took the other two people and leaned in cautiously.

However, Holland did not intend to do such things as eavesdropping, and now it is more important to clear out the entire area.

After the three of them were in place, Holland first started: "Let's go!"

Holland passed directly through the trees in front of him, and quickly approached the trees on which the group of thirteen branches depended.

After that, he went through the trees again, but this time the first one came out from behind the tree was a pistol.

Holland squeezed the trigger, and correspondingly, the bullet spun out of the barrel and hit the head of an unresponsive agent of Thirteen Division.

Holland's attack did not stop. Every time his muzzle was pointed in a direction, a thirteen branch agent would inevitably fall.

In less than thirty seconds, Holland cleared all thirteen agents in his sight.

Not even a bit of resistance was received.

However, just when Holland was standing still, a bullet struck from the grass.

Holland seemed to have anticipated this. He easily virtualized his body, and the bullet passed directly through Holland's body, hitting the big tree behind, leaving a big hole.

Holland, who was attacked, did not counterattack, but looked in that direction.

Looked at the assailant.

Holland waved his hand, waiting for the Thirteen Section Agent to react to what was going on.

The top of his head was suddenly covered by shadows.

A large number of steel spikes fell from the sky, piercing his body, and stabbing him into a hornet's nest.

"Kaisha, you are a little slower."

"Sorry, it took more time to construct this weapon than I thought."

Keisha stepped on the dead Thirteenth Agent.

"Well, all the 13th branch agents have been removed." Flano came out carrying the bodies of two 13th branch agents from the other side.

The three reunited, and the screen on the wrist no longer had the bright spot representing the enemy.

"Go back."

"no problem."

"In other words, I thought Keisha, your ability is like a god." The three of them walked back, and Frano said to Keisha.

"Creation, I heard from the instructor that this ability is very rare, but it is too complicated, and there are very few reality benders who can master this ability." Holland explained immediately.

"Also, it's too difficult to grow." Keisha raised her hand and added.

The ability to create this is not as powerful as it seems on the surface.

Like Keisha's current level, it took a lot of energy, and she could only create an object out of thin air no more than ten meters away.

And the more complex the thing to create, the longer it will take.

The shortcomings were too obvious in actual combat, at least for now.

Kesha didn't know when she could grow up to the level the instructor said.

The real words come with the law.


The helicopter arrived,

Above the sky, a Foundation transport helicopter the same as before flew again, hoisting SCP-123's containment equipment.

White flew with the robbery in the air this time, so as not to accidentally reappear.

The outer bionic sheep troops chose to take the initiative to expand their defensive area and cover the containment of scp-123 from the side.

This time, the accident did not happen again,

White and Jieqie sent the helicopter to successfully prepare to fly away, and then relaxed: "Thirteen Divisions have lost a lot of people here this time. Except for their own strength, they are almost exhausted."

Jie looked at the summary of the war report.

"Probably, well, gather the team members, our mission is not over yet."

The next **** task still needs Achilles' heel to undertake.

"Yes, Captain."


"Named the ability to create, we are really lucky."

In a remote place, Heizheng was watching the Achilles' Heel and the entire containment operation of the Bionic Sheep through the screen.

And on the wall of the room where He was, the emblem of the Cross Alliance was hanging.

Beside Hei is Wangchuan who hasn't appeared for a long time.

"In the last world, the Foundation was not without reality benders with creative ability, but when our base number was still so small, there was such a person. I have to say, very good, but this is called Kesha's little girl still has some doubts. Wangchuan, can you teach her."

He watched the video of the action of the Horan trio and asked Wang Chuan.

"My good abilities may not help much. In this regard, the captain named White is more suitable. However, Consul, I still hope to see this Keisha."

Even Wangchuan is curious about the ability to create this.

"When the plan this time is completed, there will be a chance."

Speaking of the plan this time, the underworld said: "Wangchuan, Bright's mission has been accomplished very well. Now is the time to verify its true effect. Cooperate with Mirage to bring good news to the Foundation."

"Yes! Consul! Bright won't let you down. Everything is for the Foundation."

"The foundation also salutes you, Wangchuan."

Next, because Wangchuan still needed to lurch in the Hydra headquarters, Wangchuan did not stay for too long and left.

Hei raised his wrist, and the bracelet on it was exclusively for the special consul. At this moment, there was only a line of black words on it, "O5 Command: Half of the world, all to the light."

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