Look at White again.

After White lifted off, he overlooked the entire area and caught the general situation.

Then he disappeared instantly and appeared beside the captain of the bionic sheep.

The Bionic Sheep Force naturally saw the situation where the helicopter was shot down.

But the current bionic sheep has been distracted by other things.

At least when White appeared, the situation here could be described as chaotic.

White said solemnly: "What happened, why are there enemies in the periphery that missed your defense."

The captain of the bionic sheep saw that it was White, and immediately explained: "I'm sorry! However, our equipment did not find any abnormalities, and, before that, our left wing was already in a firefight with the enemy, and the other party may have taken action. Unconventional means bypassed our front."

"What's the situation now."

"The enemy on the periphery has been completely suppressed, and I am preparing to send a small team to search for the infiltrated enemy!"

Against the background of gunfire and artillery fire, the captain of the bionic sheep said loudly.

White looked back at the condition of the bionic sheep unit, and said, "You stay here! Destroy all enemies and the rats that have leaked in, and leave it to Achilles' Heel to solve it!"



Although the battlefield of the bionic sheep looks a bit chaotic, in fact, under the command of the bionic sheep captain, the battle has always been beneficial to the bionic sheep.

The Bionic Sheep steadily suppressed the thirteen agents on the opposite side, and at the same time, relying on the advantages of the artificial humans, it used some tactics that the opposite side would never think of to quickly reduce its staff.

It seems that it will not be long before these people will be wiped out by the bionic sheep.

Although this group of people might have been cannon fodder.

When such a large number of people came to the Foundation's site, they certainly did not want to go back alive. They were just acting as smoke bombs for more important targets.

For example, scp-123.

However, White still has some doubts at this moment. In addition to its own danger and uncontrollable nature, scp-123 has no value worthy of the thirteen subjects.

Unable to think of the purpose of the thirteen subjects for the time being, White did not continue to struggle, and the top priority was to eliminate all enemies.

White turned and looked at where scp-123 had fallen.

Begin to rush towards that place.

White and Jie set off for SCP-123's whereabouts almost at the same time.

But before that, the battle over there had already begun.


The members of Achilles' Heel immediately dispersed and rushed in the direction of scp-123.

One of the team members who can penetrate the entity and is not obstructed by the terrain served as a scout, Holland Dyne, quickly and straight away from the large group, and rushed to the target location alone.

Immediately, Horan saw a group of uninvited guests standing around the containment facility that trapped scp-123.

Holland did not act rashly, stopped, his teammates will be there in less than two minutes.

It was discovered that this group of people was preparing to move the containment equipment, and the two strong men, one by one, actually carried the containment equipment in this way.

But how are they going to send such a big thing out?

When Holland was about to get closer, suddenly, Holland felt the hairs on the nape of his neck judging.


Horan subconsciously lowered his waist at ninety degrees, which was able to avoid a dagger above his head.

Then Holland hurriedly activated his abilities, turned over, and passed through the assailant's body.

This scene obviously stunned the assailant, and he watched a big living person pass through his body.

Before reacting to anything, the assailant's neck was controlled by Holland and knocked to the ground.

The attacker immediately began to try to struggle, his strength was great, and Holland, who was still an ordinary person, couldn't suppress him.

There was no way. After controlling for a moment, Holland jumped back and immediately took out a pistol from the tactical belt around his waist. Model: Black Wolf, this mobile task force special weapon is launching The sound of the bullet and the powerful killing effect of the special bullet make it popular among the nine-tailed fox.

Now Achilles' Heel is also handed, and it is worthy of being a weapon produced by the Yingzhao Research Institute.

However, just when Holland was about to shoot, the assailant who fell to the ground suddenly disappeared from Holland's eyes.

"Reality bender!" This was Holland's first reaction.

But soon, Holland reacted, the Hume index did not produce any changes, that is to say, this person did not achieve this effect by changing the Hume factor.

He is not a reality bender, but a simple supernatural being, collectively referred to as containment objects in the Foundation.

In this case, it is easy to deal with.

If it is a reality bender, he may be able to influence Holland's unskilled judgment by interfering with the Hume factor around Holland.

But now, Holland only needs to perceive the flow of the Hume factor to easily find the attacker!

Horan suddenly turned around and shot suddenly towards an open space.

The gun sounded, and the sound of falling to the ground also sounded.

The assailant was shot through his heart and fell to the ground and lost his life.

After simply solving the attacker, Holland, who was about to take back the black wolf change, was attacked again.

This time the attack was even more violent.

It was from the group of people around scp-123, they no longer concealed their whereabouts after realizing that they had been exposed.

Several submachine guns fired at Holland's position at the same time.

Although most of it was blocked by trees, it also blocked Horan's progress, and could only watch SCP-123's containment equipment disappear into the woods.

Although the movement between Holland and that person was not big, it still agitated the very vigilant group.

They didn't have much time, but they didn't expect the Foundation to come so quickly!

They immediately chose half of the people left to block the Achilles' heel, and the rest immediately evacuated.

Unfortunately, the idea is good. In front of Achilles' heel, running away is just a delusion.

Holland took the lead in bringing out the weapon behind his back, the DZ-45 electromagnetic rifle, which is light and almost unfeelable, but has a powerful force that conventional bullets cannot.

It is also produced by Yingzhao.

A few seconds later, Holland's teammates arrived.

Achilles' heel quickly unfolded, picking up the weapon accurately and quickly to quickly attenuate the people intercepting at the forefront.

To deal with such ordinary people, second-level reality benders cannot be wiped out in large numbers with ease like Jie, on the contrary, thermal weapons are more suitable for this kind of thing.

Therefore, under the fierce firepower of dozens of DZ-45s, those who use conventional weapons can't carry it for long.

The cannon fodder at the forefront was quickly wiped out,

At this time, three people stood up on the thirteen side, and the bullet hit them, without any response!

Is it another reformer of the thirteen subjects!