"Confirmed that the target has been contained, the containment equipment is in good condition, and no containment object is found to resist." The Foundation staff on the helicopter stared at the surveillance equipment in front of him and confirmed that the status of scp-123 was safe.

"Starting to lift off."

Soon after, the helicopter began to rise into the air.

The pilot of the helicopter was still operating the instrument panel, and did not realize that an unknown threat had targeted the helicopter.

Suddenly, among the dense trees on the ground, a white smoke burst out and flew straight toward the helicopter.

【caveat! The missile strikes! caveat! The missile strikes! 】

Inside the helicopter, the siren suddenly sounded,

"Evasion! Evasion!"

In fact, there is no need to remind, the helicopter pilot made an evasive action the moment he saw the white smoke.

The entire helicopter tilted to the right to a great angle, trying to avoid the incoming missile.

At the same time, the jamming bomb was thrown from the front of the helicopter.

The driver buckled the rocker in front of him, cold sweat came out,

At the very moment, the missile passed by the helicopter.

There was even a spark with the side of the helicopter.

The helicopter's movement was so great that the cube below it also produced a large swing.

Just when the driver thought it was safe,

【alarm! The missile strikes! 】

The same voice sounded again.

This time, the helicopter's flight attitude has not yet been fully adjusted, and a missile with an interval of only three seconds strikes again.


The missile hit the helicopter without a doubt.

The helicopter turned into a ball of flame and exploded in the air.

Due to the huge inertia, the cube below directly flew out and disappeared in the woods.


White below was looking into the air at this moment and noticed this situation.

"I will notify the Bionic Sheep Unit to find the enemy, and everyone else will go to where scp-123 fell."

White whispered and issued three commands in a row, and then quickly ascended into the sky without waiting.


Without doing any more thoughts, Achilles' Heel quickly acted according to White's orders.

The first is Jie, Jie quickly turned to the direction of the missile launch, but instantly disappeared in place and appeared in the woods.

In front of him, there were a few surprised faces looking at each other.

Obviously these people did not expect that Jie would suddenly appear in front of them.

"Kill him!"

These people didn't hesitate, the leader said immediately.


A person carrying a rocket launcher directly turned the muzzle to Jie and pressed the trigger.

A missile was launched immediately, rushing towards the robbery.

Jie raised his hand lightly, and the missile that was hard to keep up with the naked eye stopped in front of Jie.

"Who are you guys."

After the blow, Jie asked coldly.

These people ignored Jie.

"Quick battle and quick decision!" After the leader finished the order again, he rushed towards Jie.

This speed is not what a normal human should have.

Jie thought to himself in his heart.

He originally thought that what he needed to deal with was a hot weapon, but the other party rushed towards him directly, which was unexpected by Jie.

Sure enough, after approaching the Jie who was standing still, the opponent's claws, which were originally human, suddenly changed their appearance and turned into a steel claw made of metal.

The robbery struck.

However, this speed was really not enough in Jie's eyes, Jie just stepped back slightly, letting the opponent's attack miss.

But the man didn't intend to let it go.

With a roar, he slammed into the robbery with a head hammer.

Jie didn't evade this time, and chose to connect.

A fist hits the past.

The fragile head did not receive any damage under the attack of Jie's fist.

Jie only felt his fist hit steel.

The physical abilities of reality benders are actually very general, but even so, being able to resist the attack of the robbery in this way is enough to prove that this person is definitely not an ordinary person.

Jie spread out his palm, and a ball of flame appeared in Jie's palm.

At the same time, it illuminates the face of Jie and the other person.

Afterwards, Jie did not leave time for the other side to react.

A ball of flame burst out.

Wrapped the whole body of the man.

The screams sounded immediately.

The person backed back again and again, and in the flames he could vaguely see his hands covering his face, kneeling to the ground in pain.

"team leader!"

The remaining enemies hurriedly stepped forward, and after realizing that they could not get close to their captain, they shifted their target to Jie.

One of the people holding a sledgehammer jumped up and smashed into the robbery from mid-air.

The mighty power even caused a wave of anger.

"Go to hell!!" The man shouted in neon words.

When the attack was about to come, this was what Jie thought of first.

Just when the sledgehammer was about to hit Jie, Jie instantly disappeared in place and appeared five meters away.

The place where he was standing was cracked by a sledgehammer.

"So that's it." Jie's heart already understood who the person was, the 13th subject, and the person in front of him should be the 13th subject's transformed person.

At this time, the captain of the Thirteenth Division, the reforming team, had already walked out of the flames of the robbery.

The skin of his human body has disappeared, revealing most of his flesh and blood that has become metal.

That horrible look is enough to scare the courage of ordinary people.

But after understanding who the person came, Jie had no intention of wasting time.

"Those who hinder the progress of the world, disappear in the flames." Jie raised his hands.

Immediately afterwards, the temperature in the air began to rise rapidly in the ten-meter-diameter circle centered on this transformed human team.

Very fast, it exceeds the heat that humans can withstand.

The transforming team was sweating so much that it couldn't even move.

But this is just a prelude to Jie's attack.

After a few seconds,

The flames appeared. They were blue flames. They appeared from all directions, transforming people's feet, in the crevices of clothes, under the skin, above the grass, and at the center of the stone.

Everything is burning, everything is shrouded in blue flames.

This transforming team didn't even leave the screams, and easily disappeared into the flames.

"After all, it is still in the category of ordinary people." Jie didn't think highly of this reforming team.

Then, Jie waved his hand, and the blue flame in front of him disappeared as if it had never existed before.

Only the terrible traces left by it prove how terrible it is.

Everything that can be called an object, within the scope of the flame just now, no longer exists, not even a trace of ashes can be seen.

Suddenly, Jie looked up, and not far away there was the sound of fighting again, that was the direction where scp-123 fell.

Jie, who had seen the direction clearly, teleported again and rushed over there.

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