March 6, 2110


"Tonight is a rare good weather in recent days. The breeze is breezy and there is no cloud in the sky. It is suitable for a walk at night."

"Yes, but I still want to remind everyone that safe travel is the most important..."


"...The news, there will be a meteorite passing by... The location is unknown..."


A blue-and-white taxi seemed to be traveling extremely fast in the traffic. The elder brother inside was pointing the direction with one hand and the radio was tuned in the other.

At an intersection, a twenty-year-old young man named Ling Ye was waiting for a signal light. He took out his mobile phone to check the time from time to time, and he kept holding his hair, his urgency was overwhelming.

At the same time, what no one noticed was that a white light was rapidly zooming in in the sky, coming in this direction.

The green light is on,

Ling Ye rushed out for the first time, however, the sound of braking came from the right.

Ling Ye turned his head subconsciously and looked at it. It was the enlarged front of the car and the dazzling white light. This was Ling Ye's last consciousness.


"Hit 120!"

"A taxi hit someone!"


The taxi master just opened the door, someone was calling, someone ran to Ling Ye, someone turned to see what happened...

Countless noisy sounds, but the chaotic scene was pressed the pause button in an instant, as if time was still.

A ball of light from the sky slowly fell from high altitude and stopped on Ling Ye's chest. A few minutes later, it suddenly got in.

It is a pity that Ling Ye, the protagonist, has no consciousness at this time.


In a pure white space,

Ling Ye was at a loss for himself, where is this place, is it heaven, what should I do.

Also, it was obviously a pure white space, incredible, but Ling Ye didn't feel uncomfortable at all, and he could even feel the space up and down.

After waiting for a few minutes, when Ling Ye was bored, a change appeared, and a ball of light appeared in front of Ling Ye from virtual to real.

Finally, NPC appeared, and Ling Ye finally found the target.

Rotating around the ball of light, it seems nothing special.

So I asked tentatively: "Hello?"

What Ling Ye didn't expect was that he really got a reply.

"Hello, host." A mechanical voice came from the light ball.

"Host?" Ling Ye keenly noticed what the light ball called him.

So he asked: "Why call me the host."


"Please watch a video first."


After speaking, a light curtain was unfolded in front of the light ball, and the picture gradually appeared.

Enlarged and bold, it says: Save the world, boy!

"Well... this video is not your style." Ling Ye couldn't help but vomit.

"The video is a message from the previous host, and the playback starts."

In the past, we called them "gods" or "demons" and prayed to them for salvation or forgiveness. After that, they continued to decrease, we continued to increase, and the things we feared continued to decrease. However, the things that cannot be explained. They have not disappeared, they still exist.

Under the shadow, nothing can protect us, except for ourselves, the scp foundation was established to control them, contain them, and protect human beings. We struggle in the shadow of the world, only for the light to last forever. From now on, this is your mission too, boy!

This video is not long, but the amount of information is huge, which can be considered a lot of things. Ling Ye went around in circles, thinking about the content.

In fact, it is a bit strange. An inexplicable thing appeared and suddenly told me that the world was dangerous and wanted to save the world.

But the problem is that this thing does look amazing. If it is true, do I have to try it.

Ling Ye was thinking, because he was a little tempted to tell the truth, to save the world, which junior has never dreamed of, is this an accident in the cruel reality?

However, before this, there are still some issues that need to be clarified, otherwise I really can't worry about it.

"Hey, Photoball, I want to ask some questions."

"This is my duty, host."

"Then the first question, why is it me?" Ling Ye asked.

"The supreme leader of the scp foundation is the supervisor, no matter which world he is in, he is a unique existence."

"You mean, I am unique? Twenty years of experience tells me that there is no doubt that I am an ordinary person, nothing special."

"Host, I believe in my choice, and please believe in yourself."

"En...well...The second question, why did you come to me, is it to save our world." Ling Ye was skeptical of the purpose of this ball of light, after all, it was inexplicable help. It always makes people suspect that they have ulterior motives.

"My original intention was to protect the world, but not limited to the host's world."

"Well, tell me in detail, how did you come and what you want to do, I'll listen to you with all ears."

"To be precise, I do not belong to this universe. In another parallel universe, this parallel planet, strange and unexplainable things are everywhere, threatening the survival of mankind, a person with noble ideals, leading a group Brave fighters, formed the original scp foundation..."

"Who is he." Ling Ye interjected.

"The information has been completely deleted and cannot be recovered by any means. He claimed to be a supervisor and mysteriously disappeared after the development of the foundation."

"Well, please continue."

"After the overseers disappeared, the elders formed the O5 Council and became the O5 councillors, overseeing all the decisions of the Foundation, and continuing to fight with those things. The Foundation calls it-Containment Objects, which control the Containment Objects in the shadow of humanity China is the mission of the foundation."

"I understand this so-called scp foundation, then how did you appear."

"I originated from "The Tinder Project". The purpose of the project is to artificially synthesize containment objects and protect the Foundation’s fire. My appearance means the failure of the original World Foundation. The world is already on the verge of destruction. I will lead the Foundation’s Tinder, save the human beings in parallel worlds."

"In a story that sounds okay to me, um...well, I promised, whether it’s really saving the world or deceiving, I’m a person like this, I really want to try something like this Things, the last question, what help can you provide me to rebuild the scp foundation for a young man like me with no three."

Maybe this ball of light didn't choose the wrong host, Ling Ye was such a person, and promised that this seemingly sci-fi thing is not something everyone can do.

After asking the question, Ling Ye's eyes came up with an introduction to the function of the photosphere.

"I will not strengthen the host itself. My specific functions are synthesized from Foundation technology and the original world containment. The weak artificial intelligence developed by the Foundation allows me to talk to you.

The original number scp-153 unlimited database, which can store all things that can be converted into data and has unlimited capacity. Based on this containment, I can provide Foundation technology, the characteristics of the containment, etc., due to the compatibility of the parallel world, the containment of the original world It is very likely to reappear. Knowing the characteristics of the contents in advance is of great help to the containment operation.

Originally numbered scp-231 World Radar, the contained objects can accurately locate the location of the contained objects in the database.

Originally numbered scp-247 clones, the containment can create human clones out of thin air without materials, but they are all puppets, with only basic activity functions, and can be combined with scp-153 to create humans.

Note: 1. The traversal leads to the loss of some data, which can reduce the help provided to the host;

2. The cloning mechanism is designed with a mall mechanism to guide the host.

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