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Mu Anran’s aunt’s brow frowned, “Is it true that those touching words that you just said are false? It makes you unhappy to bear the bride.”

"The words I say are sincere." Shen Tingxi said with a straight face: "But the bride is my own, why should I go out and show it to others?"

Everyone, "..." So this is reluctant to let others see the bride's beauty?

In the next second, everyone started laughing and laughing.

"You're too stingy, we didn't say that we would make a new house, just look at it?"

"It's a novelty. I have never seen a bride who doesn't show it to others."

Granny Mu's aunt said to Shen Tingxi: "Xiao Shen, even if you don't go out with Ning Ning, you will go out toast after a while, don't everyone see it?"

Everyone agrees, "Yeah, yeah..."

Shen Tingxi is still serious, "That's the inevitable etiquette, just like now, I can't hide Ning Ning, but it's completely different from the way I personally went out and showed it to everyone."

Everyone, "..."

Grandma is embarrassed and looks at the bride, "Ning Ning, what do you say?"

Mu Tranquility's lips are shallow, and Shen Tingxi's eyes are overflowing with love, "I listen to him."

The eyes of the two were entangled and glued in the air, and there seemed to be countless currents passing between them.

Shen Tingxi smiled brightly, "Wife, how good."

Everyone, "..." don't bring such a public feed to the dog wolf, do you have anyone else in your eyes? !

At this time, a woman came forward and proposed, "Do you think this is good? A hundred push-ups and the bride will walk three laps outside and let the groom choose one."

Everyone immediately began to agree, "This is a good idea. Just now the bridegroom said so many affections. As the saying goes, it's more reliable than saying fake tricks. It's more reliable than saying."

"Yes, yes, and you don't let everyone see the bride, then we will let you have no physical cave at night."

I don't know who said a word and made everyone laugh.

"Choose one, choose one..."

Everyone cheers.

Mu Jingxi frowned and shook his head towards Shen Tingxi.

Shen Tingxi smiled and comforted his bride, "Ning Ning, you can rest assured, let alone one hundred push-ups is two hundred of my cave rooms at night."

Another burst of laughter.

Mu Serenity's little face blushed and turned red. "What does "..." mean? It made her seem to care that he couldn't go to the cave at night. Is she concerned about his health?

Shen Tingxi rolled his sleeves at will, and then generously placed his hands on the ground to start push-ups.

Everyone's interest has been tuned up, there are more and more people at the door, the third and third floors inside and outside, counting sounds, roaring sounds, whistling sounds, blessings... mixed together, the small wedding room is very lively.

There are countless marriages in the village, but like today, they are performing martial arts boxing and doing push-ups. It was the first time that everyone was enthusiastic and the whole room was filled with laughter.

Some people say that fortunately, Shen Tingxi is not from the village, otherwise according to his nature, the bride will marry into the door and will not let everyone make a new house.

Everyone wanted to see Shen Tingxi tired and embarrassed, but Shen Tingxi disappointed them. He almost finished a hundred push-ups in one breath. Although the speed behind him was slightly slower, his movements were not so sloppy.

As for the appearance, the deep three-dimensional face is covered with sweat beads, and the white shirt with excellent texture is soaked with sweat and tightly adhered to the body. His strong and lean body line is full of masculinity and sexy.

Where is the embarrassment, is it handsome to blow up the sky?

Let the women and women blush and heartbeat at the scene reluctant to look away, men envy jealousy and sigh.

Shen Tingxi got up from the ground, or the handsome bridegroom, he adjusted his slightly heavy breathing, "Can I marry my bride?"

There was a thunderous palm all around me, and the blessings kept coming, "Birth your son early, white-headed old age, love forever..."

In the sound of everyone's blessing, Shen Tingxi walked to the bed and stretched out his hand towards Mu Tranquility.

Mu Tingyan's eyes were reddish, which was caused by the distressed Shen Tingxi, but she kept a happy smile in the corner of her mouth. She put her hand on the man's wide and warm palm, heart, and unprecedented tranquility.

After all the excitement and joy, it was his willingness to be peaceful and safe to marry him.

Shen Tingxi held Mu Tranquil's hand and bowed slightly to everyone, "Thank you, everyone's blessing I received in full."

After the wedding banquet, a long greeting team began to head towards the downtown hotel.

There will be a grand and happy wedding waiting for them.

Against the backdrop of green mountains and green water, the looks of the shameful kisses of the golden boys and girls in the main wedding car merged with the bride and groom in the car sitting in the co-pilot's seat to form a beautiful and happy picture.


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