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Mu Jingzheng was puzzled, the Songs came out, "Ning Ning, why don't you come in?"

Mu tranquil eyes pointed at the limousine on the ground that was out of place with this house and asked, "Grandma, who owns this car?"

The Song family came to Mu Tranquility, and their eyes fell on the car. There was relief in their eyes, but there was also a trace of complexity. "This is a gift from your mother-in-law, not only this car, but also gave me a hundred Ten thousand bank cards, as well as eight colorful gifts..."

He turned his head to look at Mu Tranquility, "I'm inconvenient to say this at the hotel, and I am planning to tell you when I get home."

Mu Serenity was surprised, but did not expect Ju Qiulan to send such a heavy gift.

Song's expression of Mu Serene knew she was unaware, and she felt more relieved, indicating that the mother-in-law of the Shen family really looked down upon her granddaughter.

"What are you doing on the site?" Lao Zhao came to the door and asked the grandparents outside the house.

Song took Mu Mu's hand and walked into the room. "Go, let's talk in the room."

Mu Tranquility entered the room. The room was clean and tidy as before, and the overall layout was unchanged. However, the furniture at home was a lot added, but it was a bit old, and the style was not expensive appliances.

The black and white TV set in the center of the hall was replaced by a color TV set, which was box-shaped. Now people have long used LCD ultra-thin large-screen color TV sets, but they still have the old style at home. Not rich.

Mu Tranquility sat down on an old-fashioned sofa. She remembered her memories before ten years old, and she was also impressed with some sad memories. She remembered that her grandfather liked to sit on the stone bench in the doorway and smoked, sad and sad. The appearance made her not too close to her.

Grandma treats her well, and her family is not well-off, but she often buys food for her when she finishes working outside, but occasionally sighs by touching her head, saying that she is a child with a hard life.

After making tea for Mu Serenity, the Songs went into the room and came out with a bank card and a car key in her hand. She put the card and car key in Mu Serenity’s hand, “This is a hundred given by your mother-in-law Wan Wanli, as well as the car key of the car outside, does not make sense to return the wedding gift, but I can give it to you as a dowry, and we will accept the eight gifts, so that your mother-in-law is not happy."

Mu Tranquilly shook his head and put the card and car key back into Song's hands. "Grandma, I don't want it. You and the grandfather keep the old-age pension. You give the uncle the car."

"Your uncle has a car, although it is incomparable with your car, but it is good for a family like ours to drive in." Song's glanced at the old Zhao next to him, and there was a small smile of contentment in the mouth. "As for the elderly, my grandfather and I are in good health. We can support ourselves. We will be very happy when you and Xiao Shenduo come to Hucheng to see us."


"Boy, I know what you want. You want us to have a good time, and we also hope you have a good time." Song's hand holding the bank card and car key held Mu Tranquility and pressed the things in her palm. "Before Ping'er and you are often blinded by the neighbors of the neighborhood. My grandfather and I are secretly despised. This time you are married to such a good family. You don't know how great your grandfather and I were when your mother-in-law delivered the car and the ceremony. , Decent, the envious eyes of neighbors and the voice of congratulations, let me and your grandfather straighten the backbone."

Mu Tranquility was sour, because she and her mother, grandpa and grandma could not raise their heads to be human beings, "Grandma, grandpa, sorry."

"Silly boy, I'm sorry, we are all a family. It used to be that my grandfather and I didn't know, and your mother suffered so much..." Song's tears fell down.

The old Zhao on the side blinked two painful eyes and coughed a little, "What are you crying for in a good day?"

The Song family quickly wiped away their tears and smiled and said, "You see what's wrong with me, my granddaughter is happy and happy to marry me." Then he loosened Mu's hand and took another card out of his pocket. A card of a rural credit cooperative.

The Song family also stuffed this card into Mu Tranquility.

"Grandma, what are you doing?" Mu Tranquility wanted to return both the card and the car key, but Song held her hand tightly.

The Song family clasped Mu Ting's hand and said, "This is the dowry that your grandfather and I gave to you. It's not much. It's only 30,000 yuan. It's incomparable with the Shen family's million salary, but this is also our intention. "

Mu Serenity only felt that there was a heat wave hitting his heart, and his eyes were wet. Under such conditions at home, they even prepared a dowry for her. 30,000 yuan is afraid that it is all the savings of the old couple? "Grandma, I don't want..."

"Good boy, obedient, hold it." Song Shi patted Mu Tranquil's back gently, "Xiao Shen's family must be rich and wealthy, otherwise they will not send such a thick gift, my grandfather and I have no skill, can not give You have a long face, but never shame on you. We can’t let you be an insignificant person in the Shen family in the future, hire money, a car, and these 30,000 yuan you have to hold, something close to you, you can live a better life. Emboldened."

Mu Qingran burst into tears in an instant.

Old Zhao's eyes were red, he took two breaths of cigarettes fiercely, and blamed Song, "You said a good day, you must make Ning Ning cry, and do nothing."

"I..." Song's face was helpless, and he kept tearing away Mu Mu's tears. "Don't cry anymore. Tomorrow I'm going to be a bride and makeup. My eyes are so swollen that I don't look good."

Where Mu Mujing could not stop, weeping silently.

The Song family was anxious, "Ning Ning, don't cry anymore, Minger and Xiao Shen see your eyes swollen, maybe you blame me and your grandfather for bullying you."

Mu Jingran stunned, and suddenly thought that Shen Tingxi had misunderstood Shen Jiuyan bullying her a while ago, and blocked Shen Jiuyan at the door, saying that Laozi was unclear, and it was not impossible for him to do his son's shot, and he burst into tears.

Not to mention, depending on Shen Tingxi's character, she might really be able to blame her grandfather and grandmother.

In the end, Mu Serenity received both the card and the car key, nothing else, just to reassure the two elderly people. In the future, she will spend all her life honoring them, not in a hurry.

At 5 o'clock the next day, Du Mujing was called by the Songs. According to the customs of Lake City, he had to eat a wedding meal at the woman's house in the morning before leaving for the man's house.

The makeup team and wedding dresses were all arranged by Ju Qiulan. The makeup artists lived in a small town hotel less than two miles away from the village last night.

At this wedding, Mu Serenity did not choose a bridesmaid, Shu Xin was almost born, Mu Serenity did not let her come, and Tong Qiao wanted to bring a baby at home, and Mu Serenity did not notify her. In fact, the main reason is that Shen Jiuyan told her It's better not to feast the people over Fan Cheng, otherwise the movements will be too big to be doubtful and unsafe.

At first, Shen Tingxi naturally strongly disagreed, would not let it be established in Fancheng, and wouldn't let Fancheng's friends be invited? How about that?

However, Mu Tranquility said that her grandfather and grandmother are rural people, and the scene is too big, and they are rich and powerful people. It is inevitable that the old people are under pressure. The family background of the two sides is so far apart. , What should I do if I disagree with this marriage?

Upon hearing this, Shen Tingxi made sense and felt that he would marry his wife into the door again. He agreed with Mu Ting's request and did not entertain Fan Cheng's friends.

But Shu Xin and Huo Yanqing both ate together in advance to celebrate.

As for Lu Jinshen, he plans to send the good news to them after the wedding.

At 8:30, Shen Tingxi's greeting team arrived at the door of Lao Zhao's house.

Lao Zhao here is scheduled to open at 9 o'clock. At this time, the people who come to eat wine and congratulations on the left and right are basically coming. The people in the countryside see the eight limousines on the road that are smoldering smoke on the road. Slap.

"Lao Zhao's family is the ancestral grave, and the granddaughter is married to such a good family."

"Who said no, you didn’t see the gift ceremony that was sent a few days ago, and it’s needless to say how rich the eight colorful gifts were, even a small car was sent. I heard the young man in the village say that the car said less. Worth one million."

"The granddaughter of her family will be in heaven in the future. This is a good day, but we people can't imagine it."

There are a lot of envious people, and of course, sour words.

"What's so great? Don't forget that the granddaughter of the old Zhao family was born before his daughter was unmarried. I'm afraid that no one knows his father until now."

"Yeah, how can a rich person like her in life be worth it? Who knows how to climb it?"

"That's right, and I see, 80% of the people who married her were an old man, or a bald, big-bellied middle-aged man, or there would be no flaws to get his wife, or who would be so stupid to marry such a notorious woman Enter the door?"

Dongzai heard these words outside and was so angry that he wanted to beat people, but thinking that this was the young master's wedding day, he endured it, but when he used to open the door to Shen Tingxi, he deliberately bumped into one of the twenty words Woman in many years.

The woman "Ouch" was about to yell at someone. When she looked back, she was a handsome man. She swallowed it again, her angry face became weak and shy.

Dong Tsai said very politely: "Sorry, I was in a hurry to open the door for the groom, didn't I hit you?"

The woman touched her arm and it hurts. Is this man made of iron? But he smiled and said, "It's okay..."

The woman also wanted to say what Tung Tsai interrupted her. "The groom is very handsome. He opened his eyes and looked carefully."

The woman's face flushed instantly. This time it was embarrassing. Unexpectedly, what she said was heard by this handsome man, and she was ashamed.

For the woman's annoyed effort, Dong Tsai had opened the door of the main wedding car, and she could not help but look over there, she would not believe it. If the groom is really handsome and the family is so good, why marry a woman like Mu Ting? Stupid...?

The woman saw the man coming out of the car. The facial features were deep and sharp, with sharp edges and a very masculine face. She was also the one who had been outside for several years and had seen the world, but she had never seen such a handsome man. No matter the appearance or the indifferent temperament exudes invisible, it is the best among men. Even the walking posture shows the male tension, making people unable to look away.

Tozai looked at the woman who was so shocked that her chin was about to fall. She tilted her head and said something in Shen Tingxi's ear.

Shen Tingxi's cold brows slowly frowned, and his eyes looked toward Dong Zi.

The woman felt that the bridegroom's eyes looked over, her heart beat faster, and her face was instantly blushing, but the man's eyes seemed like a sharpened sword. The man just glanced quickly, but her spine was cold and sweating.

She looked closely again. The man was smiling at the onlookers and his fellow villagers. The smile on his face was gentle and warm, as if the glance at the moment was just her illusion.

There are many rural customs, and it is not so easy for the groom to see the bride. Many questions need to be answered, such as who are you? What are you doing here? Who is your bride? and many more.

Shen Tingxi all answered one by one, and then some people suggested that Shen Tingxi sing a love song.

Shen Tingxi was a little embarrassed. He was really not good at singing. He played killing and killing all day long. There is no time to play those women’s gadgets. Even if he is idle, his fun is also playing cards and smoking, shooting on the training ground, and knowing Ning Ning. After that, there was only one left for his fun, which was to accompany Ning Ning.

He couldn't even remember the words of a song. How did he sing?

In the end, Dong Tsai gave Shen Tingxi an idea and said that Shen Tingxi would perform a martial art for everyone. This proposal is novel, and people in the country have not seen it, and everyone immediately agreed.

At first, Shen Tingxi just meant to play a few sets of boxing techniques. Unexpectedly, the villagers were in high spirits, the applause was thunderous, and he said that he was not addictive. He must come a few more times, otherwise he would not let the bride.

No way, in order to marry his wife, Shen Tingxi can only rely on them.

But, I didn’t expect that the folks became more addicted and looked forward to it. They shouted wonderfully. Finally, Shen Tingxi took off his blazer and wore a white shirt. He rolled up his sleeves and showed his sturdy arm. He hit him sweaty, folks. They let him go.

When the villagers saw that the groom was sweating and sweating, it was not too bad, so he no longer embarrassed him, and let him enter the door of Sina.

It's just that there are a lot of people waiting for the red envelopes behind the door. They opened the door and refused to let the red envelopes in. Fortunately, these customs said to him last night that Ju Qiulan told him that he was all prepared to marry his wife , What is a red envelope?

After this level, Shen Tingxi always saw Mu Tranquility sitting by the red wedding bed.

She wore a white lace wedding dress custom-made by hand. The skirt of the wedding dress was very large, almost covered with half of the bed, and she seemed petite and pleasant. She rarely put on makeup. Even the slightly formal and delicate makeup like today is never changed. Ever.

Shen Tingxi has always known that his Ning Ning is beautiful and beautiful, but never knew that she would look so beautiful after putting on a wedding dress and having a serious makeup!

Her own demure temperament, there are two shallow dimples on her face, sitting there quietly looking at him, it is simply...can hook his soul!

All good words are not enough to describe her beauty at the moment.

When Shen Tingxi raised her foot and walked towards the room, a woman stood up and blocked his way. She smiled and said, "I am Ning Ning's aunt. I represent Ning Ning's relatives. Rather make a promise to let us feel at ease."

Someone immediately coaxed, "Swear, swear, swear..."

Shen Tingxi glanced back at the door that was blocked by people. When he planned to toast with Ning Ning, there were some words, but since there is such a link, there are quite a lot of people, and now it seems that it is also good.

Shen Tingxi's deep and affectionate look looked at him sitting at the wedding bed and smiled at his mu tranquility, thin lips opened, "Ning Ning I chased you for more than half a year before you promised to be my girlfriend, and you rejected me Three marriage proposals..."

There was an uproar next to it.

"No, it turned out to be the bride chased by the groom? Have you chased for so long?"

"How could she be so good as to refuse him to propose three times?"

"It seems that the bridegroom is really infatuated with the bride. Such a feeling is too enviable."

Just listen to Shen Tingxi’s low and pleasant voice continue to ring in the marriage room, “It’s really not easy for us to walk together, no matter what your life and family is like, in my eyes you are unique, I like you This person, nothing else, matters.

If anyone dares to bully you in the future, or talks behind your back, I will work hard with anyone. In this life, I will be your patron saint.

There is an idiom called suffering, and all the suffering you have ended up to this moment. The road ahead is still long. I cannot guarantee that there will be no suffering, but I can guarantee that you will do all the suffering for you, leaving you with the rest of your life. Sweet. "

After Shen Tingxi finished speaking, the scene was deadly silent, followed by thunderous applause, and a louder voice, "Okay, okay, okay..."

Many women at the scene had red eyes, and Mu Serenity couldn't even cry.

The soundproofing effect of the old house is not good. In fact, Mu Tingxi got up in the morning, and the gossip and words outside floated into her ears. Although she felt a little uncomfortable in her heart, she knew that Shen Tingxi would not care, so she left.

But the words, words, and sentences that Shen Tingxi said just now were secretly defending her. He even said that the proposal was rejected three times, which was very disgraceful to him, just to let others know, not her. Fuck him, but he haunts her.

How can such a man not love her?

In order to revitalize the atmosphere, Mu Anran’s aunt and grandmother came to Shen Tingxi with a smile and said, “You’re too good to say that the bride is crying. It’s your fault and you will be punished.”

I immediately laughed around the room, and I saw someone who swears that Guan was troubled again, and I have never seen someone who is too good and troubled.

Grandma Muran thought about it for a while and said a sweet punishment, "Punish you for carrying your bride outside for three laps. The bride is so beautiful that everyone must be satisfied."

Shen Tingxi frowned a little, silent for two seconds and said, "I disagree."

Everyone was dumbfounded, the groom didn't agree?

From the beginning, embarrassed not to let him see the bride until now, he has always been responsive, now let him carry the bride, he was not willing? !

Wasn't it a joy to go up and carry your own wife at this time?

Not to mention the big guy, even Mu tranquil was stunned.

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