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In the early morning, the second old man was sitting here. It turned out to be something to discuss with her. It must be a very important thing to think about it. Mu Ting could not help but sit up straight, a deaf ear, "What is it?"

Ju Qiulan was amused by the appearance of Mu Tranquilly sitting on his chest, "You don't have to be so nervous, it's a good thing."

"Oh." Mu Tranquility relaxed.

"My dad and I discussed your wedding with Xi'er last night..."

Mu Serenity began to thump at the small heart of the word wedding, only to hear Ju Qiulan continue to say, "The Shen family has a special status in Fancheng, and Xi'er has always acted recklessly regardless of the consequences. Over the years, many people have been offended. He can be calm, and the people outside are in the dark, so he is afraid of being unpredictable..."

Ju Qiulan said to stop and look at Shen Jiuyan, seeing that he was still reading the newspaper pretendingly, frowning, didn’t he say it was good to talk with his daughter-in-law? Why would she let her say it now?

Ju Qiulan reached out and took the newspaper in Shen Jiuyan's hand. "Which newspaper do you read to discuss things?"

Shen Jiuyan glanced at his wife, and then cleared his throat and opened his mouth. "My mother and I mean that the wedding cannot be held in Fancheng. I'm afraid that it will be known to everyone and will put you on the cusp and bring you danger. Isn’t your hometown Lake City? You haven’t been back for years. My mother and I discussed the wedding of you and Xi'er to your hometown..."

Ju Qiulan took over the words, "Ning Ning, you can rest assured that we will definitely hold a grand wedding for you and Xi'er, and will never wrong you. The remote city of Hucheng can avoid people's eyes and ears and treat you and Xi'er. All right, do you agree?"

Mu Tranquility was in a row in his heart, and his emotions were violent. On the one hand, he moved Shen Jiuyan and Ju Qiulan to make plans for her. On the other hand, he was excited to see his grandfather to grandmother.

Mu Serenity tried his best to suppress the heat wave in his heart, fearing that he could not help crying again in front of Shen Jiuyan and Ju Qiulan, there was a lot of words of gratitude that he wanted to tell them, but he really wanted to speak and felt that all the words of gratitude were too pale, Not worthy of their sincerity.

Moreover, it is too strange to say thank you. They really treat her as a family. The family should not be so polite. She will remember their kindness to her and return them with her life.

"I agree." Finally Mu Mujing said these three words in a very sincere and sincere tone.

Ju Qiulan breathed a sigh of relief. The more she looked at Mu Tranquility, the more pleasing to the eye, she didn’t talk much, she was clever and sensible, she was blind before, and she couldn’t even look down on her. I still want you to go wrong and say to Xi'er, and your dad and I will say he will disagree."

Mu tranquil nodded, "Okay."


Shen Tingxi was busy until more than ten o'clock in the evening and came back to see Mu tranquil sitting at the small round table by the window holding a pencil to write and draw. She knew she was drawing a design draft without looking at it. She looked very serious. She didn't even notice when he entered.

Shen Tingxi frowned and walked over, taking the pen in her hand directly, "Don't you give you a good rest? How do you still work? Shuxin arranged for you?"

Mu Serenity looked up and saw that Shen Tingxi's lips were slightly hooked, got up and took his hand and walked towards the sofa, "Shuxin gave me a long vacation, I was idle and I just painted, I was afraid that my brain will rust Now."

"If you rust, you won't work. I will feed you." Shen Tingxi frowned, "If you don't go to bed so late, your waist injury hasn't healed. Will you take your body seriously?"

Mu tranquil listened to these reproachful words, and was warm in his heart. After taking Shen Tingxi to sit on the sofa, his slender fingers gently stroked his wrinkled brow, trying to smooth the gully there, "My body is fine. Don’t worry, I’m waiting for you before I sleep.”

"Wait for me?" Shen Tingxi was stunned. Although he and Ning Ning slept in the same room, they didn't sleep in a bed. Ning Ning slept in a bed. He slept on a soft bed. Ning Ning was injured. He thought he was not Liu Xia. Hui, he couldn't touch it when sleeping with his beloved woman. He couldn't do it. In order not to hurt her, he had to sleep separately for a while.

Didn't sleep together, what did she wait for him to do?

Wait, she just said that her health is okay. Is it implied that he can sleep together?

Thinking of this, Shen Tingxi's gaze instantly became hot.

Mu Tranquil touched Shen Tingxi's eyes and knew that he had misunderstood, and his face flushed instantly, lowering his head and whispering, "I have something to discuss with you."

Shen Tingxi, "..." Well, he said how could Ning Ning be so active in that matter? In her previous experience, she could be worthy of him without repulsion. He has been too thoughtful recently, thinking about that every time. No, he has to control, otherwise it would be better to scare Ning Ning?

Regulating the emotions and suppressing the inexplicable surge, Shen Tingxi said, "What is it?"

"My parents told me about our marriage today. They said they would choose a good day and a beautiful day, and give me a memorable wedding."

Shen Tingxi's deep eyes raised a smile, and at the critical moment Er Lao still gave him a face, "Of course, it is a big deal, I want everyone to know that you are the woman I pampered by Shen Tingxi."

Mu Tranquil's heart was full of heat, and she didn't control her emotions in front of Shen Tingxi. She let her eyes warm and her tears gradually flooded. "I refused."

The smile on Shen Tingxi's face froze, frowning, "Why? You don't want to marry me?"

Mu Tranquility shook his head hurriedly, "No, I do, but I don't want to hold a wedding in Fancheng."

"Where should I do?"

"Hucheng, my mother is gone, I want my grandfather and grandmother to watch me marry, is that okay?" Mu Qingshui's eyes looked at Shen Tingxi.

How could he refuse such a request, just... "This will make you wrong."

Mu Serenity knew that he had agreed, and could not help but kissed the corner of his lips, "I'm too happy to be aggrieved."

Shen Tingxi scraped Mu Tranquil's nose and pampered her voice. "You are too easy to meet. When will you ask me a little bit?"



"Good for me all my life."

"It doesn't count, you don't ask me to do the same."


"Hey, why are you crying?"

"I'm happy."

"Fool." Shen Tingxi drew Mu Tranquility into his arms. "No crying in the future, please laugh when you are happy. I cry when you cry."



Next day

Shen Tingxi went downstairs to go to morning exercises and met Shen Jiuyan who also went to morning exercises, "Dad, together?"

Shen Jiuyan's first reaction was to turn his head to look at the sun outside the window, and did not rise from the west. Then why did this stink boy call his dad?

Shen Tingxi naturally saw what Shen Jiuyan meant, and he was not annoyed. Who made him feel good, "You and your mother have a heart for the wedding. The big event in Fancheng shows that you have Ning Ning in your heart."

Shen Jiuyan raised his eyebrows, "Is it big in Fancheng?" He clearly said this to his daughter-in-law yesterday.

Shen Tingxi said while going downstairs: "Although Ning Ning disagrees and wants to hold a wedding in Hucheng, I am very pleased that you have this idea."

Shen Jiuyan stopped and looked at his son's straight back, his eyebrows frowned. How could there be such a tone of speech as Shen Tingxi was an elder and he was a junior?

Shen Tingxi saw that Shen Jiuyan didn't follow up and turned back, "Don't you go?"

Shen Jiuyan thought of that dad, so he didn't care about his son's tone.

The daughter-in-law took the wedding ceremony in Hucheng for herself. Obviously, she wanted to change Shen Tingxi's attitude towards him and Qiu Lan.

Before he and Qiu Lan opposed Shen Tingxi and Mu Tranquility together, his son knew that he had a small heart and loved revenge, and he must have resentment against him and Qiu Lan.

Now he was willing to call his dad instead, explaining that he had let go of things and mu quiet things.

Mu Tranquil contributed to this result.

This daughter-in-law, acting decently and caringly, really looks better.

Shen Jiuyan's mood also improved, followed by his son, "Go."

Shen Tingxi glanced at the father with two white temples beside him, "How many moves will you take in a while?"

"Come on, afraid you won't succeed?"

"Don't worry, I'll let you know if you are my son."

"Get out, who wants you to let it go?"

Shen Tingxi's low laughter escaped from the deep throat.

Ju Qiulan came out of the bedroom and watched the father and son walk out of the villa side by side. They couldn't help but burst into tears. This is like a family!


After the wedding was set up in Hucheng, Shen Jiuyan and Ju Qiulan went to Hucheng the next day to arrange the arrangement. In order not to cause any doubt, the opposite party claimed that Shen Jiuyan had recovered from his illness and the couple went out to relax.

A week passed, and two days before Ju Qiulan's wedding date.

The day before going to Lake City, Shen Tingxi took Mu tranquil to the hospital for the final examination.

The doctor said that Mu Jing's wound had completely recovered.

Shen Tingxizhi Mu Muran secretly asked the doctor, "I will hold a wedding tomorrow, can I go to the cave at night? Is the wound okay?"

Doctor, "No problem, healed."

"Yes, thank you doctor." Shen Tingxi raised her eyebrows and walked out of the doctor's office.

When Mu Qingran, who was waiting outside, saw someone coming out, he couldn't help but ask: "What did you tell the doctor? Why should I come out?"

Shen Tingxi took the little wife's hand and walked out of the hospital. He lied seriously, "I asked him whether your waist injury will affect the birth of a child."

Mu Serenity's little face turned red instantly and whispered: "Who wants to give you a baby?"

"Who doesn't give birth to me? Who would you want to say goodbye to..."

"No nonsense." Mu Tranquilly reached out and pressed Shen Tingxi's lips.

Shen Tingxi laughed, "I know, you only give birth to me."

Mu Serenity was speechlessly blocked by him, turned his face with a red face, and ignored him.

Shen Tingxi's hearty laughter rumbled around.

In the afternoon, Shen Tingxi accompanied Mu Tranquility to the mall to buy gifts for her grandfather and grandmother. When Mu Tranquil packed the luggage at night, both boxes could not fit, and turned to look at Shen Tingxi, "I blame you for not buying so many gifts."

"If you can't fit two boxes, there are three boxes." Shen Tingxi insisted. "I went to Hucheng last time and hurriedly didn't buy anything. I have to make it up this time, or should my grandparents like my grandson-in-law?"

Mu Serenity could not help hooking up, and his heart was soft, this man, this is a good impression in front of her relatives, although grandfather and grandmother are not the kind of material person, but he has this heart, she is very happy, "OK , Listen to you."

In the evening, Mu Tranquility thought about seeing his relatives who hadn't seen him in ten years tomorrow. The day after tomorrow, he could have a wedding with his favorite man. He was so excited that he couldn't fall asleep.

On the soft couch, Shen Ting opened his mouth, "Why don't you sleep yet?"

"Happy, can't sleep."

"Would you like me to sleep with you?" Shen Tingxi blurted out, and was shocked by what she said, and was afraid to scare Ning Ning. He added a few words, "Reassure that I won't touch you, we will have a wedding tomorrow, one night I can't bear it."

Mu Serenity was silent for two seconds, "...good."

Shen Tingxi came down from the soft bed and drilled into the bed under the bed. The unique fragrance of the girl instantly came into the nose. He settled down, driven away the evil thoughts in his mind, and put his arms around, holding Mu tranquility in his arms.

Mu Serenity was stiff and dared not move.

Shen Tingxi felt her tight body and smiled and said, "Don't be afraid, don't touch you, just hold you and sleep."

Mu Tranquility nodded gently in Shen Tingxi’s arms, smelling the familiar masculine breath on him, his heart jumped up and down, his tight body slowly softened slowly, and his heart gradually settled down, drowsiness struck, no one knew it. I fell asleep.

Shen Tingxi listened to the uniform breathing in her arms, knowing that Mu Serene had fallen asleep, bowed her head and kissed her, and said softly, "Wife, good night."

The next day, the two set off early. Mu Ting was so excited that there was almost no parking except for meals on the road. At two o'clock in the afternoon, the two finally reached the largest hotel in the center of Lake City.

The hotel has been wrapped up by Shen Jiuyan, and the wedding is held here.

Mu Xiran got off the bus. Grandpa and grandma had been waiting in front of the hotel. The relatives who hadn’t seen each other for more than ten years met the scene. The scene was very touching. Mu Qingran and Zhao Xiangping’s mother Song cried and cried together. Old Zhao also red eyes and tears Latitude.

Needless to say, the scene of a touching tearful reunion.

In the evening, the Shen and Zhao families ate together.

Talk while eating, it is already 8 o'clock in the evening.

Old Zhao said to Shen Tingxi: "Shen Shen, you and your parents will take a break early. We will also take Ning Ning home to take a break early. There will be many weddings tomorrow. If you are tired, you must rest well tonight."

Shen Tingxi heard something wrong, "Don't Ning Ning sleep in the hotel?"

Song said with a smile: "This child, how could the bride live with the groom before getting married?"

Ju Qiulan quickly pulled his son and said, "This is the custom here. I will not see you overnight, and your bride can't run away."

Shen Tingxi looked at Mu Tranquilly with deep eyes. During this time, he was used to Mu Tranquility beside him. Suddenly he couldn't see him at night. He felt empty of heart.

The same is true for Mu Tranquility. She, who has always been strong and independent, has begun to rely on Shen Tingxi.

The eyes of the two were intertwined in the air.

Shen Tingxi was not afraid of jokes. In the face of everyone, Mu Tranquility was pulled into her arms. She said shamelessly to the old Zhao and Songs: "Grandma and grandma, you will go later, and Ning Ning and I will talk separately."

Mu Tranquil didn't expect Shen Tingxi to be so bold, sweet, and shy, blushing as if he could bleed, so ashamed to see anyone, he simply buried his head in Shen Tingxi's chest, as if he could not see anything.

Old Zhao and Song watched the young couple's feelings as if they were glue-like, and couldn't close their mouths with joy.

Lao Zhao patted Shen Tingxi's shoulder gently and said with a smile: "The place is free for you. My wife and I are waiting in the lobby for Ning Ning. Don't say it for too long. Ning Ning will have to make up tomorrow."

Shen Tingxi nodded, "Thank you grandpa and grandma."

Shen Jiuyan looked at his son's sweet smile, and whispered in his heart: Why don't people teach so sensible and obedient? He had never treated Yan Yue with his father like this.

After a moment of effort, the box quieted down. Shen Tingxi gently squeezed the girl’s shoulder in his arms, his eyes giggled, his voice spoiled, "Everyone is gone, how long do you have to hide in my arms?"

Mu Tranquility raised his head slowly, and looked around uncomfortably. When he saw that there was really no one, he dared to really come out of Shen Tingxi’s arms. He looked up at Shen Tingxi with a bit of resentment. “Why don’t you care about the occasion at all? Hold me in my arms, what do grandparents think of us?"

"Don't you like it?" Shen Tingxi Meifeng slightly picked.

"It's not a question of whether I like it..."

"In my eyes, only you like it or not."

"..." Mu Tranquility was speechless.

"Don't like it?" Shen Tingxi looked down at Mu Tranquility, his eyes serious and affectionate.

Mu Serenity bit her lip lightly and whispered, "Like..."

As soon as the Huan character was finished, Shen Tingxi kissed her lips.

Mu Tranquist first stunned, and then closed his eyes slowly, not knowing how long after that, she felt that she was about to suffocate before Shen Tingxi let her go.

Shen Tingxi hugged the gasping girl in her arms and said in a mute voice: "I really don't want to be separated from you, I don't want to do it for a second."

Mu Tranquil smiled softly in Shen Tingxi's arms, and his voice was soft, as if it could float into the bones of people, "After tonight, we will never separate."


Mu Qiuran's car back to the countryside, Ju Qiulan, arranged for Dong Zi to deliver it.

As he was getting closer to the home in his childhood, Mu Tranquil looked at the familiar environment. What came to mind most was the picture of being mocked and bullied by everyone as a child, and the scene of my mother crying while she was sleeping in the night. .

The scenery is still there, but my mother is no longer there. The feeling of being right and wrong makes Mu tranquil red eyes.

The Song family felt Mu Jing’s sadness and gently held her hand, comforting, “Ning Ning has passed. Xiao Shen is a reliable man. Not only is he nice to you, his parents also look up to you, and will welcome you in the future. It’s a good day."

When Mu Tranquil thought of Shen Tingxi, the darkened heart became brighter and brighter again, pushing back the sourness in his eyes, not wanting to worry the two old men, and nodded with a smile.

The old Zhao's house was a little far from the city center. It took almost an hour to drive, and it was almost nine thirty at home.

Tozai sent the gift prepared by Shen Tingxi to the second old man into the house and left.

Mu Xiran stood on the ground after getting out of the car and didn't go in. He watched the lights in the house light up one by one, slowly dispelling the darkness around him. The house was still ten years old and very old.

But because Xilian was posted, lanterns were adorned, and red lanterns were hung, giving the old house endless joy.

Suddenly Mu Qing was attracted by a dazzling black car on the field. This car is expensive at first glance. Whose car is parked here?

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