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Mu Qingran stretched his hand to cover Zhang Ma's mouth in anxiety, and then made a booing gesture, "Mother Zhang, don't laugh so loudly."

Mama Zhang was more happy to see Mu Jing’s cautious look, but she nodded to Mu tranquil and said that she knew, and she tried hard to hold her smile, so that her tears came out, and it took a while to calm herself down, "Ning Ning , I don’t mean to be jealous."

"What does that mean?" Mu Tranquilly asked.

Mom Zhang, "What do you call Jiuye?"

"Dad." It didn't feel awkward to shout too much, but Mom Zhang asked specifically, Mu Jingran was still a little embarrassed.

"Then what do you call your wife?"

"Auntie..." Mu Tranquility seemed to be a bit reminiscent, and after a few seconds looked at Ma Zhang incredulously, "Do you mean that aunt wants me to change my tongue?"

Zhang Ma nodded with an expression that you finally understood.

Mu Serenity recalled the scene on the dining table just now, as if it were really the case, joy comes from the heart, a smile jumped across her face, she was overjoyed, and she took a little overwhelmed Zhang Ma's hand, "then...then I What should I do?"

"Naturally it's a change of mouth." Ma knows that it is definitely embarrassing to change her mouth deliberately, and her eyes are pointed at the cupboard. "Lady likes to drink chrysanthemum tea, you can make a cup of it for her..."

Mom Zhang paused and smiled at Mu Mu quietly, "You know."

Mu Tranquility nodded cleverly, "Okay."

"I will make a few fresh dishes for my wife, and you will let her come down to eat later."

"it is good."

Five minutes later, Mu Tranquility came out of the kitchen with tea, and Shen Tingxi got up from the sofa. "Why are you still making tea for me? I don’t drink tea and go, we go for a walk."

Mu tranquil smiled, "It's not for you, it's for..." The word aunt twisted around her tongue and swallowed back, "Mom soaked."

Shen Tingxi naturally heard the unnatural word "Mo" from Mu Tingxi and asked with some delight: "Ning Ning, what are you calling?"

Mu Jingran walked over and told Shen Tingxi what Zhang Zhang said. Of course she skipped the section and misunderstood it. She didn’t want to leave Shen Tingxi any bad shadow. "...Go for a walk, I'll go and see Mom."

Shen Tingxi's deep fundus was so effective that she wanted to kiss Mu Tranquility, but she was holding tea in her hand, and she was afraid to burn her. Shen Tingxi had no choice but to scrape the tip of her nose, "My parents shouted, It’s really my person in the future, so nice."

Mu Serenity blushed because of the three words "My Man", his eyes were too hot, she couldn't bear it, avoiding turning around and walking upstairs, "I went up first."

Shen Tingxi watched her little wife's slender figure disappear at the entrance of the corridor, and then withdrew his hot sight, and waited for Ning Ning's injury to recover completely. They did the matter of husband and wife, and Ning Ning gave him a few more children, then he Life is complete.

Thinking of this, Shen Tingxi began to boil with blood, and stepped up to walk towards the door. Why is it so hot that day? Get out to blow the wind and dissipate heat.


Mu Tranquility came to the door of Ju Qiulan's bedroom, grabbed his palm nervously before raising his hand to knock on the door.

"Mom Zhang, I really don't want to eat." Ju Qiulan heard a slightly irritated voice from the house.

Mu Ningjing pursed her lips and said across the door, "It's me."

The room was silent for two seconds before speaking, "Come in."

Mu Serene pushed open the door and saw Ju Qiulan sitting on the sofa reading a magazine. She entered the door and Ju Qiulan did not look at her.

Mu Tranquility took a deep breath while walking to relieve his nervousness. Instead of directly resting the tea on the coffee table, he came to the sofa and bent slightly, handed the tea to Ju Qiulan, and said softly, "Mom, drink tea."

Ju Qiulan gave a stern look, and the subordinate who took the book tightened his consciousness, suppressed his inner excitement, turned his head, and pretended to look at Mu Tranquility calmly, "What do you call me?"

Mu Tranquility held his slightly bent posture, and yelled again, "Mom."

Ju Qiulan still dressed, but the smile in her eyes couldn't help it anymore, and her mood widened at once, taking the tea from Mu Tranquility. "Why did you send it to you, Mommy Zhang?"

Mu Serenity did not answer but asked: "Mom, can I sit?"

With a bite and a mother, Ju Qiulan's heart was full of joy, although the face was still holding, but the movement was very brisk, he moved his body to the side, "Sit down."

Mu Tranquility sat down next to Ju Qiulan and habitually folded her hands on her lower abdomen. "Mother Zhang sees that you haven't eaten a few bites. I'm afraid it's not a good appetite. I'm cooking for you. Let's eat more in a while." ?"

In a good mood, Ju Qiulan felt that her belly was empty, and her daughter-in-law and mother-in-law shouted. She didn’t need to live with her stomach anymore, but when she went straight to eat, she appeared to be too false. She thought about it and said, "Mother Zhang It’s true, I’ve said that there is no appetite. Why is she still struggling, she can’t waste her thoughts, I’ll go down and eat some food later.”

Mu Nian nodded and looked at Ju Qiulan sincerely, "Mom, thank you and dad for accepting me. I have lost my parents, and you will be my parents and my dearest since then."

Mu Qingran suddenly confessed his heart, but Ju Qiulan felt a little embarrassed. He bowed his head and took a sip of tea. I just felt that today’s chrysanthemum tea is extraordinarily fragrant and tastes much longer than before. Now, no matter who bullies you, don’t bear it, fight back with your teeth, don’t be afraid, we will support you.”

Home, what a precious word, she can finally have it, and it is still such a warm home, a husband and in-laws like her home.

Mu Tranquility had a panic acid on her nose and hot eyes, but she tried hard not to let her tears accumulate. Ju Qiulan said, she didn’t like crying women, "Okay."


In the early morning of the following day, Mu Tranquility came down from the second floor and unexpectedly saw Shen Jiuyan and Ju Qiulan both sitting on the sofa in the hall. At this point, Shen Jiuyan should be outside to practice in the morning. Ju Qiulan should not have gotten up yet. What happened today? Did something happen?

Mu Serenity thought of not seeing Shen Tingxi in the morning, the whole person could not help getting nervous, and went downstairs to say hello, "Good morning, Dad, Mom."

Shen Jiuyan nodded to Mu Tranquility without speaking, and continued to read the newspaper.

Ju Qiulan beckoned to Mu quiet, "Mama Zhang is still in Zhang Luo for breakfast, come and sit."

Mu Tranquility walked over to sit next to Ju Qiulan and asked anxiously: "Mom, do you know where Tingxi is?"

Ju Qiulan said unpleasantly, "Tan Fangshuo's old thing is not honestly instigating everyone to make trouble, and Xi'er has dealt with it."

Tan Fangshuo is an old traitor and Mu Cong is worried. "Isn't there any danger?"

"Xiel's power in Fancheng is unmatched, you can rest assured." Shen Jiuyan spoke.

Mu Tranquility nodded and let down his mind.

Ju Qiulan looked at Mu Tranquilly, "My father and I have something to discuss with you."

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