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It’s not a good thing if the son is too strong, don’t you ignore Lao Tzu?

It seems that the daughter-in-law can turn him over later.

Shen Jiuyan thought about how to turn over the serfs and sing in front of Shen Tingxi, but watched TV seriously and waited for Shen Tingxi to continue to admit his mistakes.

Shen Tingxi adjusted her facial expression and walked over to sit next to Shen Jiuyan, thinking about what Ning Ninggang had taught him, and said, "Dad, I have worked hard for you these days, I just misunderstood, I know you are all for me and Ning Better, thank you for your hard work."

Shen Jiuyan was overjoyed in his heart, and his eyes were a little jerky. How many years has his son not called his father? It seemed that Qiu Lan had called his old man from the beginning.

Shen Jiuyan turned his head to look at Shen Tingxi, but he saw a light expression like the back of the text, the smile at the corner of his mouth instantly solidified, and the turbidity in his eyes instantly turned into ice, he said how could the stubborn mature son suddenly turn, it turned out These words weren't sincere, but Mu Tranquil taught him.

That's how people are. For people who care about themselves, they are just beginning to expect him to treat you and Yan Yue, really and Yan Yue, and expect him to be true to you.

The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment, Shen Jiuyan's mood is like riding a roller coaster, flying to the sky in a while, and then falling to the bottom of the valley.

Shen Jiuyan despised himself. He hadn't seen any big storms, but he was upset by his son's few words. He pushed Shen Tingxi angrily, "Go and go, while going, there is no sincerity at all."

Shen Tingxi wanted to beat the dead old man, but the eyes of his little wife stared there, suppressing her emotions, and Shen Tingxi smiled at Mu Tingxi, but the man leaned over to Shen Jiuyan and lowered his voice. : "I urge you to stop at an appropriate level, otherwise I will not appreciate the feeling you gave."

Shen Jiuyan turned to look at Shen Tingxi.

Shen Tingxi withdrew his gaze from Mu Tranquility to watch Shen Jiuyan smile, but there was an obvious threat in his eyes.

Shen Jiuyan felt comfortable, and it was like his son's style. He knew what he wanted, but that was enough, but Shen Jiuyan still held it on his face, but he didn't do it anymore, and he stood upright with a straight face.

Mu Tranquility saw Shen Jiuyan left and sat down beside Shen Tingxi, "Dad forgive you?"

Shen Tingxi nodded.

Mu Ningxiu frowned slightly, "But I didn't hear Dad talking."

"It's fine if the family says it's open. Is it okay to ask me to say sorry, it doesn't matter if he says?"

"That's right, but..."

Mu Tingxi's lips were sealed by Shen Tingxi, and his eyes were wide, but at home, he...he...he kissed her like this? !

After stunned, he used his small hands to push Shen Tingxi's chest.

Shen Tingxi let go of her with her strength, then touched her head indulgently and asked, "Do you want to drink water?"

Mu Tranquil nodded, and just kissed him dryly outside. At this moment, he kissed him nervously and really wanted to drink water.

"Wait, I'll pour it for you." Shen Tingxi got up and walked toward the kitchen, a smirk raised in the corner of his mouth. Ning Ning in his family was so simple, he forgot everything about a kiss.


At the dinner table, Ju Qiulan put a chopstick dish into Mu Serenity Bowl, "eat more, you are too thin."

Mu Serenity nodded somewhat flatteringly, although Ju Qiulan was good to her, but she always acted towards her and verbally rejected her. A straightforward close like this was never seen before. "Thank you, aunt."

Ju Qiulan heard the aunty frowning and raised her eyes to look at Shen Jiuyan on the throne.

Shen Jiuyan looked at her with a serious eye on her face, but looked at her with a smile, and then under her gaze, she also put a chopstick dish to Mu Tranquility, but said nothing.

Mu Tingyan's eyes widened, obviously shocked by Shen Jiuyan's action.

Shen Jiuyan was uncomfortable by her daughter-in-law and cleared her throat embarrassingly, "meal and dinner."

Mu Tranquility looked back and nodded, "Thank you dad."

Shen Jiuyan glanced at Ju Qiulan with ostentation, and her proud eyes seemed to say: Look, I didn’t lie to you, my daughter-in-law called my dad instead, but she still called your aunt.

Ju Qiulan gave Shen Jiuyan a slanted look, and his heart was depressed. He suddenly lost his appetite. He put down his chopsticks and said: "I'm upstairs."

Mu Serenity didn't see Ju Qiulan taking a few bites and couldn't help but ask: "Auntie, are you full?"

Ju Qiulan now feels that the words "aunt" are too harsh, and it is naturally not good to speak in a bad mood, even a little rushing, "Do not eat, lose weight!"

"Auntie, you are not fat at all..."

"Did you say nothing, why are you doing so many things?" Ju Qiulan heard the aunt again and burst out of her anger. After she saw Mu Qing's little injured face, she regretted it, but what she said was like splashing water , Her character does not allow her to bow her head at this time.

Shen Tingxi, who was on the side, was unhappy and came out to protect his wife. "Mom, Ning Ning cares about you kindly. Why do you have this attitude?"

The daughter-in-law did not get close to her, and the son came to blame her. Ju Qiulan was so angry in her heart that she couldn't care so much, so she came with her temper. "Who made her care? I begged her? She cares about your dad. , Care about what I do?"

"You just can't..."

Mu Serenity quickly pulled Shen Tingxi's hand and shook his head at him.

Shen Tingxi swallowed back the rest of the words, and no longer looked at Ju Qiulan, and said to Mu Serenity: "Eat, she will not eat and we will eat more."

Ju Qiulan was so angry that he wanted to stomping his feet, and turned around and went upstairs.

After eating, Mu Serenity habitually helped Mom Zhang clean up the table. After the two entered the kitchen, Zhang Ma leaned to Mu Serenity and whispered, "Ning Ning, your wife is not angry with you, she is jealous."


Mu Serene blinked his black and white eyes, his face blank, and there was no woman beside Shen Jiuyan. What jealousy did she eat?

Su Mu suddenly remembered the sentence before Ju Qiulan left, ‘She just cares about your dad, what do you care about me? "Isn't it true that these days she went out with Shen Jiuyan every day to misunderstand Ju Qiulan?"

Mu Qingran thought of the possibility that his face would be white, and he quickly said to Mom Zhang: "Mother Zhang, I will die to Tingxi. I will not like anyone except him in this life, and... and I don't like men like my father. Special hobby."

In the latter sentence, Mu Tranquility whispered, and I always felt such misunderstanding... It was too embarrassing.

Zhang Ma was a little stunned at first, and it took a few seconds for him to understand what Mu Serenity meant and couldn't help laughing.

Mu Tranquilly looked at Mom Zhang inexplicably, and looked at the door anxiously, for fear that Shen Tingxi would hear the movement here. After all, this matter was too bad. The person in Shen Tingxi was short-tempered, in case he misunderstood Shen Jiuyan. What should I do if I want to settle my account?