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A pair of men and women in the bed are tightly intertwined with each other. The woman rides on the man and tilts her head slightly. With the man's large movements, the big wavy and long hair on the white back is thrown out of the ambiguous and erosive arc.

The man is the boyfriend Xiao Ruize who Shuxin devoted everything to love, and the woman is her half-sister Shu Mengling.

The uncomfortable heart that accidentally saw this scene could not bear such stimulation, and the whole person fell at the door.

A gulp of blood spewed out of my heart, spitting everywhere.

Shu Xin gazed begging at Xiao Ruize, who was tightly embraced by Shu Mengling, "I beg me..."

"Ruize, don't save, she's dead, we can be together in a fair and honest manner... Saying you like me is you, and it's you who changed her heart to me personally..."

Shu Mengling's words were like a bomb dropped into Shuxin's Heart Lake, and instantly burst her **** heart into pieces.

Xiao Ruize and Shu Mengling secretly mixed together under her eyelids and secretly exchanged her heart with Shu Mengling.

And she knew nothing like a fool, and thought she and Xiao Ruize would grow old together.

Shuxin's scarlet eyes burst out with devastating hatred, staring at Shu Mengling and Xiao Ruize, and finally lost consciousness after a burst of pain in his heart.



The suffocating pain in the chest gradually soothed the sense of comfort.

"Are you ready?" A familiar voice rang in the ear.

This is Xiao Ruize's voice, is she not dead?

Shu Xin opened her eyes slowly, and the environment in the operating room made her pupils suddenly expand.

Wasn't this where she had her heart surgery five years ago?

The hospital was rebuilt two years ago, why did it change back to its original appearance?

Suddenly, he sat up from the operating table and hurriedly reached into his hem and touched his chest.

The skin there is smooth without traces.

She never opened her chest!

Her heart has not been secretly exchanged for Shu Mengling by Xiao Ruize!

what's the problem?

Is it...she was born again? !

There was a guess in Shu Xin's heart, but he did not dare to confirm it. He looked nervously at Xiao Ruize, "Is it guilty of angina pectoris, did I have to open my chest for surgery this time?"

"Yeah, it can't be delayed anymore, otherwise..."

"Otherwise, there will be danger to life?" Shu Xin could feel his heart rushing through the body, as if excited to jump out.

Xiao Ruize's eyes flickered, but he nodded firmly.

Asked here, Shu Xin could finally confirm that she was indeed reborn, when she was nineteen years old, when she had a heart operation five years ago.

Shu Mengling had a congenital disease in her heart, and the doctor had predicted that she would not be 25 years old.

But when she performed surgery, Shu Mengling suddenly disappeared for half a year. When Shu Xin saw Shu Mengling again half a year later, Shu Mengling's heart was miraculously good, but she couldn't stop the medicine, and felt that the heart after the operation was even worse than before.

Later, she asked Shu Mengling where did he go in the past six months? Shu Mengling said that her mother sent her abroad to undergo a heart-surgery operation.

Shu Xin was also stupid, even believed.

It was unexpected that Xiao Ruize personally exchanged her heart with Shu Mengling.

A pair of sluts, good hands to steal the sky for another day.

Shu Xin's violent hatred rolled in her heart, and she wanted to kill Xiao Ruize **** immediately, but she couldn't, the murder was illegal and needed to be paid for.

God finally gave her a chance to be born again. In the last life, she had been flexibly and violently killed by him and Shu Meng. How could she kill her life for such a scumbag in this life?

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