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Reborn National Male God: Seventh Master, Keep Teasing!

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Once reborn, she became a wealthy young man who disguised herself as a man and was spurned by everyone.

Transformed, the young man rose up, entered the military camp, was ashamed before the snow, and counterattacked in the face in minutes!

The filthy ruffian, no matter whether she is picking up girls or flirting with men, she is able to capture even the commander-in-chief.

One day, the subordinates came down and reported: “Report to Commander Ye, Adjutant Gu went to the bathroom to peek at the soldiers taking a bath!”

Ye Yujin didn’t lift his head: “Who did you see, just wipe it off!”

“Report to Commander Ye, another girl has come to ask Adjutant Gu to kiss her and hold her up high!”

“Wait, I’ll go out myself!”

“Report Night Commander…”

Ye Yujin was angry: “If you don’t clean up for three days, the roof will be uncovered!”

Gu Qiqi smiled charmingly, “Speak well, who will clean up who?”

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Short Title:RNMGSMKT
Alternate Title:重生国民男神:七爷,撩不停!
Weekly Rank:#1293
Monthly Rank:#619
All Time Rank:#4420
Tags:Abusive Characters, Affair, Blackmail, Charismatic Protagonist, Complex Family Relationships, Crossdressing, Cruel Characters, Family Conflict, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Hidden True Identity, Rebirth, Schemes And Conspiracies, Special Forces, Strong to Stronger, System, Wealthy Characters,
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15 Comments on “Reborn National Male God: Seventh Master, Keep Teasing!
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  1. love and hate the female lead whose character makes people squirm and fall too deep into her past, and she looks like a b*tch. Also, I don't like a lot of bl smell in it, (sorry I prefer male and female love)....and the love between the two main characters is so complicated and tangled that it irritates me.

  2. I'm not asking the female lead to be overly strong, but I just want her to be independent and be more thorough and see the situation. Up until this point, I had been waiting for him to grow up and do some face-slapping and flips, but before he managed to do it, the BOMB….it exploded and shattered, you idiot. He had wealth, gold and weapons he could use to create his own organization, or he could design things instead of being a pretentious person. Use your system, don't be the one being used. annoying!!!..but i keep reading it...ah i just want to hit it to vent!!

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