Final Chapter (Free)

   If you carefully study the Faraday new car launch, you will find from the various details behind it that the flower family has made amazing development achievements in integrated circuits and software engineering in the past 18 years.

  The capital, Xiaohe Village, the old house of the Zhao family.

   Zhao Song hugged the dog and carefully looked at the amazing curves on his wife's body, the body full of charm. No matter how he looked at it, he couldn't get enough of it, even ignoring Bai Li's questions.

   "Zhao Song~"

  Bai Li shook her hand angrily and brought Zhao Song back to reality: "The shutdown of Wanji Electric has affected Tesla's subsequent release of new mobile phones!"

   "What does it have to do with me?"

   Zhao Song came back to his senses and said innocently.

   "It doesn't matter to you, why is that factory paralyzed every time America adds a new list? You know, it supplies more than half of Wanji Electric's pure water needs."

   "It's paralyzed, it means that there is a problem with its system, which is easy to solve. Just make up your mind to replace the hardware."

  Bai Li stared: "The proposal to replace the equipment was rejected again and again by the board of directors of that company!"

   Zhao Song hehe smiled: "It's capitalism, everything works according to the rules over there, that's right."

  "..." Bai Li was silent for a long time before asking leisurely, "Is that your ultimate successor? That bomb that has been lurking in the global Internet, in Wanwan, was just a small-scale explosion?"

   "Hey~" Zhao Song was dissatisfied, "Don't think you are my wife, so dare to slander your husband at will!"

  Bai Li ignored Zhao Song's words and looked at Zhao Song solemnly:

   "Is it still there?"

"who is it?"

   "Let you make an Internet bomb, threaten the world, and protect your own thing!"

   Zhao Song spread his hands, looked at his careful daughter-in-law, and asked earnestly, "I want to say it's gone, do you believe it?"

  "..." Bai Li couldn't believe it, not just her, but everyone.

   After the miraculous new car launch, Wang Xin and Li Yu admitted that there were mistakes in the entire operation after repeated inquiries by the investigation team.

   But why didn't the car hit Zhao Song?

   They can't explain it clearly, maybe no one can explain it except Zhao Song himself.

   The investigation team, who had always acted in secret, even dared not to confirm it to him.

   "It's really gone."

Zhao Song stroked his daughter-in-law's beautiful face and said seriously: "My mission has been completed, I handed over the Tesla, handed over the Zhao Song system, and in the future, I will be my rich man with peace of mind, as well as……

   Find it! "


   Beijing, Laohewan.

  Tesla Center Underground Research Institute.

   This is a hidden corner outside the architectural drawings.

  Professor Liu and the people in charge stood at the elevator entrance and received Zhao Song.

   "It's still there!"

  Professor Liu took Zhao Song's hand and said with certainty, "I believe it left you!"


   Zhao Songzheng looked at the entire research institute curiously, which is located deep underground in Tesla, but is affiliated to a department of a national institution, and asked, "Why?"

   "Before you were in a coma, a mysterious energy fluctuation occurred in the capital, which was first detected by the observatory, and then detected by the troops."

"did you find it?"

  Professor Liu shook his head regretfully: "The time is too short."

   Followed Professor Liu to the command hall, looked at the busy crowd below, and suddenly remembered what Comrade Snowden had exposed, if this place was known...

   Zhao Song pondered:


   "One day ten years ago."

   Zhao Song: "Is there anything special to do with me?"

  Professor Liu lowered his head to think, shook his head slowly and said, "No, except that you are in a coma, all family members and friends related to you were normal that day."

   "What about the four children?"

   "No!" Professor Liu replied affirmatively.

   Zhao Song had no accident, turned on the monitor in front of him, and continued to ask, "Where is the data that day?"

   "There is no electronic file." Under Zhao Song's surprised eyes, Professor Liu smiled slightly, motioned to the assistant beside him to get the materials, and then said, "It's to prevent the situations you said, and...

yourself! "

   Zhao Song smiled.

   shook his head with a wry smile, and he suddenly asked, "Teacher, how did you know that I would wake up in ten years?"

   "Because of a social experiment!"

  Professor Liu calmly introduced the experiment to Zhao Song, "We made a data model to describe how much an ordinary person who suddenly appeared has affected the surrounding society."

   Zhao Song stared, "There's no comparison at all. If it wasn't for me, the history would be completely different."

   "But we figured it out, and you woke up ten years later!"

   Zhao Song scratched his head and asked, "Where did the experiment take place?"

   "Jingdong, the head."

   Speaking of this, Professor Liu seems to have remembered something, "We have considered it, this matter is related to you."

   Zhao Song: "Isn't that social experiment related to me?"

   "That's right," Professor Liu nodded, "and coincidentally, the day the experiment started was the day when the energy exploded."

   "So, apart from the experiment being related to me, have you not considered that people are also related to me?"

  Professor Liu thought for a long time and shook his head.

   "Teacher, do you know that Yu Bianbian is such a person?"

  Professor Liu hurriedly operated on the computer, and finally shook his head and said, "The big data shows that all individuals and companies related to you do not have this person."

   Zhao Song said with a wry smile: "The woman entered Tesla as an intern through an intermediary company. In order to avoid being deceived, she took a fake certificate and took a stage name."

   "Her real name is Yu Xiaoning."


  Professor Liu turned around and explained to the assistant, "Check!"

   As the information about that person and woman was projected on the big screen, Professor Liu was silent.

   "The data shows that the woman and the protagonist of the experiment knew each other and were still neighbors. Moreover, Yu Xiaoning was the experiment site—a frequent visitor to the blind massage shop."

  Professor Liu looked at Zhao Song and asked solemnly, "What does this prove?"

   "Proves nothing."

   Seeing that the table is full of written materials, Zhao Song began to look through it, "Faraday is the first product released by the flower gardener in ten years, and it has something to do with me!

   This is a major event that clashes with space history!

   Crisis begins.

   It won't get too far from me, it will stare at me and see how I destroy the world.

   Or tempt that new host to destroy..."

  Professor Liu nodded in approval and pointed to the map on the big screen. There was a bright spot on the map. It was a big inland city where the flower family was, and a sports event was in full swing.

   "The crisis has begun, but it's not your turn to worry, we will handle it."

  Professor Liu explained: "What you have to do is to find it and prove its existence!"

   Zhao Song nodded solemnly: "Find out all the information in the area that happened that day."

   An hour later, Zhao Song picked out a medical document at an aviation hospital not far from the gate, looked at everyone and asked:

   "Excuse me, in a dignified and good place, a modern international metropolis, how on earth was such a person bitten by a poisonous snake living in a virgin forest?"



  Professor Liu explained with a gloomy face that she was annoyed by her negligence.

   A few minutes later, the profile of a middle-aged man appeared in front of everyone:

   "Bronze, 30 years old, massage parlor employee, honest, enthusiastic, and the protagonist of the experiment."


   "Ask again," Zhao Song asked with a half-smile, "what is the registered name of the massage parlor?"

The assistant    bowed his head and replied, "It's really relaxing for a blind person to massage."

  Professor Liu looked at Zhao Song in disbelief: "Yours?"

   Zhao Song shook his head: "I rented all the properties in this chain at a low price. The partners are Lao Wang next door to Zhonghai, and a second-hand furniture merchant surnamed Song in Xisanqi."

  Professor Liu said categorically: "It's there!"

   "Yeah, it's there, now, I'm going to find it!"


  Really Relaxing Massage for the Blind. At the beginning of its establishment, it was well-known in Beijing with the price of only 30 yuan per bell.

   Even if it has risen to 50 now, it is still the most cost-effective massage parlor in Beijing.

   The premise is that those blind technicians do not locomotive!

  Jingdong, Taitou West Road.

  Really easy 101st branch.

   It's still early, and it's still a long time before the door opens at ten o'clock.

   An antique gold cup hurriedly stopped in front of the store.

   Zhao Song, who covered his face with a hat, jumped out of the car, pushed a whole set of Hidley power tools, and walked towards the store.

   sent away the store manager who was the only one, and Zhao Song stood alone in the center of the store.

   Holding the decoration design drawing in his hand, in his mind, he recalled the video when the experiment took place.

   "Little Bone, help me recharge."

   Zhao Song walked to a massage table and quickly simulated the scene in his head.

   As if there is a small bone beside the massage table.

"Let me do it."

   At this moment, the protagonist of the experiment appeared in Zhao Song's mind. He snatched the charger from Xiao Bone's hand and walked quickly to the electric socket in the corner.

   In Zhao Song's head, the countdown sound of that experiment sounded:

   "Voltage adjustment, the test countdown starts 3..."

   Zhao Song did not look back at the protagonist in his mind, but kept staring at the little bone.

   The voltage does not hit, except to make the protagonist stunned for a while, the electricity will not kill him.

   But little bones...

  In Zhao Song's mind, Little Bones took out his mobile phone charger and plugged it into the socket under the massage bed.

   "2, 1~ The test begins."


   The protagonist fell to the ground and fell unconscious.

   Little Bones was stunned for a moment, his confused and stunned eyes were almost exactly the same as Zhao Song who stood at the gate of his alma mater in 1999.

   But compared to Zhao Song who stood still for a long time, Little Bones moved quickly. He quickly ran to the protagonist, carried him on his back, and rushed out of the store...


   Zhao Song returned to Qingming, the fantasy of the massage parlor disappeared in his eyes, and it became empty again.

   He lifted the massage table to reveal the socket.

   "That socket, it seems that after an accident ten years ago, it can't be used."

   Recalling the store manager's words in his ear, Zhao Song took out the Hidley electric hammer and started smashing the wall on the socket.

  “Da da da~”

   Five minutes later, he nag about the corner of the wall where the protagonist had an accident, and then scolded.

  “Da da da~”

  The transformer that guarantees the protagonist not to be electrocuted is exposed.

   But the intricate wiring and the exposed threads all showed that the decorator that Professor Liu hired was obviously irresponsible.

   He followed the socket line in the corner all the way to the massage table, and muttered to himself:

   "The wires are about to burn. This side is weak electricity, and the other side is accidentally connected, which is strong electricity!"

   took out his mobile phone and did some simple calculations with a calculator. Zhao Song was stunned:

   "With such a large voltage, how can you not die?"

   "In the past ten years, what have you done with your golden finger?"

   "What I got is a smart brain and an unparalleled ability to deduce the future. What is your golden finger?"

   "Space Gate? System?"

   "Wild poisonous snake... Could it be the inheritance of the imperial beast gate of the Xiuxian world?"

   "In the past ten years, you have been giving massages, helping people leisurely, doing odd jobs everywhere, eating poor food, and living in messy dormitories. What are you trying to do?"

   "Gou, the protagonist of the novel, is because he has something to do."

   "You have been living in modern society for ten years, what are you trying to do?"

   Zhao Song shook his head with a wry smile.

   "I'm not as good as you!"

   "You're M's...

   It’s really goo~”


   Outside the Fourth Ring Road in the east of Beijing, Chaoyang Road, Ganlu Garden, and Aviation Hospital.

   Gu Tong walked out of the ward with a sad face, leaned against the wall, and lowered his head.

   Let passersby think he is sad for the people in the ward.

   “Da Da~”

The crisp sound of    high-heeled shoes made passers-by turn around and look at the beautiful woman in amazement.

   A woman called a "fallen angel" by Zhao Song, how could she not be beautiful.

   came to Gu Tong's side, and Yu Bianbian also leaned against the wall.

"how was it?"

"about to die."

   The two looked at each other, and after a long time, smiled...

   behind, the hands of men and women,

   hold tightly together.


  Destroy the Goldfinger series of novels "Rebirth at the Turn of the Century" is complete.

   Stay tuned for the second part of the series, a pure urban novel:

  《Goodbye Kunlun》

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