Chapter 1

  Rebirth is a very mysterious thing that often happens in the starting point. Some people have golden fingers, some people have super memory, and some people have good luck. As for the principle? Starting to know. Zhao Song closed his eyes and struggled - he was reborn, and then, he had nothing!

   A few embarrassing things that left a deep impression on me in my previous life. When I entered the university, more than 20 boys formed a circle in the medical examination room, with the medical examination teacher sitting in the middle, and then they took off their pants to their ankles and walked around again. This is definitely one of them.

   Zhao Song's eyes widened and he was reborn. He walked around like other classmates ignorantly. He ignorantly completed the admission procedures according to the freshman handbook, and ignorantly sent away his mother and sister who accompanied him.

  In the late autumn of 1999 in Kyoto, the sandstorm came as scheduled, the yellow sand filled the sky like the end of the world, Zhao Song, who was stung by the sand and gravel shot by the wind, woke up.

   Standing at the gate of the school, he looked at the scene that looked like a dance of demons in the distance, and then looked up at the gate of the school: Kyoto Mechanical Academy.

   He muttered to himself, "This is 1999, I am 19 years old this year, a freshman in the Accounting Department of the Business Administration Branch of the Kyoto Institute of Mechanical Engineering.

  My name is Zhao Song, 1.8 meters, 400 degrees myopia, neural deafness, I don't have a hearing aid in my right ear, and the monthly living expenses are my college entrance examination score of 559 yuan.

  I have no debts now, I am in good health, I can try my best to see if I can get 18 sets! I'm fine now. "

   "Old Zhao, what are you doing, auntie sent it away?" A young but burly young man walked up to Zhao Song and said.

Zhao Song didn't answer, and hesitantly asked "Xi Zi?" Zhao Song immediately responded, this is Xi Zi, a classmate in high school, with the same score as him in the college entrance examination, and the same volunteers, and then both of them were admitted to the school, only But one was assigned to the accounting department, and the other was assigned to marketing.

  Xiko is one of his only friends. There is no dog blood that he ignores when he is down. He is always the kind of friend who will appear by your side when you need it.

  Kiko is a down-to-earth person. After graduating, he was recruited by the state-owned enterprise Jinggang, and obtained a Kyoto household registration. Then he married and had children step by step, and bought two-limited houses.

   In addition to the self-contained house in Tongzhou owned by the daughter-in-law's family, it can be regarded as a firm foothold in Kyoto. As a rural person, this is simply too easy.

"I just sent it off, I was a little distracted just now!" Zhao Songlou lived on Xizi's shoulder and walked to the dormitory with him: "When did you come, I saw that you were assigned to marketing during the report, and I thought I was done. I'll find you."

   "Three days in advance, an elder brother in our village is also from this school. He told me to report early to apply for student loans."

   "That's done? Let me know if you don't have enough money in the future. You know, my oilfield's conditions are definitely better than yours!" Zhao Song couldn't help but feel ashamed. Xizi's living expenses were 200 yuan a month.

   In the previous life, Xizi had never spoken to him in four years of university, but Zhao Song, who was addicted to online games, would not get some money from Xizi and would not pay it back.

"All the formalities and documents have been handed in. Wait for the school's approval. The handling teacher said there is no problem. Wait for the notification. Anyway, the money is in my hands." Xizi said nonchalantly, "The living expenses must be enough, as the elder brother said, usually go out to send A leaflet, plus the 60 per month given by the school, I don’t eat and drink too much, and I can’t starve to death.”

Zhao Song nodded, Xizi's tuition for four years in the previous life was a student loan, and knowing that he did it smoothly, he didn't say much, "Okay, anyway, you are on the third floor and I will be on the first floor. If there is anything in the future, let's talk to each other. I'll take care of it, and I'll go out and find a part-time job when I'm done with school, and I'll tell you when I'm ready."

   As a university directly under the city of Kyoto, it has a second-class undergraduate degree, but the Kyoto Institute of Mechanical Engineering is not large. Entering the gate is the teaching building, and turning the corner is the male dormitory. After exchanging the dormitory number with Xizi, Zhao Song walked into his dormitory. There were four people on and off the bed, and seven people lived. There was a desk under the door. With Zhao Song, seven gods, there was no warm-blooded brotherhood. Playing tricks one by one slips.

   Zhao Song is the child of a state-owned oilfield worker. His parents are dual-career workers. In his previous life, Zhao Song was 19 years old.

   Zhao Song, who grew up under the wings of his parents, although he didn't want anything or anything, at least he didn't lack food and clothing.

Therefore, Zhao Song has no concept of power and wealth. No matter if your family has money or not, whether your father is an official or not, he will play together if he gets along. One by one, there are distinct circles, so there are many friends, but there are no close friends.

   Entered the university and entered the dormitory of the gods. Zhao Song learned to smoke, play crazy, and play online games, but he could not see the roommates who were playing with him secretly studying and secretly chasing the girls he liked. Before his rebirth, Zhao Song thought about the brotherhood of a room full of diaosi. There is at least one rich second generation who is the catfish in the novel. . . . . . . .

"Zhao Song, I'll wait for you. Our dormitory is complete. Just now, the counselor came to let us choose a dormitory leader to supervise the hygiene of the dormitory. The brothers discuss who will do it." It was Lu Zhou who spoke, Zhao Song Shangbu, a native of Longjiang Province in the northeast, is half a fellow of Zhao Song, a senior official in Liaoning University. He is the boss of the dormitory and has a physical fitness. Eighty percent of the mess in the four years of college is related to him.

   "Head of the house? I don't have any opinion. I'll do whatever I want." Zhao Song said cheerfully.

   "Let's arrange the size, and whoever is the boss will be the one. Anyway, let's report the name to the counselor. Let's take turns." He Yu, who is slightly fat, said.

   Several people have no opinion. Like the previous life, the boss of Luzhou, became the head of the dormitory who only existed on the first day of the university, and then cleaned up the beds each.

In the first two days of school, the school was very full. In addition to the class meeting, they also needed to visit a small school. As an engineering university, Zhao Song and the others also needed to learn lathes in addition to studying accounting for their major. Welding, forging and other elective courses, this school visit is an opportunity to show new students.

While packing his luggage, Zhao Song glanced at the opposite shop. Lu Feng, a native of the Central Plains, with a physique of a passerby, is a rare scholar in this school. After graduation, he was admitted to a certified public accountant. After returning to his hometown, he reached the peak of his life. Contact, when I wanted to play for four years in college, I recruited everyone to play together. The rest of the time was silently acting as a passerby. Before the exam, I wish everyone knew that he was afraid of failing. After the exam, no one paid attention to getting the scholarship. He, the best thing is that Zhao Song knew that he was the boss of the dormitory after graduation.

   Thinking of this, Zhao Song shook his head with a wry smile. In his previous life, he was just a little white. Now let's think about his 18 sets.

  Total assets 649, (559 living expenses and 90 pockets left in summer vacation)

   It’s 900,000 words, and suddenly there are a lot of comments in the first chapter of not paying back the money... Well, it was written in the public chapter, and the protagonist made it clear that he wanted to go back.

   Being light with nothing is not the kind of meaning that some book lovers understand.



   (end of this chapter)

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