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Rebirth to Eighties: Shrewd Little Wife

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Mei Xiaoran, who died young, thought that this was the most miserable life, but she woke up and went back to the 1980s.

Poor families, poor relatives, all proper hand rotten cards!

Mei Xiaoran sneers, who indulged you all?!

Trample on the best, abuse the dregs, achieve the ideals of the previous life, take the whole family against the attack and run for a well-off life.

On the road of struggle, also picked up a handsome man, let’s follow how Mei Xiaoran got on well in the 1980s and created her business myth.

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Short Title:
Alternate Title:重生八零:泼辣小媳妇
Author:Zhao Zhao
Weekly Rank:#6918
Monthly Rank:#2245
All Time Rank:#1445
Tags:Academy, Beautiful Female Lead, Business Management, Childhood Sweethearts, Familial Love, Family, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Modern Day, Poor to Rich, Second Chance,
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8 Comments on “Rebirth to Eighties: Shrewd Little Wife
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  1. Ch.10+ i really dont like her father.. Like, you would beat your own child just to curry favor.. Terlalu melempem kl menurut gw.. 😑 gajadi baca dah..

  2. Most who are reborn save money this MC makes money and buys everyone bikes left and right. Ending up broke again and again and has to "hustle" only to spend it on her expanded family. She is also way to submissive. Dad beats her for disagreeing with a spoiled brat, that's ok. Said spoiled brat keeps harassing her? Thats ok ill say a word or two and get no where then be the "bigger" person and walk away. So many in her family want to drink poison because they dont get what they want. Alright let em. Oh no wait her comes the mc to pamper em and spend money. For a rebirth she is braindead.

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