Rebirth to 80s: I Just Want to Farm When I Have Space

In the 1980s, opportunities were everywhere. The reborn Xiang Jie doesn’t envy others at all. She lives in a small farmhouse surrounded by green mountains and rivers, eating rice and vegetables from her own field, and pigs, fish, chickens, and ducks raised in her backyard. .... Read more

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Chapter 593 Just clever Chapter 592 Big Sister Open-minded Chapter 591 Own money

Chapter 590 Xiang Da Nian washes white Chapter 589 Eat dry Chapter 588 Don't worry Chapter 587 Wedding eve Chapter 586 Retribution for making money Chapter 585 Fate is so Chapter 584 Waiting to meet Chapter 583 Things are done Chapter 582 I advise you to learn

Chapter 581 Let you play Chapter 580 Deliberately hurt elder sister's heart Chapter 579 Won't betray eldest sister

Chapter 578 Net trouble to others Chapter 577 Injured Chapter 576 Sincere apology Chapter 575 Big sister is a qualified person Chapter 574 We won't betray eldest sister Chapter 573 Don't misrecognize relatives Chapter 572 He came to apologize Chapter 571 Sneaky person Chapter 570 Be grateful

Chapter 569 Make yourself strong Chapter 568 Buy land Chapter 567 New Year's Money Chapter 566 Compensation for the rest of your life Chapter 565 get along well Chapter 564 Happy New Year Chapter 563 I can't find it for myself Chapter 562 The chic days are back Chapter 561 Six relatives don't recognize Chapter 560 Upside down black and white Chapter 559 Kill her arrogance Chapter 558 Admiring

Chapter 557 Self-indulgence Chapter 556 It's more like a family Chapter 555 Those who are near Zhu are red and those who are near Mo are black Chapter 554 Finally looking forward to you back Chapter 553 Once bitten, twice shy Chapter 552 Don't get angry with your dad Chapter 551 Waiting for the new year Chapter 550 Changed to Danian Chapter 549 Miss second brother Chapter 548 Thanks for visiting Chapter 547 The pain in my heart Chapter 546 No matter how much you care about, you will go to hell

Chapter 545 So dependent Chapter 544 Caught by the police Chapter 543 A match made in heaven Chapter 542 This marriage agrees with both hands Chapter 541 Escaped the crackdown Chapter 540 Blessing on the road Chapter 539 Partnership Chapter 538 Do business in earnest Chapter 537 track Chapter 536 Guilty conscience Chapter 535 Are you afraid of retribution? Chapter 534 Bear too much

Chapter 533 Find a good wife Chapter 532 No one sees her well Chapter 531 Never been so caring Chapter 530 Can't stand such a blow Chapter 529 Bow down Chapter 528 The third sister raises you Chapter 527 Why nostalgia Chapter 526 You are fired Chapter 525 Hit people at every turn Chapter 524 Solve the problem sincerely Chapter 523 Clean up the mess Chapter 522 Fifth is causing trouble again

Chapter 521 Restaurants and canteens Chapter 520 adventure Chapter 519 Ambitious Chapter 518 Be a good person Chapter 517 No brother Chapter 516 Stay majestic Chapter 515 Ask for business Chapter 514 Hug this big tree Chapter 513 True love Chapter 512 Stop disturbing the fourth Chapter 511 stranger Chapter 510 How old are you

Chapter 509 Are all on the road Chapter 508 Pull in relationships Chapter 507 What an unpretentious child Chapter 506 Trustworthy person Chapter 505 Find a babysitter Chapter 504 Pregnant Chapter 503 I'm going to be a father Chapter 502 Good news Chapter 501 Don't follow suit Chapter 500 Don't be too happy Chapter 499 Talking doesn't count as a puppy Chapter 498 Determined not to go back

Chapter 497 Sister will not want us Chapter 496 You will be your sister from now on Chapter 495 He is superfluous Chapter 494 Biased by Xiang Shan Chapter 493 Get together and bully me Chapter 492 Don't get into it Chapter 491 Intensify Chapter 490 Why hit me Chapter 489 You are ruining his future Chapter 488 Down to this point Chapter 487 track Chapter 486 Like a spy

Chapter 485 The fifth is wrong Chapter 484 Know it's wrong Chapter 483 Reach an agreement Chapter 482 Third sister's game hall Chapter 481 Play game console Chapter 480 Coming back Chapter 479 Stepping stone Chapter 478 Dove occupying magpie's nest Chapter 477 Ruthless Chapter 476 Too cruel Chapter 475 Hate her and have to admit her Chapter 474 Accompany

Chapter 473 Bad guys caught Chapter 472 The righteous Chapter 471 Tracked Chapter 470 Draw flatbread Chapter 469 Her skill Chapter 468 Family affection is worthless to her Chapter 467 Sue you for blackmail Chapter 466 Sit on the floor and start Chapter 465 Vicious mind Chapter 464 You take the Yangguan Road and I cross the single-plank bridge Chapter 463 Property division Chapter 462 Expand business

Chapter 461 Already missed Chapter 460 Wave goodbye Chapter 459 Heroes and parasites Chapter 458 Finding people is a big project Chapter 457 Each request Chapter 456 Waiting for the mine owner Chapter 455 I cherish my broom Chapter 453 Annihilated Bacteria Chapter 454 The battle to save matsutake Chapter 452 Unconditional support Chapter 451 First sight Chapter 450 Want to get a salary from the bottom

Chapter 449 Scrapped machinery Chapter 448 Going to retire Chapter 447 Stewed Chapter 446 Self-produced and sold Chapter 445 Blooming lotus Chapter 444 family Chapter 443 Flattering on the hoof Chapter 442 Start a pig farm Chapter 441 There is no way to go Chapter 440 Can't afford to offend Chapter 439 Take the opportunity to cause trouble Chapter 438 Full of loopholes

Chapter 437 Biogas digester explosion Chapter 436 Fuxing Benxing Chapter 435 Come back to add a blockage Chapter 434 The third child who is not seen by his family Chapter 433 Cry Chapter 432 Full of sincerity Chapter 431 Want to cooperate Chapter 430 The one who protects her Chapter 429 Too hostile Chapter 428 The lion has a big mouth Chapter 427 Beat people to the hospital Chapter 426 To serve as an example

Chapter 425 Settle accounts Chapter 424 A fire in the branch Chapter 423 Gifts for children Chapter 422 First day of holiday Chapter 421 Repaying debts is justified Chapter 420 Ate their quail Chapter 419 Benefit first Chapter 418 Retribution Chapter 417 Speak with fist Chapter 416 deny Chapter 415 The old auspicious legend Chapter 414 No long memory yet

Chapter 413 Flattering Chapter 412 Parents' drama Chapter 411 Strong alliance Chapter 410 Not annoying Chapter 409 She comes to make terms Chapter 408 Fine wine and good drink Chapter 407 Choose a position Chapter 406 Toast or fine wine, she has the final say Chapter 405 Drink to death Chapter 404 Pig manure treatment plan Chapter 403 Try to make meat sauce Chapter 402 Willing to marry him

Chapter 401 Buy shares Chapter 400 Rescue Chapter 399 Test on the edge of danger Chapter 398 High gold contract Chapter 397 Sky price beef Chapter 396 Door-to-door purchase Chapter 395 Good things are not afraid to compare Chapter 394 Too big steps Chapter 393 Smashed the rice sauce Chapter 392 Quality issues Chapter 391 Expand the scale of breeding Chapter 390 Approved Wagyu

Chapter 389 Poor Japanese Chapter 388 Should envy her Chapter 387 Floated Chapter 386 Reformer Chapter 385 Learn something Chapter 384 Advanced reward and punishment system Chapter 383 Beg her Chapter 382 Catch up and fall behind Chapter 381 The power of the sales network Chapter 380 Feed company Chapter 379 Be the second largest shareholder Chapter 378 Amazing return money

Chapter 377 College assistant Chapter 376 information platform Chapter 375 Buyer's Club Chapter 374 Video contract Chapter 373 Empty glove white wolf Chapter 372 Here comes a braggart Chapter 371 The ambiguity didn't work out Chapter 370 Another borrower Chapter 369 The idea of ​​raising quail Chapter 368 Four brothers Chapter 367 Wagyu Hot Pot Chapter 366 First contract

Chapter 365 Love her Chapter 364 People who come to borrow money Chapter 363 You can't eat poorly and drink poorly Chapter 362 An endless stream of scholars Chapter 361 Xingfu Village Canteen Chapter 360 Happy Village Food Company Chapter 359 National carve-out map Chapter 358 Wei Hong is here too Chapter 357 Good news Chapter 356 Training class Chapter 355 Own sales force Chapter 354 Products must be sold to the whole country

Chapter 353 Canteen Showroom Chapter 352 Special wine Chapter 351 Bag Valley Wine Chapter 350 Inspection team in the county Chapter 349 Among the best Chapter 348 Buy land and build a house Chapter 347 Vent grievances Chapter 346 The envy of classmates Chapter 345 House inspection Chapter 344 The only big ben in the county Chapter 343 What's new in junior high school Chapter 342 Study-oriented

Chapter 341 Ignore things outside the window Chapter 340 Sign up Chapter 339 Famous Chapter 338 There is no shortage of golden phoenixes with phoenix trees Chapter 337 Invest in education Chapter 336 The power of money Chapter 335 Large breeding counties Chapter 334 Technical advantages Chapter 333 Efficient way of publicity Chapter 332 Calm Chapter 331 Want to be rice worms Chapter 330 Tap into new value

Chapter 329 You are also very photogenic Chapter 328 Has merit Chapter 327 A joke that can laugh for half a year Chapter 326 Cow listening to music Chapter 325 Academic papers Chapter 324 Successfully transplanted Chapter 323 Challenge cutting-edge technology Chapter 322 Farm opened Chapter 321 Want to try Chapter 320 Hire technical staff Chapter 319 It tastes so good Chapter 318 Wagyu fertilized embryo

Chapter 317 It's the focus everywhere Chapter 316 The idea of ​​raising wagyu Chapter 315 Inventory income Chapter 314 got engaged Chapter 313 Come to propose Chapter 312 Think carefully Chapter 311 not qualified Chapter 310 Third sister's trouble Chapter 309 One-pot meal Chapter 308 I just want to be a wife slave Chapter 307 Noisy bridal chamber Chapter 306 A couple praised by everyone

Chapter 305 Great blessings in life Chapter 304 Different wedding Chapter 303 Give alms to a job Chapter 302 Wedding Planning Chapter 301 Trend-leading wedding photos Chapter 300 Invest in a factory Chapter 299 Popular rice sauce Chapter 298 Take a big market Chapter 297 News from her Chapter 296 Commissioned tracing Chapter 295 Nightmares again and again Chapter 294 garden design

Chapter 293 Squeeze your head into the mine Chapter 292 Win-win solution Chapter 291 Urgent need for technicians Chapter 290 Latest mining equipment Chapter 289 Follow up to buy land Chapter 288 Give them a hand Chapter 287 The magical effect of shiitake mushroom root Chapter 286 Rice sauce Chapter 285 Luxury personal villa Chapter 284 Leave home Chapter 283 Business opportunities for waterproof materials Chapter 282 I've seen it all, what are you afraid of

Chapter 281 waterproof material Chapter 280 Leaking new house Chapter 279 Be compared Chapter 278 The jealousy from Li Fugui Chapter 277 Pull investment Chapter 276 The county magistrate is here Chapter 275 Disappointed Erya Chapter 274 Return home Chapter 273 planning Chapter 272 Cheap land price Chapter 271 Successful delivery Chapter 270 Output has gone up

Chapter 269 Stable strain Chapter 268 got engaged Chapter 267 Alliance Chapter 266 Marriage plan Chapter 265 Accompany travel Chapter 264 Ore market Chapter 263 Japanese mining equipment Chapter 262 Her plan Chapter 261 The plight of the Nagano family Chapter 260 Tubaozi going abroad Chapter 259 Heartbeat Chapter 258 Cantonese businessman visit

Chapter 257 Be alone for the first time Chapter 256 Be home to dad Chapter 255 Should not move Chapter 254 Planning to bring second brother to Japan Chapter 253 Nagano Takako Chapter 252 crisis Chapter 251 Construction of a new house Chapter 250 Nurturing failure Chapter 249 Li Fugui's new house Chapter 248 Selected drawing Chapter 247 Candidate Chapter 246 find a partner

Chapter 245 Sent to the county Chapter 244 arrange work Chapter 243 Highest bet Chapter 242 Eye-to-eye Chapter 241 Must be compared Chapter 240 Burning with jealousy Chapter 239 Come from the commune Chapter 238 Banquet constantly Chapter 237 Kitchen without firewood Chapter 236 Conceited Chapter 235 Pass the house Chapter 234 stay

Chapter 233 not qualified Chapter 232 bicker Chapter 231 Catching up to be a cheap lady Chapter 230 uninvited guest Chapter 229 Prepare first Chapter 228 Not a fuel-efficient lamp Chapter 227 Father's second spring is here Chapter 226 No profit can not afford to early Chapter 225 Gift-giving fleet of foreigners Chapter 224 Palatial house Chapter 223 Self-built water tower Chapter 222 Eye-opened

Chapter 221 Another one who wants to steal the teacher Chapter 220 Stealing strain Chapter 219 Concerned about the position of the richest man Chapter 218 New family member Chapter 217 A greedy housemaid Chapter 216 Someone who broke in suddenly Chapter 215 To be the originator of the live broadcast Chapter 214 Grow vegetables Chapter 213 Space vegetable field Chapter 212 New ways to play space Chapter 211 unacceptable Chapter 210 See the smoke

Chapter 209 Unfairly together Chapter 208 Independent portal Chapter 207 Man's self-confidence Chapter 206 Good luck Chapter 205 Retribution Chapter 204 Desperate scar is strong Chapter 203 Right to use space warehouse Chapter 202 Start first Chapter 201 Dog bites Lu Dongbin Chapter 200 Kidnapping Chapter 199 Underpopular Chapter 198 Blackmail

Chapter 197 Detained for fighting Chapter 196 Someone sets off first Chapter 195 Invincible Chapter 194 Worried about Chapter 193 The scar is forgotten to hurt Chapter 192 Choose land Chapter 191 Cooperation reached Chapter 190 A little hope Chapter 189 Come back to collect debts Chapter 188 Come home again Chapter 187 Longing for a new house Chapter 186 Inexplicable design drawings

Chapter 185 Building a new house on the agenda Chapter 184 Afraid of thieves Chapter 183 Huge deal Chapter 182 Customers abroad Chapter 181 Sister-in-law Chapter 180 Greedy for money Chapter 179 Recognition Chapter 178 Mine collapsed Chapter 177 Strictly check Chapter 176 Safety production is more important than Mount Tai Chapter 175 Boss wife inspection Chapter 174 Start a happy life mode

Chapter 173 Cruel man Chapter 172 Buy land Chapter 171 Unequal treaties Chapter 170 Team up for feeding Chapter 169 Guinea pig without emotion Chapter 168 Sudden high fever Chapter 167 Boss Zhou's personal assistant Chapter 166 Passionate rival Chapter 165 The tender girl goes to the mine Chapter 164 Chicken Thief Caught Chapter 163 Typical of feudal superstition Chapter 162 mission completed

Chapter 161 recording Chapter 160 Discrimination from the goddess Chapter 159 This is retribution Chapter 158 The Suffering Chicken and Duck Chapter 157 Visit the leader Chapter 156 Dad who turned his elbow out Chapter 155 Happy New Year in a group Chapter 154 Talk auspiciously and ask for red envelopes Chapter 153 New year's goals Chapter 152 New Year's Eve Dinner Chapter 151 New Year gifts prepared Chapter 150 New Year's Eve

Chapter 149 Divided into Chapter 148 Add two dishes Chapter 147 Qing Xiaonian Chapter 146 Do new year's goods Chapter 145 fever Chapter 144 Going to the big city Chapter 143 Design your own house Chapter 142 Sure enough, a nest of snakes and rats Chapter 141 Hit it off Chapter 140 Procurement of bulky items Chapter 139 Dormitory shop Chapter 138 The whole village is electrified

Chapter 137 Get rich typical Chapter 136 Win-win Chapter 135 Lead the whole village to become rich Chapter 134 Ways to guard against foreign thieves Chapter 133 To catch a thief is to catch the loot Chapter 132 Is it an inside ghost or an outside thief Chapter 131 Famous flowers are in charge Chapter 130 The most fashionable boy in the school Chapter 129 Three sisters back to school Chapter 128 Money debts Chapter 127 Double profits Chapter 126 Ways to deal with color embryos

Chapter 125 Mushroom Housewarming Chapter 124 Expansion of the firewood shed Chapter 123 Venue is short board Chapter 122 Family Mobilization Chapter 121 Set a small goal first Chapter 120 Ten thousand potential stocks Chapter 119 Hi mention a bicycle Chapter 118 Sold out Chapter 117 Box for sale Chapter 116 Space buy technology Chapter 115 long term plan Chapter 114 A jealous meal

Chapter 113 Gifts for straight men Chapter 112 Old five's ambition Chapter 111 Witty Sister Chapter 110 Certificates and awards Chapter 109 Mythical beasts on holiday Chapter 108 Bicycle ticket Chapter 107 1V8 win Chapter 106 Little White Rabbit Transformation Chapter 105 Threat Chapter 104 The soldier will not bear Chapter 103 Fight Chapter 102 There is always that bad-minded

Chapter 101 Go mining Chapter 100 Hire villagers Chapter 99 The road to ten thousand households Chapter 98 Contracts Chapter 97 Fake rheumatism and real laxatives Chapter 96 Steal the teacher Chapter 95 Who is the secret recipe? Chapter 94 Auntie who came to collect debts Chapter 93 The name of the reincarnation Hua Tuo Chapter 92 People seeking medicine Chapter 91 Secretary He's visit Chapter 90 Bring spring water into your home

Chapter 89 spring Chapter 88 No worries about running water Chapter 87 Became a new thing in the village Chapter 86 Toilet completed Chapter 85 Be prepared to have a mine at home Chapter 84 Zhou Gang's Confession Chapter 83 The laughing stock of the villagers Chapter 82 Money is not as important as freedom Chapter 81 Retirement gift Chapter 80 Marital autonomy Chapter 79 The baby's parent who has not been weaned Chapter 78 Counterattack

Chapter 77 The baby comes to teach Chapter 76 Gossip in the village Chapter 75 Come to help Chapter 74 Mining can make a fortune Chapter 73 Dig to ore Chapter 72 Zhou Gang goes down the mountain Chapter 71 Someone made such a request Chapter 70 I saved enough money for the toilet Chapter 69 Repurchase pills Chapter 68 Buds of conspiracy Chapter 67 People visiting by car Chapter 66 Women, you should have a face

Chapter 65 Gossip Chapter 64 The right to speak Chapter 63 Fish Ball Noodles Chapter 62 Straddle gold Chapter 61 slander Chapter 60 Xiangjia's eldest mother Chapter 59 Lawless Chapter 58 Catching up Chapter 57 Not sold Chapter 56 Go to the county to sell the watch Chapter 55 Want to sell watches Chapter 54 Medicine opened

Chapter 53 The leak in the house still meets the night rain Chapter 52 Pill realization is bumpy Chapter 51 Compensation Chapter 50 Do not listen to advertisements to see the effect Chapter 49 Magic medicine Chapter 48 My fourth uncle Chapter 47 Sugar swap Chapter 46 hard currency Chapter 45 Luxury toffee Chapter 44 Have come to find the way Chapter 43 Gossip in the village Chapter 42 Whole village mobilization

Chapter 41 Fish and shrimp for money Chapter 40 Buy mosquito net Chapter 39 Mosquito bites everywhere Chapter 38 Medicine for sugar Chapter 37 Confide in Chapter 36 Bad signs Chapter 35 Lack of money Chapter 34 Big renewal Chapter 33 One teaches two bad Chapter 32 Continue uphill Chapter 31 Lunch Chapter 30 A pair of Jiefang shoes

Chapter 29 Wild Tianqi Chapter 28 Deliver medicine Chapter 27 be careful and live long Chapter 26 All have to be changed Chapter 25 Change shoes Chapter 24 Tricky Chapter 23 Food and food Chapter 22 Too fat Chapter 21 happy moment Chapter 20 Contract to people Chapter 19 toffee Chapter 18 Sugar to sadness

Chapter 17 Wild orchid Chapter 16 Awakened father Chapter 15 Debt repayment agreement Chapter 14 Li Tuhu's IOU Chapter 13 After cleaning up the hillside Chapter 12 My sister's conjecture Chapter 11 Small goal Chapter 10 New house rules Chapter 9 Bibimbap Chapter 8 White rice Chapter 7 Fried pork with bamboo shoots Chapter 6 The mountains are full of wealth

Chapter 5 Someone wants to sell Simei Chapter 4 Loess for buns Chapter 3 Space Mall Chapter 2 Girl eating soil Chapter 1 Four Walls

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