There is a custom in the village that pregnant women cannot enter the bride’s new house, especially the bride’s bed. Whether it is feudal superstition or not, it is always an old tradition in the village. As long as it is traditional, it deserves to be respected.

Therefore, Xiang Jie can only wait outside and can't go to Wei Yan's wedding room to see her off. Xiang Simei is a daughter-in-law, also known as the bridesmaid, and the other bridesmaid is Xiang Ying. On the one hand, you have to take into account the zodiac signs, and on the other hand, you naturally have to leave it to your family to do, because in the village, there are red envelopes for getting married and getting married.

It was a good time for Zhang Tao to pick him up at 8:30, and the family had already become lively by this time. As soon as Zhang Tao arrived, he began to come in again to carry the dowry. In this era, the dowry is not particularly rich, after all, family conditions are very limited.

But Wei Yan's dowry is amazing. A brand-new wardrobe and a washing machine are two big pieces. There are also a lot of other large and small bags. The man's family followed to pull the dowry, which can be called an envy. For so many years, I have never seen anyone who marries a girl so arrogant, and even said that it is a big bag, and I don’t know what gold and silver jewelry is inside!

The praise is endless, all praise Xiang Danian. After all, in everyone's mind, Xiang Danian is just Wei Yan's stepfather. A stepfather can marry a daughter so generously, but he must be a good father.

Xiang Danian felt a little embarrassed at the beginning, after all these things were prepared by Xiang Jie, he didn't spend that much money. To say that she is a stepfather, at most she cut a few quilts, bought dozens of catties of cotton, and made a few new quilts for Wei Yan.

In the compliments of so many people, he still felt ashamed of himself. But Xiang Jie said, these are all in his name, he married a "daughter" today, this compliment is affordable.

Xiang Jie's current practice has given him a face, and his reputation for many years has finally been washed away today. The villagers did not know the reason for the incident, and all praised Xiang Danian.

Although it hasn't been a long time with his ex-wife and I haven't been able to live a good life, but now I can finally live a good life with Liu Cuifen. Although they are halfway couples, they can live up their lives even if they are in a good relationship.

Liu Cuifen brought three children. Although the eldest daughter Wei Hong had a rough fate, she was married and married. The second daughter, Wei Yan, went smoothly and met a good marriage. Now only the younger son Wei Xiaobing is left. When Xiang Danian builds a house for Wei Xiaobing and marries his wife in the future, his responsibilities to Liu Cuifen will be fulfilled.

Building a house and marrying a wife is a very difficult task for farmers. Some people can't even build a house, so marrying a wife becomes a difficult task.

But for Xiang Danian, this is not a worry at all. His eldest daughter surpassed Jie Hun's prosperity, and the ten-thousand-yuan household was properly built, and it was completely no problem to build a house; the eldest son-in-law was a coal mine, and couldn't hold the money in that pocket. The second son is developing a career in Japan, and I heard that the third daughter is also doing well in the county.

Look at what life does this family live? Compared with ordinary people, it is a world of difference!

Besides, Liu Cuifen owns a rice sauce factory, and I heard that he has invested in it. This factory has also made her a lot of money. Even if Wei Xiaobing marries his wife Xiang Danian in the future, I believe Liu Cuifen himself is capable of marrying his son.

What's more, Xiang Danian is so concerned about the marriage of a stepdaughter, how can he ignore the stepson?

Now the happiest fourth uncle who can see their family's life is so happy. Looking at Xiang Jie in such a hardship from the beginning, now he finally got out of his nest, and he was very pleased in his heart.

The drum band has been beating and beating all the time, which is very festive. With all the dowries finished, Zhang Tao took Wei Yan away after some trouble with the groom.

Originally, Zhang Tao wanted to use the bicycle team to pick him up, but Wei Yan said that at least a tractor was needed. At first Zhang Tao didn't know Wei Yan's thoughts, only when she felt that she was married once in her lifetime, and she had to make it more pompous.

But after I came here today, I learned that there are so many dowries! If he hadn't changed to a tractor at the time, I am afraid that these dowries would not be able to be pulled back!

Zhang Tao took Wei Yan by the hand and carried her onto the tractor amidst the cheers of everyone and the farewell of the drum band.

Liu Cuifen stood at the door, watching Wei Yan standing on the tractor, with a shy smile, his eyes overflowing with happiness, and he couldn't help crying with his mouth covered.

Xiang Danian persuaded her from the side: "What are you doing! When the child is overjoyed, what are you crying like!"

"Happy, I'm happy." Liu Cuifen covered her mouth, crying and nodding to explain.

In fact, this is the mother, in addition to happy, the most reluctant. When a child is married, he will have his own home. Where can he often stay with his parents?

Especially widows like Liu Cuifen, who have brought up their children hand-in-hand since they were young, the feelings are even more different, and the feeling of reluctance in her heart is beyond words.

Xiang Danian is a big man. He didn't understand her inner feelings, so he shoved her a bit and groaned: "Don't cry, the child should feel uncomfortable after seeing it."

Liu Cuifen knew this too, but she wanted to control, but she couldn't. She covered her mouth with one hand and waved frequently like Wei Yan with the other.

Wei Yan originally had a happy smile on her face, but when she saw her mother, she couldn't help but burst into tears.

"Look! You still made the child cry." Xiang Danian rebuked again.

Liu Cuifen couldn't help it anymore, turned and ran towards the house. Wei Yan is okay, at least in a village, she can be seen at any time. But Wei Hong was married to the county seat. Although she said that she would return to work in the sauce factory in the future, she felt different. She always felt that her daughter was far away from herself.

Wei Yan saw her mother crying and ran away, and wanted to get out of the car to coax her, but Zhang Tao stopped her. After all, this is a big day for marriage, and there will be a good time for them to go back, and it will be bad if it is delayed. In desperation, Wei Yan could only reluctantly follow the tractor and leave.

Marriage in this era is not like later generations. There are many traditional rules. The natal family cannot follow the bride to the man’s house. This is why some in-laws have never seen each other in their entire lives in this era.

The relatives of the woman's side are going to have a banquet at the woman's house. Strictly speaking, it is a wedding without a protagonist.

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