Is there any kindness for someone who can sell even his relatives cruelly? In the past, Xiang Shan was always a sister at home. Moreover, the eldest sister has been educating them that they must behave well. Therefore, she cared about her only sisterhood, cared about her own smallness, and should have respect for the third child, so she always endured her.

But now it's different, Xiang Shan has severed ties with her eldest sister! When she left at that time, she said clearly that she had nothing to do with this family and everyone and everything in this family.

Even so, she has nothing to consider. After all, they are no longer sisters, are they?

When going to school a few days ago, Xiang Simei always targeted herself like this. Xiang Shan thought that she would slowly change herself. But now it seems that there is still no change. Xiang Shan was a little annoyed, but he didn't want to argue with Xiang Simei at this time, and the trouble was out of control in the end.

The result she wanted was nothing more than to split Xiang Jie's home and make her weep often. But she never expected that Xiang Simei would be so heartfelt to Xiang Jie.

Take a deep breath and calm yourself down. It doesn't matter. At the beginning, wasn't the fifth child still so sincere to Xiang Jie? In the end, didn't she run to her side in a dingy manner? Moreover, the fifth child is now one of her generals! She still doesn't believe that her team can't be expanded!

"Fourth, I said, I'm here to give the Yanzi a courtesy, how could I be looking for something!" Qiang Shan suppressed his anger and spoke gently to Xiang Simei.

Xiang Simei rolled her eyes at her: "Your so-called big gift, my Sister Yanzi has to see it!"

"Sister Yanzi can't look down on you, I didn't have any reason to turn it away when I sent it? Didn't people say it all? The courtesy is light and affectionate." Xiang Shan was taken aback by Xiang Simei. , I don't even know how to fight it anymore. When did this little girl film become so witty.

"How come it has become a polite and affectionate?" Xiang Simei coldly snorted, and when she saw Xiang Shan, she was not angry: "When you enter the door, you will talk yin and yang strangely. What kind of gifts are not polite? You are not polite , In front of my eldest sister, there is not a single piece of hair!"

What is Xiang Shan's intention? It's nothing more than to mock Xiang Jie for coming. The woman also has to be a courtesy to get married here, but Xiang Jie’s gift money is not in the gift book, because Xiang Jie has said that the money for the gift book must be repaid. She personally gave to Wei Yan, she only paid 500 yuan for the wedding gold, and she also bought a lot of things for her piecemeal.

Needless to say, I bought a washing machine and a closet, but it was given to Wei Yan as a dowry in the name of his father.

What is Xiang Shan's two hundred dollars in front of the elder sister's gift? She was still arrogant all day long, feeling that she was amazing. What happened to opening a clothing store? What's so great about having a movie theater? Do you want to compete with your eldest sister in this career?

Xiang Simei is the one who is most uncomfortable with Xiang Shan, and the one who can talk back to her most.

Xiang Shan stood on the spot, unable to say a word that Xiang Simei said, only looking at her angrily. When Xiang Simei told herself that Xiang Jie had given Wei Yan such a gift, she became angry for a while.

She didn't expect that people who searched so much for their sisters on weekdays would be so generous to a sister who was not related by blood. When she wanted to marry herself, she didn't prepare such a big gift for herself!

Thinking of this, Xiang Shan sneered, and said, "Huh! What is a sister? I haven't got a sister who is not related by blood yet. Thanks to my severing relationship with you, otherwise I won't have to be wiped out by you in the end. !"

When Xiang Shan said this, he was looking directly at Xiang Jie and told her clearly.

Xiang Jie didn't want to interrupt, but the moment Xiang Shan came in, she wanted to leave. But she understands Xiang Shan's temperament. If she left at that time, Xiang Shan might find any excuses to humiliate her.

She might as well sit here obediently and let herself watch a good show! After all, she is an adult, and there are many things to worry about. Especially in this case, she can't care about Xiang Shan too much and cause quarrels.

But Xiang Simei is different. She is still young and ignorant, and no one can talk about her if she really wants to cause something.

After today's incident, Xiang Simei's performance still made Xiang Jie very pleased. She knew that the fourth child had always defended herself, but she did not expect that she should have such a powerful mouth.

When she used to quarrel with Xiang Shan, she was stopped by Xiang Jie. Thinking about it now, she was really wronged, and her dissatisfaction for so many years could not be vented.

"Anyone with a discerning eye knows who wipes out who eats." Xiang Jie sneered and responded faintly.

In fact, Xiang Shan had no conscience to say this. Although she didn't give Xiang Shan so many courtesies, after she got married, she also gave her a passbook. The reason why she didn't give her a dowry at that time was because she was afraid that Yang Jianjun would be greedy for her money. But in the end, Xiang Jie knew that Xiang Shan was willing, and she couldn't stop it.

"Old fourth, I'm tired, you accompany me to go back to rest." Xiang Jie beckoned to Simei, beckoning her to stop arguing: "Swallow, get ready and keep a good mood."

Xiang Jie still knows Xiang Shan's temperament best. The reason why she came today was to mock her for coming, deliberately looking for excitement. But in this case, Xiang Jie didn't want to care about her. It made people turn their backs, but it was just asking outsiders to watch jokes. The most important thing is that it also affected the swallow's wedding.

As long as she is gone, Xiang Shan will feel boring. What topics can she talk with Wei Yan? I'm afraid I won't be able to stay long, I'm leaving.

Xiang Jie couldn't stay up all night, and wanted to go home earlier, but she didn't expect Xiang Shan to come. But she is not stupid, knowing that, she still has to let herself get angry, and she sees things about Xiang Shan extremely indifferently.

Because my home is too close, the theater troupe and the drum band are noisy and I can’t sleep. Xiang Jie simply bought earplugs in the Space Mall and brought them to him. At least he could cut off outside sounds and let him sleep peacefully. feel.

I have to get up early tomorrow morning to send Wei Yan to her marriage!

This wedding, but the fourth and sixth were so happy that they had a lot of fun playing in front of the stage. Even Wei Xiaobing hugged them, just like his brothers and sisters, and they are doing pretty well.

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