Seeing that Wei Yan was so anxious and separated from Xiang Shan, Xiang Jie was actually quite disappointed in her heart. If the third child knew that he had reached this point now, I wonder if she would be as proud as usual.

In the end, she just cast a comforting look at Wei Yan, telling her not to care too much.

"Swallow, Swallow?" As he spoke, the third child had already called Wei Yan's name to the door.

"Eldest Sister..." Xiang Simei glanced at Xiang Jie, always having a bad premonition in her heart.

Tomorrow is Wei Yan's wedding day, and Xiang Shan is here at this time. Isn't this adding to the barriers for everyone? What's more, the eldest sister is so heavy now, what if she gets angry with Xiang Shan again!

"It's okay." Xiang Jie shook her head at the fourth child, comforting her.

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw that Xiang Shan had already opened the door and walked in. Liu Cuifen was next to him. His eyes looked bewildered, and when he saw Xiang Jie, he seemed quite embarrassed.

"Look, the youngest didn't know that you were married, come here and have a look." Liu Cuifen said helplessly, "I complained about me just now, and I didn't tell her about such a big thing!"

Although this was spoken to Wei Yan, it was actually spoken to Xiang Jie. At least she had to let Xiang Jie know that this Xiang Shan came uninvited and had nothing to do with them.

"Isn't it! What a joyous event to get married? It's a big event that only happens once in a lifetime, how can we be considered a family? You don't tell me without telling me, isn't it a bit too much!"

When Xiang Shan said this, his expression looked a little serious, and the people who made a house for a while didn't know what to say.

"Although I broke off with someone, my last name is Xiang, right? We are always a family, right?"

Xiang Shan's accusation made everyone in the room feel extremely embarrassed for a while. Wei Yan turned her head and looked at Xiang Jie. Just when she wanted to say something, she suddenly laughed at Xiang Shan.

"Haha! Amuse you guys!" Xiang Shan said, and walked to Xiang Shan, took her arm, and said to her: "Ming'er is the day when you are overjoyed. Others don't understand me. The third sister can't be sensible, don't you think?"

As Xiang Shan said, he lowered his head to search for something in his pocket.

Wei Yan was so suddenly held by Xiang Shan, her heart was embarrassed. The smile on the corner of her mouth stood in a stalemate, but there was no trace of emotion. Xiang Shan finally let go, she quickly pulled her arm back, and glanced at Xiang Jie with a grin, as if she was talking about her distress.

To be honest, Xiang Shan's uninvited visit surprised the family, including Xiang Danian of course.

No one has notified Xiang Shan, they don't know how Xiang Shan knew. Even if they knew it, they never thought that Xiang Shan would come. After all, she walked so resolutely at the beginning and said she wanted to sever the relationship so firm.

Wei Yan took out two brand-new one hundred yuan from his pocket, turned around and handed it to Wei Yan, smiling and said: "Swallow, you are getting married, you have to give you a big gift as the third sister says, but the third sister really I can’t get out of it when I’m busy. I’ve just opened a movie theater and asked the fifth child to take care of me.

While talking, Xiang Shan stuffed the two pieces of money into Wei Yan's hands: "This little money, you take it, it's the third sister to congratulate you."

After Xiang Shan said, she turned her head and looked at Xiang Jie, with a proud smile on the corner of her mouth. You know, 200 yuan in this era is the wages of ordinary workers for several months. Moreover, the maximum denomination at this time is basically the Great Unity, and one hundred yuan is really very rare.

This shows what? It shows that Xiang Shan is capable, how good they are! Not only is there a hundred yuan, but it is also brand new. When Wei Yan got married, everyone else paid three and five yuan as a courtesy. When she came, it would be two hundred yuan!

What is this concept? That's to the point where it is beyond reach!

Xiang Jie completely ignored Xiang Shan, she knew that what Xiang Shan did was just rushing to her. When she came today, she came to compete with herself.

To say something like a big gift is nothing more than telling Wei Yan that she, the so-called third sister who was forgotten by this family, gave such a big gift to the big sister who was put on the cusp of her heart. If you have to pick and search again, I am afraid that people will laugh out loud.

This is nothing more than trying to prevent Xiang Jie from coming to Taiwan.

But how could Wei Yan not understand that Xiang Shan's so-called gift is not comparable to Xiang Jie's!

"Sister Shan, thank you! But I can't charge this money." Wei Yan said, she was about to return the money to Xiang Shan.

Xiang Shan looked at him and suddenly became unhappy: "Why, do you look down on your third sister?"

"No. I don't think so, the third sister is not at home very much. I really don't know how to pay it back." Wei Yan explained.

"Don't you marry to the county seat in the future? We can see each other often, no matter what kind of affection is, the sisters get along well together, that is affection."

Xiang Shan was very generous at this time, and she was very caressing about her relatives and sisters.

"You said that Sister Yanzi is married, such a big happy event, this is what you call a big gift!" Xiang Simei couldn't pass it. Xiang Shan was inside and out, but he was all targeting the eldest sister.

Xiang Simei knows her eldest sister's concerns. This is a good day for Wei Yan to get married. How could she argue with Xiang Shan over this matter? That was the demolition of Wei Yan's platform! Xiang Jie is a generous person, she can't do this kind of thing.

But Xiang Shan's words became more and more presumptuous, and every sentence was like the tip of a needle, sticking to the tip of Xiang Jie's heart. For this, Xiang Simei is also angry. In any case, Xiang Jie is an elder sister, and they are all related by blood. Why is she indifferent at all and doesn't pity her elder sister at all, so she insists on targeting everywhere?

I really don't know, what good will this do to her!

"Old Four!" Xiang Shan saw that Xiang Simei was so yin and yang with herself, and was a little annoyed. He stood up and reprimanded her: "How can I talk!"

"What do you say? I want to ask you how to say it! Tomorrow is the wedding day for Sister Yanzi, don’t look for trouble here!" Xiang Simei is rude to Xiangshan now. In her heart, anyone who bullies her elder sister is her enemy.

What's more, Xiang Shan was originally a ruthless villain in her heart.

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