In this hot summer, Xiang Jie had a big belly, and from time to time she ran to Xiang Danian to help, but in the end Liu Cuifen refused. In Liu Cuifen's words, she now takes care of herself is the most important thing.

After this scorching summer, it finally came to the date of Wei Yan's marriage.

A few days before the wedding, don’t mention how lively Xiang Danian’s home was. Most of the neighbors do the wedding ceremonies, and the help is not paid. It is as simple as having a meal and drinking tea at the owner's house.

Since the wedding was approaching, Xiang Danian's family has never been interrupted.

Xiang Danian also feels that he has face. After all, these neighbors are all rushing to his face. Happy in their hearts, they spent money to hire an opera troupe, set up a stage in front of his house, and sang three times in succession. The play of the day.

Generally, marriage is so lively, and it is basically the man’s home. But Xiang Danian is a generous person, and he invited the theater troupe to celebrate for his stepdaughter. As everyone enjoys free listening to the theater, it naturally attracted a lot of discussion.

The game player felt that Xiang Danian, a father, was incompetent. When Xiang Jie got married, he didn't do that. After all, he was his daughter! But some people feel that Xiang Danian was ignorant at that time, but now that he has changed his mind, is he responsible?

After all, no matter how you talk about it, you can't help but enjoy this free stage.

There is a stage on the left of the door, and a tent on the right. This tent is a makeshift kitchen, and the wedding banquets are all cooked by the chef here.

Tomorrow will be the day of welcoming the relatives. As soon as there is a good show on the stage, the drum band plays festive music, not to mention how lively the house is.

Tonight, the family don't want to sleep anymore. Zhang Tao will come to welcome her early in the morning. Wei Yan knows that Xiang Jie is more fashionable. Even her bridal makeup was helped by Xiang Jie. The red clothes she wore were all brought back by Xiang Jie.

Among other things, in this era, Wei Yan is definitely the most fashionable bride.

There was a shy smile on Wei Yan's face. From the bottom of her eyes, it could be seen that she was very satisfied with this marriage. And now Wei Yan has been immersed in the joy of happiness.

Xiang Jie finished her lipstick and smiled at her, "How is it, are you nervous?"

Putting down the things in his hands, the eyes that looked at Wei Yan were full of kindness. After Xiang Jie became pregnant, the eyes of the whole person became softer, and the aura of a kind mother radiated everywhere.

Wei Yan pursed her lips and nodded: "Sister, were you so nervous when you got married?"

Xiang Jie rolled her eyes and recalled the scene when she married Zhou Gang. nervous? To be honest, she herself has forgotten how she felt at the time, but she is looking forward to it. It is true that she is very happy.

"It's okay." Xiang Jie responded with a smile.

"Sister, I really appreciate you." Wei Yan raised her hand and took Xiang Jie's hand, her eyes filled with gratitude.

"My father passed away not long after Xiaobing was born. It was not easy for my mother to pull out our three siblings alone. In the village, many people bullied our orphans and widows. To protect us, my mother had to let I have become tough and fierce..."

"Later, gradually, with our ears and eyes, we also learned from my mother to be tough, because only in this way can we not be bullied in school." At this point, Wei Yan seemed to realize that she seemed to be off topic, so she raised her head quickly. Come, smile at Xiang Jie slightly.

"Sister, I mean, when I first came home, I joined my mother to bully you... Now that I think about it, I'm quite self-blame."

"Silly girl, it's been so long." Xiang Jie gently patted the back of Wei Yan's hand and comforted: "That's nothing."

"I know that you are generous, not only don't care about us, but you also spare no effort to help us... Sister, in the future, I will be your sister, and my mother will be your mother! As long as you need, in one word, we are willing to go through fire and water."

When Wei Yan said this, her eyes were full of determination. Xiang Jie knew that she was feeling from the bottom of her heart. In fact, in recent years, under the observation of Wei Yan, she has already understood Wei Yan's true feelings. In fact, this child is not bad, but the character created by the environment.

Just like Liu Cuifen, there is no wickedness either. The reason why I always let myself behave so unkind is actually just worrying about getting hurt.

For this, Xiang Jie is understandable. She had never really blamed them. On the contrary, they were able to show their sincerity and get along with her like family members. Xiang Jie was still very pleased and moved.

"What are you talking about!" Xiang Jie pretended to be serious and exclaimed: "We are a family, and there is no need to go through fire and water. From now on, we can live a good life, start a business, and don't think about anything else."

"Yeah!" Wei Yan nodded happily.

"Eldest sister..." When the two of them were talking, they saw the fourth child opening the door and poking his head inside.

Seeing that she was the fourth child, Xiang Jie waved her hand: "Come in!"

"Wow-Sister Yan, you are so beautiful today!" The old fourth entered the door and closed it easily.

The moment she saw Wei Yan, she was dumbfounded. She had never seen Wei Yan so beautiful. A pair of exquisite makeup, coupled with this beautiful clothes, the whole person's temperament was instantly raised.

People say that the most beautiful day for a woman is the day of marriage. Especially in this era, where is the bride so beautiful? At best, you can buy red clothes and put them on yourself, and if you can, put some plastic flowers on your head.

Xiang Simei felt that he had seen the most beautiful bride, the first one was the eldest sister, and the second one was Wei Yan.

"It's all helped by the eldest sister, and I can't get it out by myself." Wei Yan pursed her mouth with a shy smile.

Growing up, it was the first time she was praised by others, and she felt a little embarrassed.

Xiang Simei thought with her toes and knew that her eldest sister helped him. Suddenly remembering something, he quickly reduced his expression, turned to Xiang Jie and said, "Oh! I have forgotten you see, eldest sister...the youngest is here."

"The third child is here?" Wei Yan looked at Xiang Simei in surprise, seeming to be asking her for confirmation. Seeing Xiang Simei nodded, she quickly waved her hand and explained: "Sister, I didn't invite her!"

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