The corner of Li Fugui's mouth raised a slight smile: "Oh, who is this? Isn't this the famous Xiang Dong?"

Zhou Gang disliked Li Fugui the most, and every time he met he was always provocative. Zhou Gang really didn't understand, what's so provocative just for him now?

"Don't listen to his yin and yang." Zhou Gang turned around and pulled Xiang Jie to leave, but saw Li Fugui two steps forward, blocking them.

He lowered his head and glanced at Xiang Jie's abdomen, and said contemptuously: "Xiang Jie, you have to know how to constrain when you are a man, or you will get retribution!"

"Li Fugui, you..."

Zhou Gang was furious and wanted to hit him with his fists, but was stopped by Xiang Jie. On weekdays, Li Fugui ridiculed him with yin and yang. He has the right to be Li Fugui, he can't make money by himself, and he is happy with their family's wealth. But Xiang Jie didn't come back very much. When he came back to meet him, would he still have to be teased like that? How could Zhou Gang be happy.

Xiang Jie wasn't impatient or impatient, and felt that Zhou Gang didn't need to be angry either. Xiang Jie can understand that this kind of person will always be so unrepentant. Small belly chicken intestines like Li Fugui can't accommodate a large number of people and will never become a big climate. There is only jealousy in his heart, and he never knows to urge himself to make progress.

"Li Fugui, are you talking about yourself?" Xiang Jie opened his mouth indifferently, not paying attention to Li Fugui at all.

"Huh!" Li Fugui sneered, rolled his eyes at Xiang Jie, and said coldly: "Look at the shape of your belly, right? You make more money, don't you know? ?"

As Li Fugui said, he turned his head and glanced at Huang Xiaoyu who was still eating ice cream, and a proud smile suddenly overflowed from the corner of his mouth: "See you? Our Xiaoyu's belly, I asked the genius doctor to see it. Good son! Envy? Envy? Do more good things!"

"Then you have to entertain the genius doctor." Xiang Jie frowned slightly and sneered. I really don’t know what age this is, and there are still people who believe in genius doctors or genius doctors.

Not to mention whether Huang Xiaoyu is a boy or not, the main thing is that it has nothing to do with Xiang Jie! She doesn't care at all, is she okay?

"Oh, by the way, I would like to remind you that if you make black money, you will definitely get retribution." Xiang Jie said, raised his brows and smiled at Li Fugui, then turned and left.

Xiang Xiaoliu followed behind, looking at Li Fugui who was angry, and making a face at him with his tongue out mischievously. Upon seeing this, Xiang Simei hurriedly pulled her away.

When he got home, Zhou Gang had already cleaned the house first. Helping Xiangjie to sit down on the sofa, Zhou Gang gently comforted him: "Don't pay attention to him. After losing money from the last pig farm business, he has been so yin and yang all day long."

"I'm fine, it's not necessary to be angry with this kind of person." Xiang Jie replied with a smile. Having already fully understood Li Fugui's personality, if she went to care about him again, it would really be unhappy for herself.

Zhou Gang's favorite is Xiang Jie's temperament, and many things never go to his heart easily. He fondly touched her cheek, and said to her, "Are you hungry? I'll make you some food."

"It hasn't been a while since I had breakfast. I'm not hungry now." Xiang Jie groaned. Although she is pregnant now, she is not a pig either! How can you eat food all day long.

Zhou Gang looked at the watch on his wrist and nodded: "Okay, or you should rest first, I will go to the mine to see, there are still some things waiting for me to deal with!"

"Go ahead, I have the fourth and fifth baby to take care of, so you don't need to worry about it." Xiang Jie replied.

Just after Zhou left, Xiang Simei sat down in front of Xiangjie, with a look of expectation on her face, looked at Xiangjie and asked, "Eldest sister, you said...Sister Yanzi is about to get married, second brother. Will he... be back!"

In any case, they and Liu Cuifen's family are now like a family. For such a big event as marriage, the second brother must make time to come back, right? In fact, Xiang Simei had no other thoughts, just missed his brother and looked forward to his brother's return.

"Miss your second brother?" Xiang Jie turned to look at Xiang Simei, and asked distressedly.

In fact, she now regrets that she went to Japan at the beginning, otherwise, there will be no future Takako, and Xiang Erzhuang will not stay in Japan and not come back.

However, this may be human life! The person in life is already destined. Takako may have already been waiting for Xiang Erzhuang in Japan.

What's more, seeing that Xiang Erzhuang is so happy and happy now, Xiang Jie is also relieved and satisfied. Compared with the previous Xiang Erzhuang, the current Xiang Erzhuang has indeed changed a lot, at least he is more cheerful and optimistic than before! And now he also has a sense of responsibility, a sense of ambition, and looks like a man should have.

The anticipation in Xiang Simei's eyes made Xiang Jie very distressed. She squeezed Xiang Simei's cheek and said softly, "I called your second brother. There are a lot of things that can't get away. "

"That is to say... the second brother is not coming back?" Xiang Simei pouted, looking a little disappointed.

Since my second brother went to Japan, I can only see each other once a year, and I only stayed for a few days when I come back during the New Year. Brothers and sisters used to be together often, but the more they grow up, the more they grow up. How can they be so divided as they are now?

There is something in Xiang Simei's mind that can't figure it out. Does it mean that people have to be separated when they grow up?

"After the New Year, your second brother will definitely be back." Xiang Jie said.

During this period of time, Xiang Erzhuang also called Xiangjie to report his work at home. He is over there, and has already started to invest in the land according to Xiang Jie's proposal. Fifteen dollars a month, although it is not a lot, but there are monthly recycling profits.

This made Xiang Erzhuang more admire her eldest sister. In doing business, she was always so farsighted and always so foresighted.

Xiang Erzhuang is very busy now. He has no skills all day long. The Japanese mines need him to supervise from time to time. Xiang Shizhi also needs his management. Now with the investment of this land... Xiang Erzhuang really can’t get away. body.

But he said on the phone that he would definitely give Wei Yan a big gift bag.

But these words, Xiang Jie couldn't tell Xiang Simei, after all, she was still young. Xiang Jie now hopes that Xiang Simei and Xiang Xiaoliu will devote all their minds and bodies to their studies, so that they can achieve greater academic achievements in the future.

Since the third and fifth elders ran away from home, Xiang Jie has devoted all his thoughts to these two younger sisters. On the one hand, she doesn't want any accidents in this family anymore; on the other hand, she wants to train her two younger sisters to become talents. Rebirth 80: I have space and just want to farm the latest chapter address: /137997.htmlRebirth 80: I have space and just want to farm the full text Reading address: https://www.mtlnovel .com/read/137997/Rebirth 80: I have space and I just want to farm. txt download address: https:// 80: I have space and just want to farm mobile phone reading: https :// the convenience of reading next time, you can click the \ "Favorite\" records the reading record of this time (Chapter 586 Retribution for Making Money), you can see it next time you open the bookshelf! Like "Rebirth 80: I just want to farm when I have space", please ask your friends (QQ, blog, WeChat, etc.) Way) Recommend this book, thank you for your support! ! (

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