Xiang Jie struggled in pain, clutching her neck tightly with her hands, desperately in need of fresh air to save her. The feeling of darkness, despair, and suffocation attacked all the senses.


Suddenly sat up in shock, a nightmare. It’s been a long time since I went into deep sleep so quickly, but I just stayed up all night to make a video, a common thing, but...

Xiang Jie rubbed his eyes and stared at a room that was far from his own. Where is there any Simmons bed, where is there any smart home, the house made of loess mud is the eye-catching place, and it is in tatters everywhere. The cockroaches and mice on the ground came back empty-handed, and she was so frightened that she turned over and ran.

She fell directly to the ground with a puff, tears came out of her painful eyes. Looking at the zongzi-like right leg tied with hemp rope, I looked at the sky speechlessly.

The nose is full of bitter almonds, and the mouth is dry and cracked. What is this place and why did she come here.

All the sense organs slowly returned to work, as if they had been in a movie, there were many pictures in my mind, which belonged to the memory of the original owner.

Haha, really, she, a ten-year veteran online shopkeeper of Crown in the 21st century e-commerce circle, actually came across in a fashionable fashion.

But this traversal is a traversal, anyway, for a golden finger that can survive. That's it, the rats and cockroaches have gone in vain, she won't have taken the wrong crossing card.

Sigh, let it rest if you come. You have to figure out a way to stand up first.

He supported the edge of the bed with both hands and stood up on one leg. Fortunately, this thin body was lighter, otherwise it would be impossible to get up only with his hands.

In my memory, it is now 80 years, and this is a place called Daqingshan Xingfu Village in the west of Hunan Province. Xiang Jie couldn't help but slander and returned to Happy Village. Where is it happy, it would be better to call the poor village.

He limped to the door, looking for a trace of happiness. The house where I live is facing the kitchen. On a wooden cabinet half a person high, there are a few cracked broken porcelain bowls, the bottom of the pot is ash everywhere, the kettle is lying on the ground, and the dry branches are scattered.

Three houses in yellow mud were formerly used by parents, one for her and her three younger sisters, and one for her two younger brothers.

That's right, in this poor jingle home, in addition to her boss, there are two younger brothers and three younger sisters below.

Look around, come on, there is no hope at all.

She really didn't want to look at it. There was a home here. It is estimated that even beggars thought it was not as comfortable as the bridge hole.

Back on the bed, she, the head of the family, was still injured. She broke her right leg by picking up water. It is estimated that it will take two months to recover.

The last bit of money from the family was also given to her to heal this leg.

But as long as there is still a little hope, it will not starve the original owner to death. Thinking of that drunkard who is now missing, she has nothing to think about.

As for the mother of the original owner, it took nearly 20 years to have a place to return to the city, and it is normal to divorce her father.

Poorly, she has provoke the burden of supporting the family at a young age. It is said that the poor children are in charge early, this is the one. She doesn't want to be, so she can only lie in bed with her family and wait for death.

With a crash, Xiang Jie turned over and dodged the dirt falling from the roof dangerously. The house was in disrepair for a long time, and the soil on the roof and walls began to fall off.

This is a dilapidated house. After a while, the rainy season comes, but I dare not live it anymore.

God, can you show her a clear way?

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