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Rebirth: The Financial Giant

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In the wrestling of capital without the light of blood, simple and unpretentious words can also become warriors in steel armor and iron armor, and the rules that are understood in the chest can also become eighteen weapons like arm-wielding. It turns out that this war without gunpowder and cold weapons can be so wonderful…


Speaking of People is a cool article about making money in the city. It tells the story of an asset management boss from the future who traveled to 2014, started with a capital of 100,000 and entered the market and worked hard as a big A, to the establishment of “Tiansheng Capital”, and eventually became a global leader. The largest financial giant in asset management.

The companies that the protagonist invests in will also have some near-future high-tech products that have not appeared in reality, and they are also related to the black science and technology articles, which can be understood as an urban commercial science and technology article.

If you are in line with the taste of the big brother, please click on the collection and eat it with confidence

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:RFG
Alternate Title:重生之金融巨头
Author:Zhaoling Siyu
Weekly Rank:#3338
Monthly Rank:#3143
All Time Rank:#2933
Tags:Business Management, Discrimination, Early Romance, Economics, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Management, Poor to Rich, Rebirth, Second Chance, Sudden Wealth,
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  1. Another CCP licking dog. He earn billions of dollars, got noticed by CCP, when ask about the marker he blurted out 2 pages of info and excited to be become a staff member. Such a sad way to live where you need to praise your oppresor in your story..

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