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Rebirth Starts From Signing In

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“Ding! You completed today’s sign-in task and received a cash reward.”


“Ding! You completed this week’s sign-in task and got an invisible potion.”


“Ding! You completed this month’s sign-in task and got luck dice.”


Rebirth gets the sign-in system, and there are surprises in every day’s life!

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:RSFSI
Alternate Title:重生之从签到开始
Author:How many autumn sunsets
Weekly Rank:#1580
Monthly Rank:#1364
All Time Rank:#2961
Tags:Handsome Male Lead, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Modern Day, Poor to Rich, Rebirth, Second Chance, Shameless Protagonist, System, System Administrator,
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48 Comments on “Rebirth Starts From Signing In
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  1. I think its's around chapter 200-something. The first female that he sleep with is Xiao Mo, girl with dark past, she got such courage to force MC sleep with her after MC listen to her past. The second I think that Idol named Zhao I guess(?).

  2. MC truly cherish his relationship with every girl, so he is rather calm about their body, unless the girl want MC to sleep with him in special situation such Xiao Mo that think there's no one in this world that love her but MC, and that idol Zhao because her carees suddenly downhill because her rival in company stole her song and change the writer (while in reality the song writer is MC because he is her boss), and she make a deal with MC to become his girlfriend for 3 days.

  3. Dangit, it's been 4 days since the last updates. This novel updates time kinda suck, is author gone for holiday or something? I mean, the most chinese ongoing novel that I've already read basically have update time about 1-2 day for one chapter.

  4. Currently reading chapter 127, usually I like harem novel. But this time I'm hesitating whether this story was that good or not. I mean the way MC interact with each other girl really sweet and romantic, you even won't believe it come from someone that like more than one girl. But it also made me sad when in this chapter (127), the MC is having a date with his first girlfriend the Li girl in same place where his second girl are waiting for small chance in lotre to get online game merch, forcing herself in process. While in reality she have introvert trait and usually don't like being in a place with many people. ... Chen Xilu observed Li Hao's expression and said carefully: "There is a lottery at the competition in the commercial center. You like to play games. I guess you like this, so go and watch it."

  5. Actually is not that bad, maybe because he can't spend his time wisely with each of his girlfriend, that made him look like a scumbag. But his feeling for each one is truly pure (I mean of course there is sexual motive), but at least he try to understand each of his girl and their background, their life, and try to find a way to solve their problem.

  6. Well, its decent atleast yet ch20... He doesn't get shit for nothing...he has to do quests for signing in.. Like walking 5km to work or make 100 cups of milk tea( since he works in a milk tea shop)

  7. Kebiasaan novel cina , awal² seru di tengah cerita mulai bikin bosen ending nya suka di paksa , karakter wanita nya kurang menarik + MC nya kadang bikin mual.. ga ada ya novel cina yang seru ga cuma di awal tapi sampe akhir

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