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Rebirth Starts at 7 Million

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Which one would you choose between 700 points and 7 million in the college entrance examination? A few minutes ago, Luo Fan would have chosen the blue capsule without hesitation, and slapped the person who asked this question across the screen, but today this choice actually came true, facing 700 points and…

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Short Title:RSM
Alternate Title:重生从700万开始
Author:corn wine
Weekly Rank:#1675
Monthly Rank:#1037
All Time Rank:#3971
Tags:beautiful heroine, Business Management, Businessmen, Early Romance, Friendship, Male Protagonist, Poor to Rich, Racism, Rebirth, Second Chance,
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7 Comments on “Rebirth Starts at 7 Million
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  1. Huh, finally learned through this novel Taobao became tmall, that clears up a lot of confusion in other light novels that use those names interchangeably.

  2. Lol, this also a type of novel i dont bother to read... he can choose to become "Shenhao" but he chose to become a "CCP Licking Dog"

  3. hey don't be like this ... CCP is a dog so it is good to be CCP dog 🐶 , what i am thinking 💭 is thant is there any anyway to deliver my leftover food to him ... it is quite a humanitarian act ..you guys should support

  4. Well, even if he became a Shenhao he still can't escape CCP palm though... Just like Jack Ma, he literally opposed CCP "a little bit" yet CCP reaction just as if trying to eliminate Jack Ma business. Tons of regulations created just to block his business lol

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