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Rebirth Space: The Chief’s Military Doctor-in-law

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Reborn and return to the age of 18, Su Mian vowed to use medical skills to benefit all mankind.

“Daughter-in-law, I’m by your side, why don’t you benefit me first…”

Before rebirth, Su Mian insisted on marrying a perverted scum man, and missed the military commander Wei for 30 years. After rebirth, Su Mian wanted to marry Chief Wei… Chief Wei has only three words to his wife in this life: pet, pet, pet!

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Short Title:RSCMD
Alternate Title:重生空间:首长的军医媳妇
Author:A hundred birds facing the wind
Weekly Rank:#104
Monthly Rank:#107
All Time Rank:#417
Tags:Army, Beautiful Female Lead, Business Management, Complex Family Relationship, Family, Family Business, Family Conflict, Female Protagonist, Magical Space, Medical Knowledge, Military, Poor to Rich, Rebirth, Revenge, Second Chance, Weak to Strong,
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25 Comments on “Rebirth Space: The Chief’s Military Doctor-in-law
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  1. I can't get into discord so I'm gonna say it here. Why the hell ,all new novels are so boring. Can't you mtl-ing all the new trial novel in webnovel coz they are damn good... sincerely waiting for it.

  2. Hey👋 can anyone help me find the title of the novel where the male leads surname is hei and his sister is a doctor the female lead gives birth to triplets at the same time when the male lead was in the emergency treatment. I don’t remember the other things thanks

  3. The novel is a chinese on its the daughter of wealthy family is reborn and made alot of money its there in webnovel and mtlnovel too Flame

  4. Hello 👋 Can anyone help me find the title of the novel where the fl was a doctor and she was framed by her sister(was adopted by same master as her) and reincarnates at the time when she was still a village doctor. Ml was in military. This story starts from normal but later they also get involved in cultivation. I don't remember the exact description 😅

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