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Rebirth: Return of the Abandoned Young Man

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Three hundred years ago, Abandoned Shaozhuo was deliberately thrown into the sea.

Fortunately, he encountered Master He Xianzun passing by the earth, taking him away from the earth to cultivate in the interstellar, sweeping the world!

Three hundred years later, Zhuo Bufan failed to overcome the catastrophe, and he was reborn as a young urban boy with a powerful posture.

He fought against the mountains and rivers and made up for regrets… In the face of his frosty wife who is like a strange road, the mother who suffered humiliation in the family, the prince Hao Xiong He vowed to let the world surrender to his feet in this life!

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Short Title:RRAYM
Alternate Title:重生弃少归来
Author:Black Sweater
Weekly Rank:#365
Monthly Rank:#343
All Time Rank:#1081
Tags:Abusive Characters, Alchemy, Arrogant Characters, Beautiful Female Lead, Calm Protagonist, Character Growth, Clever Protagonist, Cold Love Interests, College/University, Fast Cultivation, Ghosts, Hard-Working Protagonist, Harem, Hidden Abilities, Immortals, Low-key Protagonist, Magic Formations, Male Protagonist, Martial arts, Medical Knowledge, Pill Based Cultivation, Pill Concocting, Politics, Poor to Rich, Rebirth, Second Chance, World Travel,
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28 Comments on “Rebirth: Return of the Abandoned Young Man
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  1. Chapter 3930, his wife got caught again lol really??? Is there no more idea to generate conflict and just use easy way to use family members right away. If you don't have any idea to write things, just quit instead of writing bullshit over and over.

  2. "Well, he did reach the realm of immortality, but the immortal imprint fluctuates too weakly. At first he converged his breath, we didn't even notice it." Cui Gan nodded and said. "He used to have conflicts with you, now you step into the Divine Realm, you only need to fight steadily, and sooner or later you can become immortal and surpass him," said the beautiful woman. Really Mr Author lol, you can even wrote a trash immortal. You really love trash so much, well only trash like urself love trash.

  3. Even after becoming immortal which should be overpowered, the dipshit author still make the mc to be treated as trash by everybody lol, by not completing the levelling up bullshit. It's all for faceslap later. Really??? Mr Author??? Can you be more shameless and dipshit than this? Where is your dignity smh. Do you think your reader is a retard like you?

  4. "Are you really going to die here?" Zhuo Bufan frowned. He hasn't gone back to see Long Geyue, his parents and Shijian, as well as his agreement with Ye Zi, as a man, should he break his promise? I lost count of this same shit happen, where he is going to die, like a cockroach but never really die. This mc is really a waste. I read this at chapter 2800, he is still weak like ants.

  5. In the pursuit of the apex dao one should just journey alone, having family will just slow you down like the mc in this novel. Things happen over and over to his family. I just skip all of those story. I hope all his family member died.

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