Cui Shanghua felt Chen Changsheng's embarrassment, and quickly grabbed his wrist, regardless of Liu Chengyang, and hurriedly walked towards the inside of the villa.

While secretly explaining, "You killed Colonel Liu's dozen people, he was very upset. But you have saved me and Cheng Jing, and he will not do anything to you. If the attitude is neglectful, I can only ask you a lot Forgive me. "

Chen Changsheng asked: "Liu Chengyang ... Liu Chengjing ... Is he?"

Cui Shanghua smiled awkwardly: "He is Cheng Jing's brother. That is my eldest sister. But the two are over ten years old."

长 Chen Changsheng was even more strange, saying: "Isn't your old man a gang leader? How can there be a son of an officer?"

Cui Shanghua said: "Black and white are not distinct. Without my old man's help, his son would not be a military representative of a port city like Busan. It is also Liu Chengyang that has gradually become the military world. Cheng Huanpai ’s status is even more solid with a new star. The two are complementary and indispensable. "

Chen Changsheng admired: "Your old man's methods are really unusual."

Cui Shanghua said: "Yeah, Father I was a hero. At that time I was married to Chengjing. Many people opposed it, but he didn't stop him. Later, it was also very good to me, just like treating his own son. Unfortunately, he was traitor Harmed. "

长 Chen Changsheng said: "We shouldn't have many days after we separated on the train, right? I remember your wife also said, talk to him by phone before getting on the train."

Cui Shanghua said: "Yes, the calculation time was two weeks ago. The day we were in the car, Li Zhixiu sent someone to assassinate him."

Chen Changsheng said: "It is this Li Zhixiu again. I have heard of his name for a long time, but I have never seen him. Why did he kill your father-in-law?"

Cui Shanghua sighed: "I also want to know why. But he is as if the world has evaporated and none of us can find him. After the killer operation, we have been controlled by him, but he has nothing but confessed Li Zhixiu know."

长 Chen Changsheng comforted: "The entire South Korea is now under the control of zombies, you can't find him, maybe he has been killed by the zombies."

Cui Shanghua said: "It's too cheap for him. I wish he was alive so that I could cut his meat piece by piece and feed the zombies."

During the conversation, the two had reached a square inside, and there were no armed soldiers standing by as they were near the gate.

The ground was covered with tents. Outside the tent there were many people in civilian clothes talking outside and smoking. Looking at the complexion and physical condition as well as mental appearance is not bad, it does not seem to be in a disaster.

Chen Changsheng laughed: "It seems that the conditions here are pretty good."

"Everyone who can stay here is a person with a certain identity. Ordinary people are in the golf course outside the villa, where there are no tents and there is not enough food. In order to eat, they are willing to exchange anything."

I was talking about Liu Chengyang, and he didn't know when he had followed up silently. Listening to the tone and the content of the speech, he was still blaming Chen Changsheng for killing his soldiers for a little money.

Chen Changsheng can understand. When a person is going to starve to death, of course, nothing can be taken care of. But he is not ready to apologize. Everyone's position is different, and the angle of view is naturally different.

"There is a shortage of food now?" He asked Cui Shanghua.

Cui Shanghua said: "Yes. There is water on the mountain, but the retreat is rushed, and there is not enough food. A force of 1,000 people is always ready to fight, so it must be full. More than 300 senior government officials, business leaders, celebrities, and more It is necessary to supply them with whatever they have, and the people they bring, must also ensure food and clothing. "

He pointed to the people in the square.

吾 Chen Wusheng asked: "These people were just brought by more than 300 people?"

Cui Shanghua nodded and said, "Yes. Those politicians and business leaders and celebrities have their own separate rooms in the villa." Then he was embarrassed and said, "I and Chengdu also have their own rooms."

长 Chen Changsheng nodded, the class exists at any time, even in disaster. He had no reason to demand anything.

"Have I ever been to a girl who looks like me before I came here? Well, she looks pretty beautiful. Chinese, you probably don't speak Korean."

Cui Shanghua looked at Liu Chengyang with a questioning look.

Liu Chengyang said blankly: "I have a lot of things to deal with, and I don't always stay in the monitoring room. I just happened to have a food delivery team coming back, so I went to check it out. I'll ask it later and tell you."

长 Chen Changsheng said: "Food delivery team? Do you have channels to get food?"

Cui Shanghua said: "Busan is not an agricultural city, and the city's grain reserves are very small. The so-called grain delivery team is actually searching for stored grain in shopping malls and residential communities. Because there are a lot of zombies at any time, so It's a dangerous job. Is the girl you're looking for your friend? Is he as good as you? "

Chen Changsheng said: "Become a friend. But she is just an ordinary person, and she can even be said to have no power at all."

Cui Shanghua frowned: "This is troublesome. In order to avoid zombies, we chose this sparsely populated mountain village as a base. It is very difficult for ordinary people to break through the zombies. Let alone a weak girl."

长 Chen Changsheng nodded and said: "I just asked casually. There was no hope. Maybe she was not in Busan at all."

At this time, came from the other end of the passage a man in his 50s, wearing a navy blue suit, with a slightly bald head. It looks like a government worker.

"Colonel Liu, finally found you!"

When I saw him, Liu Chengyang, his expressionless face became more enthusiastic.

"Mr. Lu, hello. I have been worrying about food. I sent a team of soldiers out to collect food in the morning, and I finally got something."

Dr. Kwong Lu said, "Colonel Liu, you are troubled these days. On behalf of all the citizens of Busan, I thank you and the ordinary soldiers who risked their lives for our lives."

Tamarix Chengyang said: "We are all glorious Korean soldiers, and these are what we should do."

"I have something here, can you help me deal with it." Mr. Lo's voice suddenly softened.

Saiyan Chengyang said: "Mr. Lo, just say it."

Dr. Lo said: "You see, I am an old man, and I have no desire for life. As a public servant, I am also willing to share our hardships with the people of Busan. But my son and wife are here this time, and they are all very Love beef. Can the soldiers go out and get them some beef? "

"This ..." Liu Chengyang was indifferent. It's all luck for the soldiers to find out what food they can find. After all, zombies are everywhere, and it is impossible to go wherever they want. Not to mention the purpose of looking for a certain type of meat.

"Hello! You mean, your wife and son want to eat beef, let the soldiers find it, right? I heard that right?" It was Chen Changsheng who spoke.

议员 When Dr. Lo first came out, it was okay to listen to him. From the following phrase, "Thanks on behalf of all the citizens of Busan", he felt that it was not a taste. Later, when he heard that his wife and son were going to eat beef, the soldiers risked their lives to find him, and he couldn't help it anymore.

Councillor Lu did not answer him, frowning and asked Liu Chengyang: "Colonel Liu ~ ~ Who is this person?"

Tamarix Chengyang said, "I am a friend of my brother-in-law."

Mr. Lu Lu saw that Chen Changsheng could also have a relationship with Liu Chengyang, so he did not continue to be entangled in this issue. It just said, "That little thing will bother Colonel Liu. When the crisis of the corpse ends, I will move in Congress to ask for military service."

After speaking, he turned and left.

喂 "Hello! I'm talking to you. Are you deaf or stupid?" Chen Changsheng refused to let him go easily.

Mr. Lu Lu finally got angry: "You are too illiterate. I think you have something to do with Colonel Liu and don't want to care about you, but you still don't give up. Do you know who I am?"

Chen Changsheng nodded and said, "Of course I know. Are you not a maggot that only knows to eat and sleep?"

Dr. Kwong Lo's eyes burst into irritation, and he shouted, "Junk! I am a member of the Republic of Korea! Even the Mayor of Busan is kind to me. What kind of thing do you dare to talk to me like this?"

长 Chen Changsheng laughed: "What about MPs? MPs ca n’t be tapeworms? Do you dare to do anything other than eat and sleep these days?"

Mr Lu suddenly suffocated. Indeed, in addition to the first few days, he also discussed countermeasures with other government officials. These days, he almost stayed in the room and did not go out. There is really nothing else but eating and sleeping.

But how can such things be acknowledged? He turned to Liu Chengyang and said, "Colonel Liu, I hope you can give me an explanation. This person has seriously stigmatized my dignity as a member of parliament ~ ~ Welcome the book readers to read, the latest The fastest and hottest serial works are at ~ ~ Please read for mobile users.