Mr. Yunhai's words fell to the ground, and this account has been hit.

And Luo Chen refused to give up, and also greeted him.

Since Luo Chen's rebirth, he has always been learning, and he hasn't blindly chewed on his old foundation, and has been stagnant relying on the skills he knew.

Therefore, strictly speaking, Luo Chen is not only recovering, but also improving.

Along the way, regardless of the magic of Immortal Burying Star, even the martial arts ability Luo Chen has devoted himself to study and research.

This is not only able to learn many things, but also to continuously exercise one's own learning ability. Learning is also a kind of ability, and at the same time it is the most terrifying ability in this world.

It is also the most terrifying ability of human beings!

In the final analysis, the monster clan, or the Primordial race, loses because of this.

They have inherent advantages, even like supernatural powers, which are talented and innate.

But the most terrifying thing about people is learning!

It is also one of the greatest secrets of human beings, and the most commonplace and most accustomed things are often the most incredible things.

Two palms facing each other!

Mr. Yunhai's technique has reached the point of perfection, and it is just a Heavenly Flame Art that has turned into a miniature version of the star.

Extremely bright and dazzling!

This technique pays attention to the highest temperature between heaven and earth!

The temperature is the movement of an object and the increase in entropy!

The more chaotic, the faster the vigorous exercise, the greater the increase in entropy.

But as soon as Luo Chen took the shot, he could no longer see his hands, he couldn't see anything.

The expert will know if there is any.

The reason why Luo Chen's hand could not be seen was because it had turned into chaos, it was real chaos, and it was also the most top-notch invalid.

Mr. Yun Hai's Heavenly Flame Secret Art is still limited to the level of spells, but Luo Chen's Heavenly Flame Secret Art has already reached the level of the Great Dao.

This is a kind of sublimation, a kind of breakthrough shackles!

This is just one of the spells, and the other spells still surpassed Mr. Yunhai.

"I lost." Mr. Yun Hai suddenly gave a wry smile and withdrew the palm directly.

I lost one sentence.

Directly make all the people confused instantly.

Mr. Yunhai!

Those who mastered nearly three thousand great arts in the Eastern Sanctuary actually said they lost.

"Old sir, you?"

"Fine, nothing!"

"Shut up all of you."

"There is no need to question him anymore." Mr. Yunhai was disappointed.

"Master is face to face, the younger generation is showing their ugliness." Mr. Yun Hai bowed his fist to Luo Chen.

"Please also forgive me, Master."

"The reason why the younger generation questioned is because even if they entered the first battle, these four people were already injured, and it stands to reason that they should be killed."

"Because these four have a poor foundation."

"This is a doubt."

"But since the master can be so accomplished in spells, it means that you have the ability to train them, the master."

"Even if you say the master, it was these four who killed the emperor, the younger generation believed it."

Because Luo Chen's strength has explained everything.

"And the master is right!"

"The juniors are too ignorant." Mr. Yunhai bowed his fist again.

"This matter, the old man quit!" Mr. Yun Hai folded his fists and bent over, then slowly backed away.

He didn't stand up straight until he quit three steps.

Yunhai's surrender and withdrawal immediately changed the situation.

The emperor stepped forward and was beaten to death, before Yunhai was shocked.

In the entire Nine Great Immortal Courtyard, who else can go to trouble Luo Chen?

This is what some people want to see, and some people don't.

Luo Chen's aim also caused the people on the Nine Great Immortal Courtyard to give up.

The sea of ​​clouds is invincible, how can the others go?

Especially the disciple below, the emperor died, except for the one from the East Emperor Immortal Courtyard, it was also a result that everyone else went.

At the level of teaching teachers, Yun Hai has lost. Who else has that face?

Can't everyone in charge end up shamelessly in person?

This is simply impossible.

But Luo Chen cut a son of emperor, retreated a sea of ​​clouds, and the people in the Nine Great Immortal Court were directly blocked.

This is the last thing Haoguang wants to see, and the most unacceptable result.

"The Hao clan should be happy, such a person, the Hao clan is worthy of a godsend!" Mr. Yun Hai looked at Haoguang and expressed his sincere blessings.

And a gloom flashed in Haoguang's eyes, and then he slowly stood up.

"Oh!" pretended to sigh.

Haoguang shot.

"Everyone, there were some housework today, so I don't want to delay your time."

"But some things have to be said."

"Indeed, as everyone can see, it seems that the Hao clan is fighting for the position of Patriarch!"

"This seems to make everyone read the joke." Hao Guang said, and the others rekindled the look of the excitement.

Old Ruyi, including the other persons in charge of the Nine Great Immortal Academy, and Lan Can all smiled.

"But, the truth is not like this at all."

"Because this person is not the real Haotian at all!"

"Nor are I from the Hao clan!"

As soon as these words were spoken, Luo Chen Gujing was silent, his expression could not be the slightest wave, and the others looked stunned.

But whether it was Lan Can, or the person in charge of the Nine Great Immortal Academy, at this moment, his face changed drastically!

Especially the people in the Nine Great Immortal Courtyard!

"This person is called Shaotian, from the funeral fairy"

"Shut up to me!" The person in charge of the Nine Great Immortal Academy, including Old Monster Ruyi, roared at this moment.

But the pressure came down, and it was immediately suppressed.

But Haoguang swaggered and slowly stepped onto the stage.

"I have been the young master of the Hao clan for so long, majestic, still comfortable?" Haoguang had a trace of joking in his eyes.

Exposing Luo Chen's identity, at this moment, it also means that he Haoguang won.

Because it was pierced in front of everyone.

"Do you dare to admit it?" Hao Guang kept an eye on him and directly lured Luo Chen into speaking.

"Why don't you dare to admit it?" Luo Chen's eyes were also joking.

"I really am not"

"No, you are, you are definitely Hao"

"I am not!" Luo Chen directly interrupted the people in the Nine Great Immortal Courtyard.

At this moment, all eyes were directed at Luo Chen.

"Even I am not called Shaotian, I am Luo Wuji!" Luo Chen said softly, and a few words changed everyone's face.

"You dare to admit it, you!"

"Kill my members of the Hao clan, bully my members of the Hao clan, and even kill my children, using my identity as the young master of the Hao clan to bluff."

"You dare to admit it?" Haoguang sneered.

Ye Ning and the others were dumbfounded.

"Everyone, since he has already admitted personally, he is not the young master of my Hao clan, Haotian!"

"Then you don't need to worry about anything, you can report any grudges!" "However, before that, I will settle an account with you!"

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