Chapter 1080


In order to have a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, so as to celebrate the nine-fifth birthday of the richest man, the Tang family moved to China and brought many exciting entertainment activities.

For example, Chelsea and AC Milan. In Yanjing and Shanghai, two games were played, which caused a nationwide carnival.

Although the United States and the European Union are facing a new round of economic cycles, emerging economies such as China are almost unaffected and are about to usher in an explosive economic growth period.

Therefore, when the world's richest man comes to China for vacation, he has enough resources to meet it.

By the time Tang Huan returned to the United States, it was already September.

The bubble, the WorldCom scandal, the collapse of the telecommunications industry, and the Enron incident have caused a series of "earthquakes". The mess caused by it is almost the same as it was when I left in early August.

It cannot be blamed for the incompetence of the American elites. The situation is so bad that everyone is confused and can only deal with it piece by piece according to judicial procedures.

Fortunately, the United States is a superpower after all, and the stage is spacious enough. This tragic Wall Street drama is not finished, it does not matter if it is not finished, there are many places, and it will not hinder the beginning of the exciting stage of the US presidential election.

However, the soaring resentment of investors who were deceived by Wall Street into tears is affecting the trend of elections subtly.

After getting off the Silicon Valley One, the richest man did not leave the airport in a hurry, but took a break in a coffee shop.

In fact, this was a cover. Tang Huan wanted to meet someone, Ralph Nader, a famous American political figure, and also a lawyer, writer, and orator.

Ralph Nader, whose main areas of concern include consumer protection, environment, democratic government, etc., was well-known throughout the United States as early as the 1960s.

At that time, Ralph Nader did some research and published a best-selling book titled "Any Speed ​​Is Not Safe" in 1965, to criticize extremely powerful car manufacturers, especially Chevrolet as an example. , Specify how it only values ​​commercial interests and ignores car safety.

General Motors, which was stabbed in the lung tube, hated it and hired a private investigator to find the handle of Ralph Nader, and even released a "beauty trick" simply by fishing.

Ralph Nader, who graduated from Princeton University and Harvard University and is a lawyer, was shrewd and quickly approached the Connecticut Senator Abraham Rubikov for help.

Then, General Motors stole the chicken and made Mi Di ashamed. Its CEO James Roach was taken out, had a good meal, and paid $425,000 for "infringement of privacy." .

One year after the publication of "No Speed ​​Is Safe", the US Congress passed the National Transportation and Motor Vehicle Safety Act, which stipulates that if automakers discover that cars put on the market are defective due to design or manufacturing reasons, they do not comply with relevant regulations. Regulations and standards may cause safety and environmental issues. It is necessary to promptly report the problems of the product, the cause of the problem and improvement measures to the relevant state departments, and submit a recall application. After approval, the vehicle in use should be modified, Free repairs to eliminate hidden dangers of accidents, and at the same time have the obligation to let users know the relevant situation in time.

To put it bluntly, this is how the "car recall system" that consumers in developed countries are accustomed to at this stage comes from.

For this system, Ralph Nader, who singled out the car industry with huge energy, will go down in history.

How can such a well-known "old man" look right with the richest man?

The obvious reason is the many public welfare projects undertaken by the Shennong Foundation; the fundamental reason is that Ralph Nader, the descendant of Lebanese immigrants, has a similar "second-class citizen" situation with Tang Huan, and then Pitiful for the same disease.

In terms of political and political qualifications, Ralph Nader has joined the Democratic Party since the 1960s, until 1991, when he joined the U.S. Green Party.

As the name suggests, the U.S. Green Party first pays attention to environmental protection. It also includes non-graded democracy, social justice, respect for diversity, and respect for peace and non-violence. After further forming the guiding principles, it is the "ten propositions", namely grassroots democracy, social ownership Justice and equality of opportunity, ecological philosophy, non-violence, decentralization, community economy, feminism and gender equality, respect for diversity, individual and global responsibility, predictability and sustainability.

Another difference is that the U.S. Green Party does not accept donations from companies, political activities committees, and 527 organizations, nor does it accept paper money. At the same time, it also strongly opposes any large-scale enterprise in its political and governance guidelines and propaganda slogans. Influence or control the government, the media, or society.

In 1991, when the Green Party scattered in various states of the United States voluntarily combined to form a national political party, the influence of this persistent non-election movement was weakened, and the political campaign itself was considered a dirty faction. They reached a compromise agreement for coexistence with the faction that believes that elections are an important driving force for social change.

However, this conflict of ideas quickly split the U.S. Green Party into two parts after all.

It is precisely because of this "idealization" that the U.S. Green Party is destined to get no seats in the allocation of members at the state and federal levels.

However, when Ralph Nader represented the U.S. Green Party in the presidential election in 1996, the U.S. Green Party's public attention in the United States increased significantly.

The richest man and Ralph Nader have a close relationship, which means that the other person has a similar role as Texas billionaire Ross Perrault in the 1992 US election.

Of course, this also invisibly reflects that the U.S. Green Party can only be slogans.

Ralph Nader has the same mirror in his mind about his role as an **** in the US election, but he doesn't care. Participation was originally just to expand his influence.

After the richest man sat across from him, Ralph Nader went directly to the subject and said: "The WorldCom scandal and the Enron incident have revealed that the Democratic Party has been in power for eight years. Under the superficial economic glory, How many legal backdoors companies have opened, and how severe they have caused social justice."

Tang Huan said frankly: "I, who also belong to a large company, have no position to be so critical. However, I cannot sit back and watch Al Gore ascend the throne of the presidency."

"The Green Party has a very small number of supporters in the Pacific Coast, the Great Lakes region, and the Northeast." Ralph Nader shrugged, "but that's all. The Green Party cannot even shake the power of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party."

"That's not necessarily." The richest man smiled playfully. "Just as in the Federal Senate, when there is a 50 to 50 vote, it depends on the vice president and the speaker of the Senate to cast a decisive vote. Maybe you can play The key role."

"Is it possible?" Ralph Nader laughed blankly. "Then I should work harder to speak, to attract voters' support!"

Tang Huan bluntly suggested: "You should open up new support areas for the Green Party."

"There?" Ralph Nader asked curiously.


The richest man talked concisely and concisely with his carefully selected "shocking stick" in the US general election before it was over.

Ralph Nader left first, and Tang Huan stayed leisurely for a few minutes before getting in the car and returning to the "Chang'an City".

As a result, before the richest man listened to the report from the butler, the central control system sent a picture of John F. Kennedy visiting.

With Tang Huan's energy today, of course, he could let this "cheap brother-in-law" escape a catastrophe calmly, and at the same time he was scared to death, and then he was grateful.

Although the richest man did not wait to see John F. Kennedy, and at the same time deliberately kept a distance from the Kennedy family, this did not affect him. By saving the life of the young John F. Kennedy, he made arrangements to increase the variables that benefit him.

Little John Kennedy ran upright this time. Without him speaking, Tang Huan could guess the purpose. It was nothing more than rushing to accumulate qualifications as an intermediary between the main party and the richest man.

Hillary Clinton, the first lady of the United States who originally assumed this role, is now sprinting for the position of the New York State Senator. She is so busy that she temporarily handed over the position of the first lady of the United States to her father because of the "zipper door." The troubled daughter, Chelsea Colinton, who dropped out of school, will take care of this errand job.

Now, it’s no secret that the richest man will oust the current Governor of California Gray Davis. Even the chosen successor, the son-in-law of the Kennedy family and Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger, has been Almost guessed.

California is the stronghold of the Democratic Party, and it certainly does not want to see this happen.

But the problem is that Gray Davis, who has already offended Tang Huan to death, has not been flattered in his governance since he has been around for more than a year.

The first problem is the ineffective response to the California power crisis.

This contradiction reached its highest point in June this year.

At this stage, California has a dry climate and high temperatures, but the power has been cut off continuously, and the people are already outraged.

The second point of criticism is that, despite the fact that Gray Davis has been in the state for a long time, but the level of spending money is jaw-dropping, almost ruining California's finances.

But in the face of severe criticism, Gray Davis was unable to argue.

The root cause of the California power crisis can be attributed to the fact that the California power industry reform initiated by the previous governor was too radical, but at that time Gray Davis was also the lieutenant governor; besides, the main cause of the California power crisis was the state headed by Enron. The control of electricity prices by foreign energy companies happened when Gray Davis took office.

Spending money like water can be explained at first glance as fulfilling campaign promises and increasing investment in education, but Gray Davis came from the lieutenant governor, so it is impossible to be so incomprehensible in the budget.

Interested people announced their own data, and at Gray Davis's current rate of spending money, it could drain California's finances in exactly two years.

This inference is too meaningful, and Gein is rumored that Al Gore has promised that if he is elected, he will let Gray Davis serve as Secretary of State.

Californians have every reason to believe that Gray Davis was "overdrafting" California's future in order to give himself a glorious ruling data.

You know, today is no better than in the past. After the bubble burst, Silicon Valley was like a wheat field ravaged by strong winds, and technology companies closed down in batches, which began to significantly affect California's fiscal revenue and employment rate.

In this way, how can Californians not doubt that Gray Davis put California's interests under his personal interests.

After all, everyone knows that Gray Davis betrayed the richest man who once supported him; it would be no surprise to betray California again.

All these, in short, Tang Huan wants to oust Gray Davis, he has enough public opinion, and according to the rules of the game, at the same time as this year’s U.S. election, the governor’s impeachment procedure will be initiated, namely At that time, Californians need to process two votes at the same time, one to impeach Gray Davis, and the other to select a successor.

This matter has become a satirical joke that no one in American politics wants to talk about in depth, for fear that it will be related to the Enron incident that manipulated California's electricity prices and died if it got caught.

In such a situation where there is no resistance, the Democrats, apart from admitting that they are unlucky, can only hope that the richest man can suppress his anger in the next few months.

Seeing Tang Huan’s little John F. Kennedy, he immediately offered praises of incomparable admiration, "Tang, you are so amazing. You just threw a torch and set off a soaring fire, burning all your opponents and scattered. Run for your life."

The richest man put the tea cup on the coffee table, supported his hands on the sofa, raised his legs, and said lightly: "Don't describe me as mysterious and terrible. I don't want to let the nasty contrast of'Fu Manchu' have further shit. evidence."

Little John Kennedy shrugged, "Not only I admire it, but Uncle Edward also thinks so."

Tang Huan said leisurely: "Then I can tell you, this is called'Heaven's iniquity can still live, self-inflicted iniquity can't live'! WorldCom scandal, Enron incident, did I direct them to do it? At most, I let them do it. , Gathered together, it just broke out."

"What about impeaching Gray Davis?" John F. Kennedy asked tentatively.

"It's not bad, how can it be good?" The richest man said in a cold tone: "Gray Davis told the people of California with his poor performance that any successor would not do worse than him!"

Little John Kennedy smiled bitterly: "Can you push back this impeachment? This year's situation is really too delicate."

"On the side of the couch, how can you allow others to snore!" Tang Huan replied blankly: "Don't be pretentious, I know that even if you go back empty-handed, it's a great accomplishment."

John F. Kennedy scratched his head awkwardly, "Then the next presidential election that enters the duel stage, will you clearly call on the industry to stand on the side of the Republican Party?"

The richest man waved his hand lightly, and said calmly, "The contradiction between Al Gore and I is just a personal grievance, so there is no need to stir up the crowd."

Little John Kennedy breathed a sigh of relief, then shook his head regretfully.

Tang Huan looked at each other and said playfully: "Don't worry, you haven't harmed me. If you deliberately compete for the presidency, I won't bother to waste brain cells to calculate."

Little John F. Kennedy smiled wryly: "Why should I harm you?"

At this time, the "Chang'an City", which incorporates countless high-tech elements, reported another news: Warren Buffett's car has arrived at the door.

The richest man picked up the tea cup and slowly said: "Well, I think my statement is clear enough. Now, I have to deal with the fire scene you just described."

Seeing Tang Huan rushing people out, John F. Kennedy Jr. got up wittily and left.


When Warren Buffett saw the richest man, he also said with emotion: "Tang, I completely understand that if you can't stop it, what will happen."

Tang Huan raised his brows and asked directly: "So, did you accidentally hurt your friendly army?"

"That's not true." Warren Buffett shook his head. "But Wall Street really had a big earthquake, and even the merger of J.P. Morgan and Chase Manhattan was forced to run aground."

The richest man nodded indifferently, "Then take a rest, just because I have to deal with other things."

Warren Buffett said quickly: "No, they have already decided to surrender and request another meeting as soon as possible."

"I'm not in a hurry to accept the apology." Tang Huan waved his hand, "Besides, there is nothing to say when we meet so soon."

"Wait a few more months, it doesn't matter whether you can see the original CEO or not." Warren Buffett cried and laughed: "Moreover, when you meet, there are still many important topics to talk about. Especially, JP Morgan and Citigroup have lost tens of billions of dollars in deposits."

The richest man said disapprovingly: "How can this little money stump them."

Warren Buffett reluctantly explained: "Don, don't pretend to be confused. Behind this is a serious loss of credit. Moreover, these deposits are now in the hands of the West Coast consortium headed by Bank of America. ."

Tang Huan asked playfully, "After meeting, what are you going to talk about specifically?"

"Of course it's credit and financial assistance." Warren Buffett directly opened the card and said: "They no longer have any requirements for the Philosopher Group, and at the same time, they are willing to return a part of Philosopher Software, Fangyuan, etc. at the current price. At the same time as the company’s stock, it promises to continue to help prevent the Department of Justice from splitting Zheru Software."

"If that's the case, then we can talk about it." The richest man nodded slightly, "I will arrange the location of the meeting?"

"Of course." Warren Buffett nodded and confirmed: "They are willing to come to the West Coast for an interview in person."


Since the California Gold Rush in the 19th century, San Francisco has gradually developed into a financial center on the West Coast of the United States. Montgomery Street in its financial business district is known as "Western Wall Street". And the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco is also located in this area,

The Federal Reserve Bank of the Twelfth District of the United States is composed of nine western states, including Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Watson Shield The state, together with the Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa and Guam, has the largest area under its jurisdiction, the largest population, and its strength is second only to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

In the conference room of the headquarters of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, the lineup of the bosses remains unchanged, but the younger brothers below have been replaced from the East Coast camp to the West Coast camp.

The richest man who arrived at the end asked casually at the door: "Is there all comfortable chairs to sit on?"

"No one needs to sit in a folding chair." The answer from the roar of laughter made all the big guys on the east coast look dark.

After seeing this scene of division and confrontation, Tang Huan, who was secretly satisfied with his heart, walked to the middle position, sat down, looked around, and nodded.

It's okay. Although this angle is centered as before in the conference room of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, it is obviously not besieged and beaten, but a real star holding the moon.

After the richest man glanced over the chairman and chief executive officer of JP Morgan, William Harrison, and Citigroup chairman and chief executive Sanford Will, he calmly said: "Welcome to San Francisco as guests. , And I’m glad to see you again."

Some of the words in the conference room of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York before, as if they were still in their ears, and the big guys who were met by Tang Huan, all showed embarrassment.

Can't you stop being so stubborn and have to slap your face back!

Compared to the last time William Harrison was the vanguard, this time Sanford Will became the representative and took the lead in speaking: "Tang, it's an honor for you to agree to meet us. Everyone's demands are clear to each other. We are the first to speak." You can return half of the stock to you at the current price, and at the same time, the promise of preventing the judicial department from dismantling Zheru Software is still valid.

The richest man shrugged, "But, I don't have so much money now."

"You..." As soon as he heard this, Sanford Will was choked and his face turned purple and he couldn't speak.

Tang Huan explained innocently: "I really don't have that much money. I donated more than 200 billion US dollars to the Shennong Foundation. Everyone knows."

William Harrison couldn't help it anymore and interjected dullly: "Even so, Bank of America must have money. J.P. Morgan and Citigroup have a total of at least 20 billion U.S. dollars in deposits that have been lost to Bank of America."

The richest man suddenly uttered an awkward sound, and turned his head to suggest to Hugh Michael, Chairman and CEO of Bank of America: "Although technology stocks have plummeted now, the stocks of companies such as Zheru Software and Fangyuan are still extremely valuable. Are you willing to buy?"

"Of course." Hugh Michael said with a smile: "This deal is still quite attractive. However, the terms need to be discussed."

Tang Huan turned his gaze to Sanford Will, "I've helped you match up, it should be considered as completing the task, there is nothing wrong with me."

Seeing the richest man getting up to leave, Sanford Will was dumbfounded: "Don, you have nothing to say to us?"

Tang Huan thought for a while, and then said sincerely: "It's true. If you are still willing to serve the industry after retirement, welcome to us."

Sanford Will, with blood surging and his eyes dizzy, almost couldn't hold back and slapped himself backhand, "Why do I owe such a mouth? Isn't this self-infuriating!"

The richest man no longer paid attention to these fading old guys, with a touch of sarcasm at the corners of his mouth, and went straight out of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

This account is of course not finished, but you can wait a few more years to eliminate the hidden dangers of politics and governance.


For this year’s U.S. election, the major television networks that tracked and reported on the U.S. election were unanimously led by the television news network. For the first time, they used the most advanced multimedia technology and used animation to display electronic maps of the fifty states in the United States. In the above, red is used to represent the Republican Party’s determination of victory in a certain state, blue to represent the Democratic Party’s determination of victory in a certain state, and white to represent the undecided result.

The media joked about this: "Such an intuitive form of expression is a benefit to everyone from Tang."

Compared with the American Vice President Al Gore, almost no one in the Democratic Party can challenge, the Republican Party can be described as a struggle.

In addition to Texas Governor Bob Ten, there are Arizona Senator John McCain, Reagan Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs Alan Keys, and Forbes magazine owner Steve Forbes, Utah U.S. Senator Olin Hatch, Vice President Dan Quill in the 10th era, Lamar Alexander, Secretary of Education in the 10th era, House of Representatives John Keswick, and former Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank The chairman and chief executive officer of the National Restaurant Association of the United States, Herman Kane, and more than a dozen people, all are more senior than Xiaobu Shi.

Men are afraid of getting into the wrong line, women are afraid of marrying the wrong man. At this time, it showed the power of family learning. Even if the talent is mediocre, but with the guidance of a famous teacher, you can avoid detours; with family support, you can afford to play the money-burning game of the general election.

As a result, the fight for the nomination within the Republican Party quickly became a wrestling between Xiao Bo Shi and John McCain.

John McCain, a few years later in the original time and space, has repeatedly made things difficult for China’s diplomatic hawks on the issue of Diaoyu~Island and South China Sea. His family background is no worse than Xiaobu. His father and grandfather are both in the U.S. Navy. Jiang, and he himself belonged to a Vietnam War veteran, and became a hero because of his "brave and unyielding" during his capture.

Based on these countless legendary experiences alone, John McCain is not comparable to Xiao Bo Shi, and naturally, his momentum is much bigger than Xiao Bo Shi. .

However, John McCain himself made several fatal mistakes, and thus began to fall behind.

For example, during the competition in South Carolina, the Bush team launched a fake telephone poll against John McCain, who adopted a daughter from Bangladesh, and targeted Southern conservative Republican voters. John McCain has a mixed-race illegitimate daughter with a black woman, do you still support him?

As a result, this kind of slander was so successful that John McCain could not argue.

For another example, in Virginia, John McCain made another fatal mistake. He criticized some celebrities of the evangelical sect without opening the door in his speech.

For this reason, John McCain had to apologize firmly.

In addition, John McCain, who received a lot of "passionate care" during his capture in the Vietnam War, used insulting words to address Vietnamese with a grudge, which affected the expansion and caused dissatisfaction among the Asian community.

In order to get a good election in California, John McCain again compromised against his will.

In contrast, more than ten years ago, Xiao Bu Shi, who successfully quit drinking, began to study the Bible and Christian publications, and participated in the church’s book clubs and discussion groups, and eventually became a "rebirth Christian". "The prodigal son will not change his head" has attracted the support of a large number of conservative Christians and evangelical voters who are crucial to the outcome of the election campaign.

In this way, in the end, John McCain, who had a bright resume, was abandoned, and Boten, who successfully created an honest and credible public image, obtained the qualification of the Republican Party nominee and confronted Al Gore.

Among the running runners, in addition to Ralph Nader from the Green Party, there is also Patrick Buchanan, who was in the old Boten era, who was against him. He withdrew from the Republican Party and played on behalf of the Reform Party.

The few remaining foil roles are really not worth mentioning.

The Democratic Party’s suppression of Al Gore really makes sense. Until October, the US Vice President was ahead of his competitors. The electronic map used by major news networks to derive forecasts was blue.

For this reason, many current political commentators joked meaningfully, "Tang's high-tech is really easy to use."


Following the wishes of her mother and daughter ship king Christina, she finally successfully participated in the Olympic Games and won the gold medal in sailing on the sea. Athena, who was cheered by the Greek media as "Athena of Greece", was accompanying her father at this time. Tang Huan, watching the U.S. election.

Pointing to the screen, Athena, who had already taken off the baby fat and became a beautiful girl, said worriedly: "Dad, your old enemy, the campaign situation is very good."

"The most exciting program was in the month before the general election. No matter what unthinkable things will happen." The richest man with a firm expression, patiently pointed to the only daughter of the Tang family.

Although Al Gore is currently in a clear leading position, in Tang Huan's eyes, there are many fatalities.

For example, Al Gore, who claims to be an environmentalist, has really touched the traditional interests of the United States on the card that he is best at environmental protection.

You know, let's not talk about industry and commerce. In terms of life alone, the United States is the world's largest waste of food and energy. If we can save this part and put it in the African region, how many hungry and cold victims can be saved.

Regarding the "Kyoto Protocol" formulated by the three meetings of the participating countries of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change held in Kyoto in December 1997, the US Senate passed 95 votes to 0 a few months in advance to prevent the United States from accepting it. .

But Al Gore, the vice president of the United States who participated in the negotiations, still signed it symbolically.

However, U.S. President Bill Clinton considered that the Federal Senate would never pass the treaty, so he did not dare to submit it to Congress for deliberation.

Therefore, despite the fact that Al Gore is currently gaining popularity among ordinary voters, he is not to be seen in the face of forces that truly have the right to speak.

Gein, the United States simply can't do it. Otherwise, after more than ten years of the original time and space, the Troangpu government will not arbitrarily withdraw from the Paris climate agreement.

Since it can't be done, Al Gore, who is already too far away from the public on the right path of politics, has to accept it. This is not making everyone's life sad.

However, Xiao Bu Shi clearly opposed the acceptance of the "Kyoto Protocol."

In this way, the difference between the two sides came out.

For another example, Al Gore, by proposing the "1991 Gore Act", opened the curtain on the construction of the US Information Superhighway, claiming that he invented the Internet.

Now the fun will be great.

Everyone can understand your political achievements, but you can't just talk about it!

Don't even dare to take credit for such a credit. You just describe it as leading the development of the World Wide Web, so you dare to be greedy for the merits of heaven?

Because of this, Al Gore has been criticized by academia and is sometimes used as a laughing stock by the media.

Al Gore still has a lot of such negative issues, and they will definitely burst out in the decisive battle stage.

At this time, the personal charm of the candidates is far from enough, and it depends on the campaign team behind them. And the foundation of Xiaobushi lies here.

Finally, the richest man said indifferently: "How can I hit the enemy so that he will never forget his heartache? It is when he feels best about himself, he suddenly killed his hope."

Athena giggled and said, "Dad, how do I feel that you are so cold and sinister."


After entering October, all competitors who are interested in competing for the president of the United States have worked hard to show their housekeeping skills, and the speeches alone have become more exciting one after another.

Ralph Nader, who switched from the Democratic Party to the Green Party, became a "bomb" even though he was a trivial third party candidate.

His speech at Madison Square Garden in New York City attracted 15,000 people who were willing to spend $20 on tickets to listen.

When seeing Ralph Nader's impassioned condemnation on the screen that Al Gore and Xiao Bu Shi are a pair of "twin brothers" serving the interests of big companies, the richest man suddenly laughed uncontrollably.

There is no way, this is to be strong if you have no desire, and then you can speak freely without pressure.

Not to mention, the more than 10,000 listeners gathered in Madison Square Garden just ate this set and burst into extremely enthusiastic cheers.

However, the real highlight is the three live televised presidential debates successively held at the University of Massachusetts, Wake Foster University, and St. Louis Watson Shield University.

Because the Texas billionaire Rose Perot was tossing too hard in the 1996 event, the Presidential Debate Committee has set a new rule that the third candidate must meet in the national polls. A 15% approval rate is required to participate. As a result, Al Gore and Xiao Bu Shi are left to sing double reeds.

After three debates, Al Gore's lead in the polls for Xiao Bo Shi dropped from 11% to single digits.

The reason is that Al Gore, as the habitual bureaucratic culprit of veteran politicians, was very arrogant at the debate scene and often avoided the main points when answering questions. As a result, his impression was greatly reduced.

On the contrary, Xiao Bu Shi, who describes himself as a "sympathetic conservative", has a clear attitude in the process of restoring glory and self-esteem for the White House, which was shamed by the current US President Bill Clinton. , With the "short and fast", very popular.

This is the American election, full of all kinds of entertaining flips.


On November 7, it was time to hand in the papers.

Compared to other states, Californians will be busier, because while handling the presidential vote and the reelection vote, they also have to express their stance on the impeachment of the current Governor Gray Davis and the election of a new governor.

And this result came out the fastest. Gray Davis was spurned by Californians without any suspense; Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Schrieffer, the celebrity couple, were cheering on supporters. In, smiling and waving his arms.

This also means that after failing to run for the California Senate in the early 1990s, Gray Davis, who made a comeback and became lieutenant governor, really ended his career.

Even if Al Gore wins the general election, it is impossible to fulfill his promise and let a former governor who was ousted by the public serve as secretary of state.

The richest man behind the scenes ignored this "historical dust" and first called the first lady of the United States, Hillary Clinton, to congratulate her on her successful election to the New York State Senate, and then turned his attention back to the US general election. .


This year's US presidential election is too intense and fierce.

The major television networks, as well as various outdoor and indoor large screens, are all equipped with electronic administrative maps of the United States like video games.

As each block representing the state is lit up in red or blue, the United States will burst into cheers from the supporters of their respective camps.

Al Gore was walking around anxiously in his campaign office. He didn't expect that he would fight so hard with a "boy".

Especially the news that just came, made Al Gore even more depressed, and Gray Davis was really impeached and stepped down.

Al Gore really couldn't understand how Tang Huan did this. And how exactly this opponent will prevent him from ascending to the throne of the president, until now, I still don't know from the fog.

With this association, the pressure in Al Gore's heart became heavier unconsciously.

Fortunately, soon there was an encouraging news. California, the base camp of the Democratic Party, was finally saved, and Al Gorton breathed a sigh of relief.

But soon, Al Gore's mood, like a roller coaster, fell to the bottom, and his hometown, Tennessee, fell.

Looking at the block representing Tennessee on the electronic map, it turned red, and Al Gore's face also flushed red.

Tipper Gore comforted her husband: "It doesn't matter, we are still in the lead. If this were Tang's handwriting, it would be better."

Al Gore calmed down and nodded, "Yes, if this is his handwriting, then everything will be clear, no more suspicion."

Having said this, Al Gore snorted disdainfully, "But so!"


The results of this year's US general election exposed certain loopholes in this system.

Al Gore won the general election with more than half a million votes more than Xiao Bu Shi; but in the decisive electoral vote, Xiao Bu Shi won with 271 votes to 266 votes.

Although there is still an electoral vote that has not been cast, it has no effect on the final result.

It has to be said that this is the subtlety in the design of the electoral vote against the possible proliferation of populism.

Not to mention that Al Gore felt that he had lost unjustly, the Democratic Party would first refuse to accept it.

Obviously, we won public opinion, but why did we lose in the end?

Quickly check, where is the last straw that crushed the camel?

To bear the brunt of the situation, Florida was taken out, where Xiao Bu Shi only got more than 2,000 popular votes than Al Gore.

Further calculations will reveal that Ralph Nader, who switched from the Democrats to the Green Party, actually got more than 100,000 popular votes in Florida.

After Al Gore learned of the result, he almost spewed a mouthful of old blood.

Obviously, Ralph Nader grabbed the votes of the Democratic Party. Even if only a few percent of them stayed behind, he could defeat Xiao Bu Shi.

The Democratic Party is also unbalanced. Many people accuse Ralph Nader of playing a disgraceful role.

Ralph Nader retorted frankly: "If you have no problems, I will get votes?"

Seeing this scene, the Republican Party almost laughed happily.

When Old Boten was fighting for re-election in 1992, it was because of Ross Perot, a "shocking stick", that he robbed a lot of votes in Texas and had to swallow the bitter pill of failure. Now it's his turn. You have a taste of the power of "stirring **** sticks".

It is useless to tear each other up like this, and the Democrats instead demanded that Florida recount the votes.

Mistakes exist in every state, and Florida will certainly be no exception. Maybe it will be able to invalidate the mere two thousand tickets that Xiaobu leads ten.

Florida responded to this request and recounted the votes. As a result, the lead of Xiaobushi shrank to a few hundred votes.

The triumphant Democrats are even more vigorous, and they have found a reason for a possible comeback, that is, the Florida ballots are designed to be butterfly-shaped, which makes it easy for voters to fill in the wrong.

Hurry up, expand the scope and continue to recheck the ticket!

It was lively now. Florida Governor Jeb Buh avoided suspicion and could not express his stance, but the Secretary of State, who is also a Republican, had no need to hesitate and resolutely opposed.

The Democratic Party refused to give up and continued its activities, causing the Florida Supreme Court to pass a judgment in favor of Al Gore.

Xiao Bu Shi couldn't suffer this loss, and he immediately appealed to the Federal Supreme Court.

As a result, the Federal Supreme Court made a ruling in favor of Xiaobu Shi.

The Democrats were still not satisfied, so the presidential election of the world's most powerful country was still inconclusive for more than a month after the election day. They played football among the Florida government, the Florida Supreme Court, and the Federal Supreme Court. .

In the end, Al Gore, who could not withstand the pressure, declared that although he was dissatisfied with the judgment of the Federal Supreme Court, I made concessions and accepted the ruling for the unity of our people and the strength of the people. .

In this regard, the two-thousand-year American election was finally concluded, and Xiao Bu Shi was elected as the next president.

The depressed Democratic Party, I want to ask the richest man: Did you find this "cooking stick" Ralph Nader?

The Lehaha Republican Party also wanted to find the richest man to express his gratitude: Tang, you have done a good job, Ralph Nader, this "shock stick", is really awesome!

But they soon realized that there is still no definite evidence that the richest man exerted an influence on this US There is no reason to come here!

It is still the most realistic candidate for US President George W. Bush. When he briefed the media on future policy measures, he made it clear that in view of the apparent downturn in the US economy, it is not appropriate to continue discussing the monopoly of philosopher software companies.

As soon as the news came out, Zheru Software's stock price immediately rose against the trend in the decadent stock market.

Various financial institutions on the east coast of the United States all smiled and commented with tears: "It has finally risen, thank you Mr. President for his wise decision."


Zheru Software Company was spared the doom of being split, and the mood of the richest man obviously improved. This can be seen at the inauguration of Xiaobushi's president.

Tang Huan also gave a speech to encourage the industry, thinking that the burst of the bubble last year was not necessarily an inevitable adjustment, and the Internet entered the 2.0 era.

The richest man has more than 20 years of Silicon Valley leadership qualifications that no one can match, so the fear of everyone's self-danger caused by the bursting of the bubble and the collapse of the global telecommunications industry has finally been alleviated.

By the time Tang Huan celebrated his forty-sixth birthday on August 8, 2001, the world seemed to have finally calmed down.

Turning the sky, Nicosh Alora, President of Zheru Software Company, sent a document inviting Tang Huan to attend the cloud computing service held by Zheru Cloud Computing Service Company at the World Trade Center in New York on the 11th of next month. seminar.

The richest man nodded at the Asan executive recommended by Morgan and Citi, "I will try my best to arrange this itinerary."

When Nicosh Alora turned to leave, Tang Huan stared at the document on the table with a strange light flashing in his eyes.


PS: With relief, this book is finally finished. I thought that I would be very calm, but I still couldn't avoid the ups and downs of my heart.