Let's finish this testimonial with some simple, but most heartwarming words.

Thank you all book friends for supporting this book with many shortcomings.

Thanks to the starting point website, which provides a stable creative environment for low-level writers like me.

"Rebirth of a Technological Madman" is my first completed book. I did not expect to write more than 4 million words. It has been written for nearly three years in reality. The book runs through the era of the personal computer industrial revolution and the era of great Internet development. Ten years.

At the beginning of the writing, I really didn't grasp the pulse. In terms of readers' taste and orientation, they all took detours that they took for granted.

But I asked myself, although my writing ability is limited, but I am serious and attentive.

Maybe because I don't have desires, I'm just being strong, so this book was completed completely in accordance with my own thinking.

Let the protagonist wander in the long river of history, interact with various great people in various major events, and create a sense of refreshment.

The plot of the story has been carefully researched on history, so don’t everyone think that characters like the governor in the finale are driven away if they say they are driven away? In fact, California did impeach the governor. It's just that the protagonist is two years ahead of schedule.

As for the protagonist, is it big? Think of him as a supercomputer with hundreds of CPUs and hundreds of hard drives. You can also copy the "Son of Tang" that only has a CPU plug-in.

I personally think that this era is an era of “devaluation of knowledge and appreciation of experience”.

Therefore, in the creative process, I also take it for granted that after reading it the first time and getting a sense of refreshment, I will read it a second time and taste the interesting historical value.

The end of the book may make some book friends uncomfortable.

But I think it's better to leave some room for imagination. Moreover, the end of the month and day time coincides with the present. It's interesting.

that's all.

Thanks again!

Goodbye everyone!

Hope to continue meeting in the next book.

August 8, 2017

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